Happy Birthday Saskia!

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

Happpy birthday dear Saskia

Happy birthday to you :)


Well i don't know if you all know but today, December 9, 1998 Saskia turned 29! So since this page is all about Sas i figured why don't i put up a little birthday shrine. So here ya go, here are birthday messages from people who care :) And if you all want to add messages feel free to e-mail me :)


Happy Birthday Sas! I hope you have a great day and a great year and
that all your birthday wishes come true! We miss you! Good luck in
everything that you do! : )
Love always,

Danielle : )


December 9th is always a special day Why I hear all of you say? Because the ass kicker Saskia turns a year older And everyone wants to tell her


(and to hear her sing that would be  dandy, cause her voice is sweet, sweet as some candy!)

Saskia have a really amazing day May your dreams come true in every way!   Have a great day Saskia!

Love, Natalie



You are the source of so many smiles, and so much happiness. Thanks for being so great. I hope you have the best birthday/year/life cause you deserve it. You rock this world with your talent and kindness along with everything else that comes out of you, and i'm sure you will continue to do this forever and ever. Remember that you will always have our support in everything you do.

Love Lauren


Dear Sas....
It's your birthday, so Happy Happy Birthday! Another year goes by for you, but to many of us, you seem to be eternally young! You're fun, kind, sweet, and innocent (looking)......but you also have a grace, elegance, and poise that comes with maturity.   You're an inspiration to us all. Say sweet always...

Love Hilary  


Hey Saskia, YOU ROCK THIS WORLD!!!!!!!!!  I Hope that you have the Best
Birthday Ever, you know you diserve it, you are such an amazing person
and you've touched all of our hearts and shared so many memories with us
and we just wanted to make your Birthday very berry special and Hope and
Pray and Wish that you have a Rockin Birthday.

I Luv ya Sas, thanks for Sharin the Love and for making all of us feel
so special



you rock all of our worlds, an we all love you very much!!!!!!  i just
wanted to say have a very happy birthday!!  we all miss you!!



Saskia kicks some major ass. She is one of the most incredible
performers and one of the sweetest people ever. She deserves to have the
BEST birthday and a great year ahead. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SASKIA! You rock,
we hope you have an amzing day!!! :)

Love: Laura and Jade


I hope you have an AWESOME birthday and a great year!!!!
You kick soooo much ass, and you totally deserve all the best!

Lisa P.


Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Sas
Happy birthday to you!
  Hope you have an incredible b-day (and it's sassy), and may all your dreams come true

Love Lisa


Dear Saskia,

I hope that this coming year brings you the best of luck. May all your wishes, hopes and dreams come true. I'm sure it will be a kick ass year because you of course rock so hard and you deserve everything that your heart and eyes desire. Thank you for everything. I wish you the best of luck. And of course happy happy happy birthday!

much love,

Tonya (Queen of All Things)