May 28, 1999

so how are you all going to cope without me! i will be far far far away from all of you and no journal entry to tie you over :) i'm joking you've gone longer without an entry from me! dev i know you are seeing emery this weekend so tell her HI and give her a hug for me :)

well the day has arrvied... its off to Grand Rapids i go! now i'm nervous. before i was excited now i'm nervous. either way it will be fun. i bought my candy, water, pringles and crackers to eat. and i think we still have pizza from last night. all my bags are packed i'm ready to go. i'm standing here outside your door. i really need to learn all the words to that song. i think i'll do an internet for that right now. btw my bags aren't fully packed :(

lets see what is up... did my morocco presentation yesterday.. now only have to write the essay due on monday which i haven't started! but its all good.. its a long car ride. i bought batteries and tapes for my boolegger and i went candyshopping with lisa cow.

congrats lauren on the whole movie call back thing and for the silver city thing :)

i had an interesting conversation yesterday that i want to share but i fully can't remember what it is. or maybe i read something that was interesting. let me go check some journals while i type this. ohhhhhh yeah. everyone seems to be talking about rent coming back. all i have to say about that is fuck it. that is all. interpret as you wish :)

BYE LAUREN! lauren gets a special bye because when i had to leave she was gone :)

is this entry boring you? its boring me. i'm sorry i'm boring. nothing exciting at all has happened. and max if you are reading this i'm switching to friday classes instead of my wednesdays because *most* of the time i don't have to babysit on fridays anymore. you know what that means.. mutual siona crack!

okay i go now!

love ya babes!

tonya :)


May 26, 1999

oy i'm so salty about my lack of journal yesterday! it was SOOOOOOo good too! so now that means i have to fill y'all in on two days in my wacky life! oy oy oy. i'm actually writing this yesterday as in tuesday because i'm very hyper.

okay lets start with today and work backwords, shall we? we shall. so my friend from school Kristen decided to come dancing with me. so i went with her to physio and then we trucked on down to Randolph (it was only at summerhill so it was a nice walk). i learned waaaaayyyy to much about her on that walk and that is all i can say about that. so she is hungry so we go into 241 by Randolph. so we are standing there and the pizza guy DROPS the pizza lifter on the dirty dirty ground and then uses it to lift pizza! EW! so when it was kristen's turn i told the guy that i saw him drop it and that he could either wash it or use another lifter. so he used another lifter. then she found a hair on her pizza. it was just fucked. don't go to 241 by randolph!

so we aer in the change room and i feel someone staring at me as i change (ew pervy thinking of my gyno psycho woman) so i'm totally not looking. then i do look up and realize its lea and i feel like an ass. so she asks kristens name and she tells her. and then i'm like "i bet you don't even know MY name" and she's like "of course i do its ANDREA". it was sooooo funny (wait you all know my name is tonya and not andrea right...) she was SO confident of herself. so then she explained why she thought i was andrea... apparently after max and i gave her the present she talked to the mucho coolio receptionist lady and they decided to stalk the computer system and find my name.. and they came up with andrea. i was laughing SO hard. so then lea thinks my name is Tara and at that point i have to stop laughing and tell her my name is tonya. but she remembered for the whole class my real name. but we kept oon making fun of her and calling me Gretchen and Bertha. so that is my me being stalked story. oh and max, in the change room lea was going on about how sweet and adorable we are and how undeserving she is of the present, and how she is using the mug and all that jazz. ooohhh i'm obsessed with Ryan/Divastar. he makes dance class so much fun its not even funny. okay so that was today (but really yesterday for you all). on monday... i went dancing (big surprise) and our combo was to Ricky Martin. let me just say i was in heaven and a half! then after class i was talking to siona becaues i wanted to see if she had the duet with ricky and madonna (which she didn't). so i'm standing there drinking water and siona just blurts out that ricky martin is a sex god, which caused me to choke on my water. hmmm we talked about something else... oh yaeh me going to hicksville USA and abstaining from seeing Star Wars. siona amuses me without end i've decided. not only did she play my ricky but she also played TLC. happy happy me.

okay no more dance talk.

ohhhhh y'all have to read lauren's journal from yesterday its about idols and non-idols and amusement and stuff. it makes sense. so i won't bother explaingin my view cause i think like my interactive poo(h)! so read her journal cause it rocks. and hilary whose link escapes me updated sooooo many times! and so did hannah. i'm in journal heaven!

i love laura and laura loves me. and dani is psycho cause she sent me urgent messages today and now i'm not sure if its too late to call her but i did get her e-mail and yes yes yes :) they are back from cleveland as is Jill and they had a smashing time.

i guess i should go now. maybe i will put this up tonight and everyone can pretend its tomorrow!

ciao bellas and only 2 days until grand freaking rapids! oy vey!

tonya :) not andrea or tara or gretchen or bertha!


may 25, 1999

i just wrote such a good entry but my stinking computer froze :( i'll write a kick ass one tomorrow :)


tonya :)


May 24, 1999

happy victoria day everyone! ahhh, what a wonderful way to be out of school! i love dickass holidays like this. so now i'm at home slaving on about a million and one school things... not fun at all!

yesterday was quite the adventure. went dancing and siona (sho-na not see-oh-na) was back. you can tell she missed teaching becuase she was on huge amounts of crack. she started off the class by telling us this really really bad joke about cats swimming across a river. she is quite possibly one of the most un-funny people i've met, but so amsuing at the same time. so that was that. we didn't do a combo because she decided that our classes (the retardo sunday class as i call it) pirouettes were dreadful, so we spent an hour on those. to my delight siona kept on randomly blasting Ricky Martin and TLC.

so after dance i met my mom to go shopping. on our way down Yonge we saw Siona and this guy who i assume is her boyfriend. thhhheeeennnn we got to Eaton Centre and i spent way to much money. i got capris, a tank top, a button down oxford gingham print short sleeved shirt, this snap front 3/4 length cardigan and tennis shoes by Nike. but thankfully my mom bought the shirt... and she had given me money last month for capris which i spent already and she is paying for half the shoes. so its all good. i look like such a sexy momma in my clothes :) i want to seeeeeee everyone! we need a day, but a dumbass really organized thing... just a meeting. so that was my shopping adventure.

then i came home and busted my ass on my fact sheet about Morocco and i still need to plan the presentation. i have to write 2 essays (or at least have thesises or is it thesi?) aaaaaannnnnndddd do biology notes. i love my life :) i think if Randolph is open tonight i'll go take pre-jazz. i need my siona fix! (j/k) but i'm missing class on wednesday and sunday, so it would be good to get my self all worked in. but at least i acn go on tuesday where i wiill try my bestest not to look petrified eventho i'm not! ya know everyone always thinks i either don't like them or that i look bitchy when i first meet them... but i've never gotten petrified before. its a step up perhaps :)

congrats out to my interactive poo(h), lauren who is now an employee of Silver City! woohoo. and Laura and dani and jill need to come back because i need to hear stories from cleveland. call me people! hmmmmm i'm almost in Grand Rapids. after today is over i only have 3 days. how fucked is that? i'm pepping myself up for it now.. ya know listening to RENT, flippin thru the bible, posting on the benny boards, reading old letters and stuff. and its working. i think i spazzed on cow last night. but then she spazzed on me so its all good. and shit i have to e0mail dani. sorry. hmmmm dev dev dev. i read he description of Hedwig on your site and i may be coming around, it sounds so touching. edgy. but touching. its only 18.99$ at HMV i think. i so shouldn't buy cds. but i think i will have psycho cd day and get everything i want. will i be disowned by people if i buy Brittany Spears. not cause she is good. but because its one of those cds i want to have 10 years from now and laugh at ... i mean she has a song called e-mail my heart! psycho? i think so! chita on the tonys. chita on the tonys. sorry had to get that out.

wish me happy working day!

tonya :)


May 23, 1999

yeah for lauren! she got the job at silvercity :) perks/downfalls..hmmmm. half my school works at the downtown one and they hate their hours. a lot of people i know work from 5 until 12 or 1 most of the time. so that kind of sucks. i'm not sure what the perks are but i can find out :)

nothing exciting in mylife. siona should be back so i'm going dancing today. Grand Rapids is WAY too soon. we leave on friday. i don't even have to say next friday because there are no other fridays! i even converted my money already :) laura, dani and jill are in cleveland as i type. i hope they are having fun fun fun!

i have no stories to tell i'm sorry. i'm going shopping today. i'm gong to GAP to get this red shirt i want and possibly 2 tank tops and capris. i need clothes :)

have a good day. and oh yeah dev keeps on sending me threatning e-mails that Hedwig isn't freak show and that she will mutilate me if i say it is. see what hedwig does to people!


tonya :)


May 20, 1999

excuse the shit ass journal entry today. nothing really to report. so i didn't get the job at GAP, but i may apply to other stores, we'll see. saw a great play yesterday, Better Living by George Walker at Factory Theatre. very much enjoyable. went walking on Queen for a bit. nothing happening down there. went to go pee in the concourse had an hysterical laughing fit. thinking of the bathroom surprise thingy. lauren how did that get pulled of? and remember the wild boar mating call :)had an eggroll from manchu wok. went to the hairdresser, i now have clean and nice looking hair. found out my chita bobita will be on the Tony's on June 6! watched Po5. it was eh!?! charlie is getting married, bailey isn't. claudia is back to being her nerdy self because Cody told her to stop being a freak. i liked freaky claudia, at least i didn't want to poke her eyes out as i normally do. augh full day of school today, but not tomorrow for its Spring Fest. i want clothes. Grand FREAKING Rapids is in 8 days. i need to go to the bank and get money. this is psycho. Dev, if you go to Rosie's site there are Hedwig pics and Hedwig videos. Dev you never told me hedwig was a freak show! i get more and more surprised every day! lauren has another audition so good luck. can't i just make one collective good luck to last you forever? j/k :) ciao bellas, for i'm off to school!

tonya :)


May 19, 1999

sorry for not updating yesterday. i was making biscuits in the morning and had no time to write. my mom is making the biscuits this morning because i KNOW you all need your fix. plus i have a revelation so you have to read the whole thing.

so had the GAP interview. it was soooo much fun. it was about 12 of us in a room with 2 GAP managers. the managers basically just threw question out at us to randomly answer. its funny when you sit there you can tell who probably won't get hired. like there was this one girl who BITCHED about her current job no matter what the question was. it was absolutely hilarious. and then some people sounded really smart. it was amusing. keep your fingers crossed!

lauren is applying to silver city. go girl! hope everything goes well! remember it IS a movie theatre :) i don't know if i could work in a movie theatre, mainly because the smell of popcorn sometimes makes me nauceous (sp?). AND she has an audition for a payless commercial. very berry good girlie girl :)

oy vey. most fucked up dance class ever. i will tell the entire story. so i'm walking alon wellesley with kristen and ELVIRA (elivra is in capitols for nat's sake) and i remember that i have to go to PHarma, so i bid them adieu and pick up my prescription. then i'm walking up Yonge and i'm on the street that Randolph is on (but i'm not going in cause i had to meet max somewhere) when i realize that i don't have my dance clothes. so i go ALL the way back to school to get them. finally i get to body shop to meet max and he isn't there, which was a good thing because i had to go to the bathroom. so i did that and it somehow took me 10 minutes. so finally max and i hook up to buy Lea's present. we got her a basket from Body Shop, very nice. we buy it and max bitches at the color ribbon cause he wants blue and then we are off. blah blah blah we have ice cream and head off to dance.

now you all get a new paragraph cause i'm at dance now. so we get to Randolph and see Ryan/Diva who tells us that he has gossip for us. turns out tha Ute Lemper dedicated a song to him at her concert. so la la la dance class, had the big studio. we did this spanish combo that was HILARIOUS. it was a great combo if you have some rhythm and control. but since most don't it looked hilarious. we all crashed into each other and went the wrong way. and lea wasn't helping. she was laughing her ass of too. and ryan was being terrible. he is the one of the most crackfilled boys ever. i was seriously convulsing during the whole class. and plus i went into class exhausted and came out dead. so then we talked to lea after class for what seemed like 20 minutes or something. we gave her the present and she was happpy and seemed touched and all that stuff. i love random acts of kindness :) and lea told me i looked petrified in class, which is probably very true. so mental note not to be petrified. but she also said that i'm not as shy as i was when i first started coming. so its all good :)

so now the revelation. randolph is exactly like rent. you start off seeing rent once and saying "hey maybe i'll go again!" with randolph its " i like this class i think i'll come back" but it slowly builds till you are seeing rent a billion times a month and you are taking dance classes 3 times a week. and then you start talking about the teachers outside of class. you make fun of them, give them nicknames. so the teachers are the cast members and the students are the rentheads. and in unique cases former rent castmembers are students/rentheads (think gavin the hip hop star and dominique). and to top it off after dance max always has a tuna sub and yesterday the sub man remembered and was like you want a tuna sub right?? its just like the man at subway in the concourse!! (who always gave me discounts!). how scary is that. my friends all think randolph is a cult just like rent. so now max and i are making a joint randolph page for everyone. and sunday is national siona kicks bona (lets pretend that means ass) day because she is coming back from her trip! you all do realize i'm joking about the last part :)

a few days ago lauren wrote a really good journal about non-sexual crushes. it was all very very true. i have sooooo many! cause i watch too much tv so you end up being obsessed with so many people. currently its camryn manheim. i don't even watch the practice and i'm obsessed with her. she makes me pee laughing. HEY! where is isabelle. i have not seen her since that oen day at randolph. AND i got a mysterious person who calle dme last night but i wasn't home. they siad that they would call back but they did't :( time to go!


tonya :)


May 17, 1999

wooooo one year anniversary of Luther's Last. doesn't that sound messed up. one year ago that was! and soon it will be one year from lauren's 15th b-day. now THAT will be very odd. time flies n'est pas?

today is interview at the GAP day. should be fun stuff. my mom is ironing my clothes as we speak (well as i type). i get to leave school early today. and its not just any class.. its BIOLOGY! go me :)

this weekend i went to dinner and ice cream with my sister on saturday. kick ass restaurant in chinatown called Lee Garden. it was SOOOOOO yummy. must go back. and then we went to Movenpick for ice cream.. also very yummy. yesterday i stayed home pretty much all day because i had SOOOOOO much work to get done. it was painful. but its all done so its all good. at night i went to Dutch Dreams to get ice cream. we waited for about 45mins in that stupid ice cream line. but it was worth it. i had the chocolatiest ice cream ever!

when i came home i finished my goddamn biology notes. i hate biology notes. i think my biology teacher needs to be committed to a mental institute. i can't deal with biology notes every single class! then i watched my taped episode of Touched By An Angel. It was sooooo good! but so so so so sad. it was about this girl who needs a heart transplant but there is a potential heart in Boise, Idaho but the man isn't willing to take his comatose vegetable wife of life support. so the girl who needs the heart meets her doctor's daughter who then sneaks off on a bus to go convince the man to give the girl the heart. when the girl comes back home she gets in a car accident with the mom and you totallly think that the girl is going to die and give her friend her heart... but that doesn't happen. instead she wakes up from her coma and the guy decides to give the heart. but its too late becuase the girl who needs her heart already died... but she signed an organ donor card saying that she will donate whatever oragns people need. i was soooo close to crying. it was un tellement kickass episode.

KAREN HOLNESS ON TV!!!!!!!!!!!! she's on that Atomic Train movie on NBC. i get home from ice cream and jaime klein calls and tells me. it was so funny because at first i thought thata jaime was sadie but that got sorted out five minutes later. but i was PEEING. its karen holness on tv! and big tv! i'm jokingly obsessed with her i think. she amuses me beyond belief... well not beyond belief.. perhaps just to the limits of belief.

now i must go cause i need to go to school fairly early today! oh yeah, hannah i DID read the original drunken journal. so ha!


tonya ;)


May 14, 1999

well guess who has an interview at the GAP on QUeen on monday at 4pm? if you said tammy you are wrong! its meeeeee bumble heads! i dropped offf my application and resume then spoke to the manager and wowed him with my wowness. so now i have an interview. the guy before me didn't wow him with his wowness cause he didn't get an interview. but that isn't important. wish me luck chicas!

so yesterday i was off to CityTv for that weirdass French Kiss thing. i was early so i went to HMV and gazed at my Ricky Martin which cost only 15.99 but i didn't buy it. then i looked at the musical stuff, and i discovered that they had Hedwig on a listening station. dev it sounds scary! its really hard stuff. but i will probably get it anyway cause i heard the lyrics are kick ass. we will have to wait and see.

so i get to city and i go sit down in this room with all these french skank hos from la college francais who are all very annoying. then i meet this other people who are there to interview juliette powell who don't really speak french either. so i'm going to fast forward thry my story and say that the musical guest ROCKED. Les Nubians. everyone buy their cd NOW! i will beat you if you don't. then i while later i was interviewed by Juliette of Electric Circus fame. she was very sweet. we spoke in french about a lot of stuff. then she gave me this sheet to translate into english and e-mail to her very soon. so i will do that. then i came home and watched ER.

that was my day and yesterday. nothing else really to report. lauren really wants a cell phone. time to go smelly pos! i'm off to babysit :)


tonya :)


May 13, 1999

are you living la vida loca? you better be. i almost bought my ricky's cd... but then i decided against it because i should save for GR. so no ricky for me :( BUT someone at HMV is doing a good job. they have all these new musical cds! fosse, hedwig, annie get your gun... and others :)

hannah isn't living la vida loca :( she isn't one for ricky martin. but i will stiill profess my undying love for my bananamute aka banana in a cage. i loooooovvvvveeeee you :) there are you happy?!?!

i was randomly invited to city ty to watch a taping of french kiss because i applied for an internship. anyone want to join me. it starts at 7:00pm at the chum/city building on queen. if you want to come call me at home, on me cell 828-8307, or e-mail me. they said i could bring peeps with me.

i don't really have anything to say. i joined this group and oyu get paid for being on the net. 20$ a month possibly. i sent you all the invite. join :)

party of five is odd now. what is up with claudia. she is trying so hard to be a bad ass now. is it my imagination or are sarah and bailey getting married? i love me some Po5!




may 12, 1999

oy! may is going by sooooo fast its silly! not that that is a bad thing, because as of now my lil' ole ass is going to Grand Rapids in 16 days AND Siona (sho-na not see-oh-na) is coming back in 10 days. double woohoo!

so yesterday i went to a doctor about my cramps. her office was in this big ass Forest Hill house. so the maid lets us in and she tells us to sit down. so me and mom sit in this sitting room and there is this HUGE grandfather clock that keeps tick ticking away. very annoying. so finally the lady comes to the stairs.. but we can only see her legs and she is like "do you mind coming up the stairs". so i do. when i see the lady she was abot 100 years old... honestly no less! very berry old. older than chita rivera im sure. so la la la she is like take off your clothes to your underwear. and of course i ask "right here?!?!" she said yup! so i do. as i'm getting undressed she is like "do you model?" and then she starts telling me i have a great body. wtf is up with that? it was very odd. so then she measures me and says i'm 5'9" and i weigh 135lbs. i don't really think i'm 5'9" isnt't that very berry tall?

so that was my adventure. then i had to haul ass to dance class. it was amusing. Lea used me as an example of how to hold your centre becausei wasn't doing that. OY VEY! scary jenn kept on coming in our class and watching... and boy was i scared. i think i need to conquer my hear and go to a scary jenn class again. she is very pretty :) so today we had the adventure of having our class in studio B instead of the shit hole that is studio C! we did this weird ass dance.. it was salsa-ish. it made me laugh because just yesterday i was talking about my latino obsession. speaking of my latino obsession... chita rivera i forgot to mention is ultimate latina..and did anyone see a certain Ricky Martin on Rosie?? OMG i LOVE that boy! he amused me beyond amusement. AND he used to be Marius in Les Miz in mexico! he even sang some of it. hot stuff baby:) so after dance class max, nancy, and i decide to go see rina at work.. on our way over we notice sushi. now who can pass up sushi? sure as hell not us! so we had sushi in this sketchy sushi place that wasn't very traditional. i miss queen st. sushi. OMG speaking of... actually never mind i'll e-mail:) then we randomly decided that we want to get lea a present. cause i think lea has infiriority(sp??) complexes.. she always thinks we aren't enjoying her class. so she gets a present to make her happy. ohhhhhh literally RAN into Gavin 2 times yesterday. first as we were changing studios i walked out the door and BAM! there he was. and then as i was going to the bathroom he was right behind me. didn't say hi of course. i'm sure he'd have NO clue who i am. oy he is so hot now!

i think that is the end to all my stories. i got to leave school at 2 eventho my appointment wasn't untl 4:30. my dick ass journal war bitch, lauren, is looking for a good cell phone plan, as am i. clearnet does sound very good i think. fido is also good because its $20 for 100 minutes but you pay for weekends and evenings. but i think the rate is lower. we shall see. OMG OMG OMG! i just read Hil's journal from may 8, and she randomly gives me props :) you go girl :) time to go hos :)

ciao for now!

tonya -- who is now once again Queen of All things!


May 11, 1999

shut up i know its been a long time without an update. i've been one busy bust girl. let's see i went to jordi's bat mitzah sunday night. if y'all didn't know jordi is my interactive poo(h)'s lil' sis. it was mucho fun. i haven't been to a bat mitzah in ages it feels like. but in reality i think it was only 2 years. the ones i used to go to were SO didfferent i think..or maybe that is just my weird ass memory. lots of dancing to 92.5 type music. it was teeny bopper heaven let me tell you. jordi's friends are SO funny. they are all 13 year olds trying to be 20. they all looked like they stepped out of secenteen magazine... and they danced skankifly. it was amusing tho. at the end we got ourselves a mix tape taht i'm enjoying way too much. it has brandy, monica, pras, brittany spears, TLC and other classics. i've decided that i want to be in a brittany spears video. i was dancing to that song at homw and i was way too amused by it. hmmm what else. i ate myself into an oblivion. i came home sick and i woke up sick. i was so hungry i just kept on nibbling on whatever was around. the shrimp were so yummy is all i will say.

i really don't remember the last time i updated so i guess i could go on the internet to see what i told you all last. ohhhhh i talked to leesa kwong last night. leesa kwong previously of jarvis, wearer of GAP, listner of musicals... that lessa. we talked for so long it felt like. she amused my beofre ally.

ohhhh ally is something to talk about! JESSE JESSE JESSE! ohhhh and ANTONIO SABATO JR.! love those guys. soooo ally hires antonio from ling's escort service to make jesse jealous by accidently runnimg in to him and being all affectionate. so they cook up this b-day party for Biscuit. so jesse shows up with this hot date who can really sing. it was very amusing. but it ended happily cause now ally and greg are going to have coffee! go ally! OMG i just went on to IM and i ran into hannah! yeah!!!! shit she isn't answering.

exactly 11 days until the return of siona! yeah man! its still a long time but its all right. today i will HOPEFULLY make it to lea's class. i have an appoitment at st. clair and avenue at 4:30. my class is at 5:30. i willl have to haul ass. its alright if i'm a bit late i'm sure. i;m in it for the crack vibes she passes out.

ya konw last night i visited the TLC website. i found lyrics to the songs and videos and stuff. i have to go back and really explore. tlc is SOOOO dirty. pure dirty words in their songs andi swear i spent an hour translating some songs into proper english. but i'm still on my TLC kick so its all good.

random thought: i'm obsessed with latinos. antonio sabato jr., jennifer lopez, ricky martin, gloria estefan... love me some lations. just say those names. i mean how can jennifer lopez NOT be fun to say. and she is freaking gorgeous. and she was a fly girl! how cool is that. then my antonio sabato jr. we won't get into those details.. but lets say its very good that he was an underwear model.

dev who is beyond delusional thinks she is going to win this war. i think not. youjust sit yo skakny ass in hicksville america and laugh. and then there is lauren who is equally if not skankier than dev. i can kick yo asses any day.

ciao for now!



may 8, 1999

well well well its me me me! i'm totally lacking energy to do this but i figured i would grace you all with my presence. nothing really exciting happening here. just finished reading dev's journal. very amusing must i say eventho we are at war. have you officialy declared war devon weber.. or are you to chicken to? could you be suffering from a case of chicken shititis?? i think so. then there is my interactive poo(h) lauren who is a weirdoo and needs help. such a complicated life. its her sister's bat tomorrow and i will be attending. fun stuff i can imagine. lauren made fun of me for not knowing there would be dancing. that wasn't nice... don't expect an update from her in a while because i'm going to kick her ass and break her hands until she has to be carried around by a goat.

in other news.. well there isn't really other news. dev your journal confuses me because i know ZERO about hedwig. and what is up with your anti-RENT thing. is it a product of being in NYC. and do you hate it or are you just over it. i think you need a summary of all things hedwig so i knwo what you are saying girlie.

grand rapids is workingout so far. hotel booked.. money saved. i actually want to go. i mean i'm geared up about it. i hate being geared up. how much am i wishing i didn't care. and i'm not going to even try and pretend that i'm really in need of seeing the show becase its the show... hell i want to see maggie and trish and whoever else is there. and let me just saying that seeing the sassy one this week did not help my *augh can RENT ever end* syndrome. seeing the sassy one was a reminder of how much fun last year was. so the summary of this paragraph is that i do to some extent still care about the whole *thing* but in a different way and i wish i didn't. got it. oh yeah and what is up with all these random rent CA sitings.. damian (who i thought got swallowed up by the earth), robert, saskia, luther, david... and lord knows who else. they are popping out of the woodwork.

ohhhhh i rebelled on friday. well that is what everyone said i did. we had a quiz in bio and i wrote my name, the date and two answers on it. very uncharacteristic of me. i hadn't studied.. didn't have my notes with me.. i mean i had an econ test that day.. i can't study for Bio all the time! and then i didn't hand in my bio lab. could hell be freezing over? THEN i got the highest mark i've ever gotten on one of her quizzes back.. 91%. and then someone coughsadiecough took my paper to cheat off of. our teacher is dumb and NEVER sees when people cheat even if they are right in front of her. but she saw this time and took my quiz away and let sadie keep on writing without saying anything.. very odd. so that was my rebellion. i'm a wild mustang dontcha think.

no dance for me tomorrow. i mean siona is away. i'm skipping all my siona classes until she comes back... its an excuse for me to do more work. i think i will start a countdown for siona to come back. she comes back on the 22 and i see her on the 23 sooooo there are 14 days until i see siona. i mean i do LOVE lea's class but i can only deal with having her once a week and i need support like max, or ryan to really have fun in her class. then the other person filling in would be Linda who is so little and cute.. she reminds me of peter pan for some odd reason. but i can deal with not having her. i need dance pants. does anyone want to finance my need for dance pants. i saw some fun ones at GAP for 28.50... e-mail me at TigerInACage@Myna.com to send donations okay. thank you :)

ciao for now!

oh yeah...someone gets a tribute in my journal very soon..stick around :)

tonya :)


may 6, 1999

julia has lesbian tendencies!! julia has lesbian tendencies!! julia has lesbian tendencies!! sorry i will continue. more Po5 to come.

my hannah banana is back on the net and better than ever! no more 14.4 modem now she is a big wif with a 56 modem. go hannah go hannah :) i will visit your site, who's URL i can't include because i don't have explorer open at the moment.

yesterday was everyone go dancing day. it was me, max, rina, and cow, plus Lea randomly showed up to go out with Siona. so fun fun class. siona had new warmups, threw me off. at least she had the same music. fosse fosse fosse. yes we did the fosse combo. can i just state how much i LOVE that combo. after the class max and i went to say bye to siona cause she is gone until the 22nd of may. how am i going to last until the 22 sans Siona? i'm skipping my wednesday and sunday classes most likely. i need a break n'est pas. i will still go to Lea's class on tuesday tho. so we're talking to siona and she's like you go to "the program" don't you. so of course i'm all confused and wondering what program, so i'm like randolph during the day? and she's like yeah. okay so y'all know that i don't go during the day cause a.) i'm too little and b.) i have enough talent to fill a thimble. so then i was like i can't i'm too young. then she's like how old are you? which led to the fact that she is 10 years older than me and i told her about 3 times that i don't believe that she is 26. and that was that. oh yeah and i was wearing my Christine Bandelow wannabe necklace which siona enjoyed. she actually said that it is where its at, which is the second time someone said that phrase to me. frightening.

Before going to dance i met lisa at theatre q's so that we could go play. i love that store. they have a billion and one cd's that i need. we then went to the concourse to eat eat eat. which we did very well. then we walked all the way from the concourse to randolph where all the aforementioned stuff occured.

i was going to talk about Po5 but i don't feel like it anymore. speaking of this being my week, first i run into sas and then i get e-mail from trish. so that tis what i will do now. e-mail my smushy. so off i will be. but first i have to read lauren's journal to see if i have to kick her ass.

ohhhhhh. oh oh. ohhhhhh. oh oh oh OH! i have another as to kick. dev's! here's an excerpt from lauren's journal so the war continues..and now dev wants to join! now this is weird cause i am not sure exactly what we are fighting for..but believe you me, tony, dev, and I are definately at war! see me being stupid i thought dev was going to Kosovo. but she ain't so now i have another ass to kick :)

ciao for now :)

tonya :)


May 5, 1999

okay i can either be calm when telling this story, or i can be truthful and spaz. its 6:26am, you all KNOW i'm going to spaz! so i'm at "a commoon mans guide to loving a woman" last night with lisa and randomly max who i didn't know was coming. let me remind you that ACMGTLAW stars Derwin Jordan from nightman.. ya know, raleigh. so its intermission and we are going to the lounge to just lounge and lisa is like so what do you think of Derwin. and i'm like he is amusing me but i can't stop thinking of him as raleigh and saskia's love slave and OMG there she is! you have that right folks! sitting on the otherside of the theatre in our row was none other than the sassy one. i'm SO not joking. saskia of love and sas. saskia of rent. saskia of nightman. saskia of shopping her cd around. saskia of toronto. saskia as in this whole fucking website. that saskia. so la la la we go up and talk to her. and of course i'm trying not to piss my pants laughing or our of total and utter shock. you don't understand i NEVER thought i would see her IN LIFE. but guess who gets to be president of her fanclub :) she saw...wait i need some TLC to do this entry justice...she saw max on tv. she was with some guy named john who i think was annoyed by us and left her with us in the lounge. yes we all DID end up in the lounge where i calledmy mom and couldn't yell into the phone that i saw saskia cause she came over and then decided to harass my mom. she talked to my mom on my cellphone (828-8307 can someone PLEASE call me). she made my mom guess who it was.. it was very amusing to hear just her end of the convo let me tell you that. first she yells into the phone "hi mommy". highlights would be "i lost some weight" "no there are no naked people on stage" "and its for all ages". then we talked about rhett and she asked us if he had a good stomach cause she never got to see Fame. we also learned that rhett is one funny guy. of course we all managed to start talking about Jeremy and Footloose.. stupid max :) so then show time again and we go back to our seats where we all start to spaz our asses off. so that was the highlight of the show. can i just say OMFG we saw the sassy one!!!!!!

okay other things... the play rocked. i was amused. it wasnt a porn or anything thank god. it was nice. very fun. derwin was very amusing. its so good to see him NOT being on Nightman.. the boy has talent. sidenote: saskia is like that guy derwin was on nightman with me (yeah no shit cause you know i don't watch the show every week, why do you think im here watching a porn) then i'm like yeah i know we decided to see him. Saskia: so what do you think of him? Tonya: he's amusing. Saskia: just amusing? Tonya: very amusing (wtf was i supposed to say.. lisa and i quoted nightman lines the entire first act!). so derwin was amusing. this other guy was amusing but i don't know his name... he wasn't wendell, or derwin or the married guy. the other guy was beyond amusing. but it was a great show let me tell you that.

oh yeah can i just say that in ALL honesty i wasn't stalking the sassy one. lisa and i had joked about seeing her there and all that. but we honestly didnt stalk. we were orginally going to go on wednesday but i found out on the weekend that i had a history test the following day, so i told lisa that tuesday after dance would be good.. and that was on the weekend. how fucked up is that? i BET my mom thought i stalked her or something. my mom was sleeping when she spoke to her. first my mom thought it was lisa... ya know lisa DOES have a jamaican accent. oh yeah laura... i didn't run away and cry :)

okay so before that crack started i had the most fucked up dance class. me, max, ryan and nancy + lea. oy vey. let me just say that again. oy vey. max got in trouble for harassing me. every time we do stretches max harasses me so today lea saw and kicked him (go lea!). then lea yelled at me for not spotting on our chassés. every week whenever we are walking thru chasses i don't spot when we are just walkig thru. and every week she asks me where i'm supposed to be spotting. and then every week when we actually do the exercise i spot. but today she asked my name. we did the weird dance with the 16 counts of hand flicking at the beginning. it was amusing. our group for dancing was me, max, nancy, ryan and this dom look-alike. i think lea called us divas.

so that was cracked dance class and the cracked play. i also had a crack discovery curtesy (sp?) of laura. it was just a weird ass day. so now i go and get my net reading done :)

oh wait no ciao for now yet. lauren wants some web competition. well well well. miss lau lau don't play with fire unless you want to get burned! lauren i can kick yo' lily white ass any day :)

ciao for now!

tonya -- who is temporarily not queen of all things because lisa gets the title for a week due to some recent sassy events :)


May 4, 1999

hello suckers, welcome back! the fourth of may already... what the heck is up with that. but its all good the faster time goes by the faster we all are out of school n'est pas. so now i would like to give a shout out to the ORIGINAL Perv! HilDaPerv! man i enjoy that girl. hey doesn't that sound kind of kinky when i'm talking about Tha Perv? i enjoy her (hehe).

oh yes the reason i could NEVER be a dance teacher is because i'm evil and have no patience. you see in all my classes there are these man.. i guess in their 30's and they just CAN"T DANCE. i mean at all! like you know how there are people who can kind of sort of dance and kind of sort of have rhythm... well not these guys. they kind of clunk about. its so hilarious if you ask me. i always want to laugh but that would be rude... so i come home and tell my mom :) but if i were a dance teacher i probably couldn't evne think it was remotely funny. and i guess it would be wrong to piss my pants laughing if i were a teacher as well.

i need to answer my e-mails. Leesa i WILL e-mail you i just never really have time to sit down and answer everything :) i like when people e-mail me about my journal. like yesterday, my interactive poo(h), lauren e-mailed me all about my journal and that amused me on end. so everyone e-mail me! and woohoo hannah updated but she has disappeared so no me talking to her :( i love her whitby stories.. they make whitby people sound squirlly.

TONY NOMINATIONS! WOOHOO! okay i will just say things that interest me: Dame Judi Dench, STOCKARD CHANNING!(RIZZO!), Kevin Spacey, Brian Denney(sp?), Bernadette Peters, Tom Wopat (dukes of hazzard isn't it?), DEE HOTY (yeah THIS is who they nominate from footloose), Closer (nothing for Natasha tho), Civil War (what EVERYONE is talking about), Ann REinking ofr directing fosse, Footloose for choreography, Iceman, YAGMCB, Annie Get Your Gun (i'm thinking they should turn it into a ghetto epic: Annie Git Yo' Guhn). so there ya go my tony things that amuse me. not a prediction, not a wish.. just things that are interesting. come on! Rizzo! how is she NOT interesting!

i also bought the new people with the 50 most beautiful people. let me get it so i can tell you what excites me. actually its in the living room and i aint going all the way there. so you all lucked out.

augh! i want to go the tony's and this is the one year i have not a shot in hell of going :( maybe i will write Rosie and be her date :) come on! who doesn't want to see Rizzo.

oh look COw is on ICQ. i didn't even realize i'm on ICQ. love me some online chatting. i see cow tongiht.. going to watch a porno :) not really but its called a common man's guide to loving a woman and my mom thinks its porno.

time to go! talk later gators :)




May 2, 1999

holy geez its may already! that is just so wrong. i'm gracing you all with my journal prescense eventhough i'm soooo busy! i'm doing biology notes, waiting for NightMan to come AND listening to the new TLC cd. having a journal gives me an ego i've decided. i've been randomly learning that a lot of people read my journal it amuses me. like the other night i was talking to 5 people as i typed my journal and all 5 of them were reading it. its odd stuff.

so yes i have the new TLC cd. my sister is a closet liker of this one song and wouldn't buy the cd for herself so she got it for me. i think its amusing. it reminds me of lea. i'm hearing all these songs that i never realized were TLC. i used to LOVE TLC! do you all remember Waterfalls? loved the song and the video. i think i must have worn out that tape.

today is a fuck rent day. i was reading the Benny Boards and this person posted about how great maggie is. and i was so i dunno *saddened* (that isn't the right word) by it. cause i'm like i want to see her.. i want to re-witness the coolness. don't you all hate getting that feeline? so that made me pissy but happy cause she has been dong Maureen and people are loving her. so that is good. i think that also cemented my Grand Rapids dillema that i haven't mentioned here. i have an ISU due the following day but it hink i will bust my ass ahead of time to get it done so i can go. i think GR will be a nice closure from the whole *rent thing*. it will be a nice way to say so long farewell. and i get to bring Smushy flowers :) so it looks like i'm most likely going unless craziness happens.

i really hate doing biology notes. we had THE funnies test the other day in that class. everyone was cheating off everyone. the person who sits in front of me i swear copied an entire page and ihad my page turned completely to her and the teacher didn't notice. andi kept on turning around and checking my answers with other people. and during the whole test the teacher was talking to everyone. and at one point she thought something was wrong with me and asked what was wrong and i flipped to a certain extent and was like i have absolutely NO clue what you are asking me in this question.. what answer are you looking for. so she told us. it was amusing.

oy vey i'm jamming to TLC. the best jam so far is I'm Good at being Bad. i swaer i'm sitting here rocking. i'm sure its quite the site. its amusing. it goes slow and then hypes it up to go all fast. i'm loving it!

there was an amusing anecdote to share with you to spice up my journal but i have forgotten. i apologize for my retardness.

ohhhhh today i figured something out. whenever i go to Randolph on Sunday the President (Abbas) always calls me Tony Tony Tony. i thought that maybe when i had signed up i had written tony so that it was in the comp.. but everyone else calls me tonya. but today he called me Tony Toni Toné.. and then he said "done it again". and it hit me! does any remember that rap group from the 90's! i used to love them and now it all hit me. so the reason he calls me Tony Toni Toné is apparent. finally.. so i don't have to think he is crazy. okay max gets to be special cause i have to tell him something and i don't feel like mailing him: Siona bitched about the bratty randolph children. she was so very catty! remember how you were tell me about scary jen talking about them well siona was ranting for about 2 mins about those stupid children. for all of you who don't know about randolph children they are these brats between 6 and 12 i think and they come onn sundays and sing and dance. they always come into my sunday pre-jazz and yell and ohhhh and ahhhhh about the dancing. its SO annoying. type of children you want to hit. today siona was 5 or 10 minutes late because she was outside enjoying the weather. i'm looking at my watch and at like 11:40 all you hear coming down the hall is SHIT SHIT SHIT (that was siona being late).

awwww TLC just got really slow. i need some fast beats to supply my ADD inflicted brain. NEW ALLY TOMORROW. NEW ER THURSDAY. can i just say that i LOVE may sweeps. new er obsession is the schizo woman with the baby... cocoa! i love her! i just want to hug her. and laura there was something i wanted to telly ou about my boy toy george clooney but i forgot and it was very berry important. ohhhh i know! did i ever tell you that his dad is on TV! when you go to the states watch the American Movie Classics channel (AMC) he is a host. i used to watch AMC just so i could see my boy toy's dad. for all of you who don't know i have quite the sick george clooney obsession. as in when i was in grade 8 i could tell you everything about him.

ohhhh really pretty TLC song called Unpretty. okay lauren i think you should buy this. i say lauren cause i know you have interesting taste in music coughcoughBRITTANYSPEARScoughcough :). HEY i found out lilith info! tickets on sale may 22! we for sure have sarah, sheryl and debroah cox.. we have indigo girls but i think i want to drown them inthe lake. i hate living in toronto.. we get not that many good peeps. in other cities they get monica and mya and people like that.

wow i think this is a long entry... i can't tell for sure cause i'm doing it in my notepad thingy. i've abandones my bio notes.. i need to finish we have a quiz tomorrow. and nightman in 14 minutes. i need to mail the sassy one my letter that has been sitting in my pencil case before its FULLY outdated.

HEY! my chita bobita is going to London apparently! she is heading over there to do chicago as Roxie. see that srews me over. i was hoping her show Chita and All That Jazz would open by december so taht i could see it in NYC but i guess if she gets her 66 year old ass to London that ain't happening for this season. and yes she is my chita bobita :)

okay i should go now. i really should stop boring you all with my mundane average life. i need to check if my hannah banana whom i haven't spoken to in FOREVER has updated her journal so iknow what is happening in her life! okay babes! talk later hopefully ;)

ciao for now!

tonya -- queen of all things


April 30, 1999

okay folks this entry is dedicated to Laura because she says she always comes to my journal and never anything new. so laura badaura this goes out to you :)

well quite the eventful day today. i had a splitting headache. it literally felt like my head was ripping in two! so i went home. i was going to go to Green Mango to buy noodles for lunch but the line was too long so i bought a cell phone instead. yes you heard right i bought my goddamn phone! its a nokia. very small, very cute. i like it. and it came with a free case and cigarette adapter for the car or whatever it is called. my phone number is .. actually let me go check.m 828-8307. those are my digits. i have digits how cool is that. but hte phone is for "safety". its actaully for my secret drug smuggling ring but don't tell!

so max made me come dancing today. it was Siona's class. okay let me just say that i think me and max in siona's class is worse than being in lea's class. we both came out way to hyper. soooo it was of course siona pretending she is fosse class. she actually told us to picture her as a man. i tried doing that for a little too long and it didn't work at all. hmmmm i had a good stretch i feel like Gumby. and max says gumby was never really famous. is that not the biggest piece of shit?!?! GUmby was so famous he was on key chains and pyjamas. to me that says FAME. gumby is a freaking ICON okay! soooo enough about gumby. so i'm there and i have my right leg out and my leftleg in and my body is freaking touching my right leg. so siona comes over and is like pulling my stomach across my leg even more. at this point my back is shaking so much it was SO funny. and siona was like push yourself even if you are shaking. i was practically convulsing cause i wanted to laugh so hard. sooooo after teh workout i was actually sweating which i DON't DO! i tried to explain to Max that i GLOW i don't SWEAT. i don't think he believed me. soooo then i found out that Siona is going to be away for 2 FULL WEEKS! she is going to calgary and then home to BC. what am i going to do with 2 Siona-less weeks? i freaked out after one siona-less week! but luckily Scary Jen isn't taking over. she said Cracklady Lea and Linda are so its all good. then we did the Fosse combo and she made us dance in twos.. so of course max and i busted some moves and max was very suave and used too much pelvis :)then siona refused to dance with us anymore and decided to watch us from above.. very odd. she kept us until like 9:20 or something crazy like that. so that is dance class.

after dance max and i decided we needed ice cream. soooo we went to talk to siona and learned that she is from BC and that she hasn't seen her parents since x-mas. ohhh and i got a pity hug from her! so she goes over and hugs max as always i assume.. and then she couldn't *not* hug me cause that would have been rude so i got a pity "oh you are here too" kind of hug. it wasn't a bad hug .. i'm just amused by how the mind works. then she shared her chocolate with us and max and i said bye and we went on a quest for ice cream. we eneded up at McD's then we walked back up Yonge and max had a bagel. before that we ran into the receptionist from Randolph who is BEYOND sweet. but we don't know her name.. we think its Line or something. then we still walked up yonge to Uptown theatre to see if Rina was working.. we didn't see her. then max tried to convince me to see Matrix and i said no cause i really did have to go home. now i am home and writing to you crazy asses!

i sdon't know what else to say! maybe i will go! so talk to you crazies later! tomorrow i will explain why i could NEVER be a dance teacher!

peace and love (hmmm where is that bitten off from?)

tonya... queen of all things!


April 29, 1999

hey folks! how slick has my updating been? what is this now... three days in a row? come on congratulate me :) soooo i'm in need of my journal reading fixed... ie. dev's, lauren's,hannah (who isn't updating until friday)... but i can't for i'm not online which isn't fun. but i'm thinking i need to go online.

siona (sho-na not see-oh-na LAURA!) was playing Fosse yesterday. we danced to on broadway and it was extremely Fosse...she stole the choreography from her Fosse audition or something like that. today i'm taking the plunge into buying jazz shoes i believe. i think it's high time i got them now. that dance we did yesterday made my feet feel funny because we had to but them on the side alot. so off to malabar i go today to interac for some shtuff. i've been feeling like buying shtuff for soooo long now...and now i am :)

so how is everyone in the online world doing? feels like i haven't spoken to anyone in ages! oh yeah i need to read Hil's journal... i need to read about that trip girlie!

augh! today isn't a fun day. i have an english test and a bio test. ask me how much i know about biology. very little is all i'm saying. it won't be fun. i sweat i have a billion and one pages of notes to be studying. for my histoire test next week we literally have 100 pages of text to study not including handouts. i don't like school very much. on the otherhand i'm ALMOST finished my geographie project on tigers. i was going to finsih it last night but i got tired and screw this to hell and i went to sleep. and what a good sleep it was!

i'm having canneloni for breakfast. its pasta stuffed with meat and spinach with cheese and tomato sauce its yummy. why am i ahaving it for breakfast you ask? cause my mom feels bad that i havent' eaten dinner in two days so i get to have a fun breakfast! maybe with garlic bread. i will ask...WOOHOO garlic bread :) she said yes!

so i am off now to eat my canneloni :)


tonya -- Queen of All Things


april 28, 1999

wow april is almost over how crazy is that!?!?! there is now less than two months of school left. this is thrilling me beyond thrilling :) once again i'm typing my jounal in motepad. i think i like it better this way. at least i don't have to worry about tripod being a bitch and screwing me over. i'm waiting for the weekend because i have all this updating to do on my site. plus i think i have *a lot* of work i need to be doing. i'm totally abandoning my history class and not making any notes. oh well c'est la vie.

ya know press told me that my jjournal from two days ago didn't make any sense. that was when i was crampy and i was on high volume pain killers... they make me dizzy. so you can all cherish that entry as my wooozy entry. i don't think i like the word wooozy... it look stupid.

ohhhh so yesterday at Randolph not only was Max there but so was Ryan aka Divastar! that boy thrills me he always makes me laugh. i don't think i can deal with having Ryan in a class with Lea i was honestly laughing my ass off. Lea's dance was crazy.. she had this one part that she said we should pretend that we were turning on a faucet... all me, max and diva could tink of was Chicago when chita is like "i love ya honey i love ya" ... needless to say we were all ROTFLOAO. what other fun stuff... lea played siona music in warm up.. that was frightening. OMFG these girls went bare foot to dance and i swear none of them wash their feet. i thought i was being gassed.. their feet smelled like dirty dirty farts. i was not amused. ohhhh Gavin Hope was taking Sean's hip hop class. that was fun to watch for a bit. and let me just say Gavin looked incredibly studly. that is the end of that.

sooooo on the benny boards it says CB is leaving the benny tour on may 4. craziness. that is all i say ... craziness. i wiill say more than craziness... weird ass shit. and that is the end of that.

what else is there to tell y'all? i'm writing my journal extra early so that i can watch the Today Show because the ever talented Katie Couric is talking about her family history. so that is that.

okay i *really* have nothing else to say so i will go! have a marvelous day!

ciao bella :)



April 27, 1999

hey all! i don't know if this looks different at all because i'm typing it in Notepad instead of directly on Tripod. this way i can copy and paste and won't have to worry about Tripod being a bitch. so first of all props to dev for mentioning my journal. it was very bizarre i checked my stats for the 25 i think and i had like 31 hits. it was mucho bizzaro! i'm a hitwhore and i don't deny :)

hmmmm i'm really wishing i had interesting stuff to say. i stayed home yesterday becuase i was sick all weekend and i had a PILE of work to do. so i did that all day. then i went to the hairdresser. the junior stylist did my hair.. he's obsessed with hip hop and stuff. one day i'm sitting and he is blow drying my hair and he was like did you get the tickets? so puzzled i'm like what tickets. he's like for DMX or something like that. of course i'm sitting there having no clue who the hell DMX is. i think he thinks i'm crazy.. tis all right i don't need ne DMX. man i love me some double negatives! so that is an adventure story wouldn't you say?

i'm sick of working on my el stupido geographie project. i'm tired of reading about tigers. yes i enjoy the tiger world but i'm sick of studying them. i'm not quite sure when the project is due.. but fairly soon. i need to finish it. the teacher wants half of it to be graphs and maps and stuff like that. that isn't fun. i hate making graphs.

ALLY MCBEAL! so anti-climatic. i'm sorry iwas really hoping for Rosie to ROCK my monday night..she didn't. it wasn't her fault it was the way the character was written. she was supposed to be a marriage counsellor for billy and georgia. but her character was written EXACTLY like tracey ullman's character. muy pissy offy. but it was rosie so at least it was amusing.

audra macdonald is some sort of goddess. 3 freaking tony's and she is only 28. i think she is the current interest. i think last week i was looking up stuff on Natasha Richardson who i have joked about SO much cause she sounds dreadful on the Cabaret recording. but i'm amused by her and i cannot tell you why. but Audra was on 60 minutes. she is smart and very berry entertaining. augh! 3 tony's. that is pure unadultered craziness. go audra!

really great TBAA (touched by an angel). RHODA was on. i love Rhoda and Mary Tyler Moore and all that stuff. so that was very berry entertaining. remember there was that girl on the boards who wanted to kill herself... well she needed to watch that episode. i also watched a bit of this show called Horatio Hornblower. my friend Johanna made me watch it. it was ...interesting.

i really can't tell if this is long or not and i owe y'all a semi-descent entry for i haven't written in a while. LAUREN HOW DO YOU DO IT??? you update EVERY SINGLE DAY! oy! but i'm trying. the sassy one was NightMan. that was a hype episode (ohhhh ghetto slang.. i looko like a ghetto superstar. and i'm listening to ghetto music :)) but it was amusing. her sould got kidnapped or something bizarre like that. i can't explain it. but it was very nice to watch. my mom watched it before me. so she comes in and is like do you want me to tell you about saskia being electrocuted... i'm just like thanks a whole lot. but there was so much more to that episode.

i'm thinking Idina needs to get her ass over here to do a concert. i've been listening to that cd like every day. its mucho enjoyable. so many cd's i want! i hate buying cd's tho. but i guess i will have to! i haven't spoken to anyone in ages! and i probably won't tonight for its a danicng night followed by some exciting homework! don't you like my cool stylings?!?! okay i should go i have SCHOOL to go to! ciao for now!

tonya :)


april 26, 1999

how have i not written in so long??? was it honestly the 23 since i last wrote... i disagree strongly. then again its very berry possible. i've been sick with cramps of course. so no computer for me!

now that i'm here i dont feel like updating at all. can i be forgiven? mayeb if i write a kick ass one for tomorrow i will be forgiven. how about that folks? so that is what i will do. expect a GREAT entry tomorrow :) GOOD LUCK ON YOUR AUDITION LAUREN!!!!!!



april 23, 1999

sorry for not writing in so long. i've just been so busy. so much to do so little time. so much to say but my hands don't want to type it all.

columbine... i'm so sure i spelt that wrong. how fucking freaky is that? ya know anyone could walk off the street and come into our schools and no one would notice. i think schools need security. i'm SO for having video cameras in the halls. i think it would be a benefit and not really an invasion of privacy. i know video cameras wouldn't have helped in Columbine... but it would give some more insight into what other people were involved. thank god one of the assholes who helped plan turned himslef in and is naming names. you don't understand how freaked out this has me. listening to people's stories who were there is so shocking and scary. and then i look around school and think of who i could see snapping.. and there are SO many weirdos i n my school. in grade 7 the bad ass at my school brought a pipe bomb. i don't know what he was planning but the cops came and so did CItyPulse (cause they are everywhere) it was freaky. i didn't really understand at the time.. but now i do and i'm SO thankful nothing happened.

happier stuff... my furby rocks. my mom is obsessed with it. she always dances with it. i think she likes it more than she likes me. OHHHHH hannah updated her journal and i'ma happy girl because of it! i love her journal. i love journals. its so interesting to see the differences in people's lives. i mean reading hannah's so much stuff she goes thru i've never been there. but sometimes i can totally relate and stuff. and i love dev's journal it amuses me beyond end. is Hedwig REALLY that good. if i buy it i BETTER like it or i will come to Hicksville and kick yo lily white ass :) and of course lauren's journal always fabu :)


sorry about that. but he is and i had to say it :)

augh i had a siona=less week and i'm very berry sad about it. i didn't have siona on sunday OR wednesday. i'm in siona withdrawl and i cant go dancing on sunday eithr. right now i bet max has siona... lucky boy. BUT on wednesday i had Linda Garneau and she is THE cutest thing. i swear she is 12. she is AMAZING. her style is kind of in between lea and siona's. Phi goes to her Jazz 1 class. so Linda rocks. and she is SUPER sweet. max you have to take linda's class you will be addicted. i was SO afraid that i was going to have scary Jennifer Archibald on wednesday. she subbed in for hip hop and i thought she was doing pre-jazz. i was SOOOO ready to run out of the room. i'm terrified of her. she is SCARY. she is AMAZING but freaking scary. she is a freaking DRILL SERGENT. but she does rock.

hmmmm what else. i dunno you tell me! la vita e bella. bonjuorno principessa! sorry i'm having a beningni fit at the moment. i hope i don't have cramps tomorrow. i want to go shopping. i'm in such a chita mood today! i need me some chita. if my mom wins the lottery she is taking me to vegas ;) no i just want chita to open her goddam revue on b'way before x-mas so i can see it when i go! Chita and All That Jazz. want to see it! i need me some chita. lets take a moment and think about miss chita. chita chita chita i made her out of clay and when she's dry and ready she will dance upon the stage. i'm on tylenol 3 and my body is getting tingly. i hope i don't fall off my chair. i would scream like this WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. and it owuld be loud and the whales in the ocean would say what is that crazy Mo-Fo up to now. and i would say yo momma. and they would say girl you need so dizzypapa. and i would say yo momma. and then we would go find chita and build an underwater abyss.

if i had a hammer i would build a book shelf for kids in Commack. if i had some glue i would glue my furby to the table and piss it off. that owuldn't be nice. i really want to glue a cat to something. is that wrong of me. i hear dateline on tv. jane pauley. she is one special lady. she wears pins all the time. i hate pin people. ya know its hard to type with shaky fingers. hey lauren where is my interactive pooh????? ohhhhhhh new nightman tomorrow. won't that be fun. sassy sassy sassy starts with S. ya know i think i should go. so i will say goodnight to all. good night billy bob, and billy joe, and billy margaret, and billy tom, and billy billy.. and all you other ghetto superstars coming from afar!


TONYA with a "T" on the TLC tip!


april 20, 1999

well cleveland is shot to hell. its a lottery instead of a line which means its pointless to go. plus regular seats are 95% sold out. so all that isn't fun!

still stuck at home cause of the TTC. i went to the doctor today. they took blood and all that jazz.

im honestly not leading an interesting life so you might as well stop reading now!

i bought a furby. its name is ah-may. it is grey with a white tummy. it is keeping me very amused. okay i think i will stop boring you all :)




april 19, 1999

HEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! see that is me being happy :) well let's see TTC is on a FREAKING STRIKE so i am TRAPPED in my house. i am working on projects though so i don't need to be spanked. soooooo this morning i go and check my mail and i see a postcard. so i go into my apartment and get scissors to break into my mail box with. la la la take out the postcard, a cable bill, a bank statement and oh look a letter addressed to moi! so me being very berry hyper and bored recognizes the writing. i RUN down the stairs pick up the phone and call Cow who is also trapped. so la la la the letter is from the Sassy one. to say the least i shit twice and rolled over (who says that.. please tell me!). so yes my faith in RENT is restored :) and that was that. and lets just say i'm very berry happy at this moment.

sooooo i finished my project on osteoporosis thank you very much. it looks very berry snazzy i'm a happy chica :) OMG Touched by an Angel was so good last night. i swear if i were a crier i would SO bawl during that show. JOEY LAWRENCE was in it! that wouldn't be the reason for me bawling tho. it makes me want to be religious. all the messages are just so beautiful. i dunno. the show has just hit me reallly hard. ohhhhh speaking of hitting hard... Lauryn Hill! i listened to it ALL last night about a million times. and i'm loving all the lyrics man. there is this one song "Forgive them Father" it got me really thinking. here is a part of it:

Beware of false motives of others
be careful of those who pretend to be brothers
and you never soppose it's those who are closest to you, to you
they say all the right things to gain their position
then use your kindness as their ammunition
to shoot you down in the name of ambition they do

yeah so those lyrics have been bothering me so much. the whole song is about backstabbers. i don't *think* that i have been backstabbed but the song is really haunting and thought provoking. so that is that.

oy. so i'm in Randolph getting ready for class and all of a sudden i hear Heartbreak Hotel... which i swear is Lea's anthem. so i'm like no no no i dont want lea today today is siona day. so i go into class and sure enough there is lea. i was so sad i was so in the mood to do siona's class and ther was lea. not that i don't love lea... but when you want an apple and you get a pear its not as thrilling. but it was fun. we went across the floor and did the 50's dance. fun stuff. is was suupposed to babysit after but that didn't work out.

i just got off so i could talk to laura on the phone and i don't rememhber what i was going to say. ohhhhhh i have a new addiction. FREECELL! its this computer game that comes with windows 95. its addictive and i'm so good at it now. maybe i will go now.

oh okay i'm listening to the lauryn hill song and here is another thought provoking line: everday people, they lie to God too/ so what makes you think, that they won't lie to you too. sorry i love that line. i had to put it in :)


tonya :)


april 17,1999

well well. laura is making me update. she yelled at me this morning. so here i am. i have so much work to do its not even funny. is SO shouldn't be on here right now. i'm too lazy to do html so bare with me. i went shopping today even tho i shouldnt' have. i got shoes from aldo that my mom is paying 2/3 of. so that is good. i don't really have anything to say. i talked to press on the phone last night for about forever and a half. it was amusing. cleveland is 5 weeks away. that is crazy. time flies doen't it. hmmmm. i have about 3 projects to be working right now. one on tigers, one on osteoporosis and one on Morrocco. sounds fun doesn't it. lauren and nat should be back from italy. ya know rent in canada ended 6 months ago. how long is that! but it seems long but short at the same times. its all very berry weird. hmmm what else. nothing really. i'm going to be on a babysitting role pretty soon. that is good. lots of moola. its all good. i'm randomly wanting a furby again. slap me if i do buy one okay ;) i'm randomly wanting to buy a lot of stuff. i'm in a shopping mood. i shouldn't be tho. c'est la vie. i want to hear about italy!!!! augh! oh well. time to go !




april 15, 1999

soooo nothing much to say today. i got my report card and i went up in every subject. so my mom gave me $40 for dance classes. so i was very berry happy about that. since it was wednesday i went dancing. siona... fun as usual. came out sweating. had to lie down before i left. but still fun. i think i will bootleg the class one day so you can hear her screaming. its hilarious!

i came home did a TON of homework. not very fun. don't want to go to school today. i want to nap. i think i would be happier if i had a nap. lauren and nat come back on saturday.. FINALLY! geez. in italy. that is psycho.

it smells like gas. car gas. its making me not happy. i have bran muffins for breakfast. they aren't making me happy at the moment. i don't know what the temperature is. i think i'll make an audio journal one day... so you can all hear my "sex-ay" voice. yeah but don't get too turned on. if i hear of anyone getting turned on readin my jounal i will not be too happy!

i didn't win the e-bay auction for the chicago program/ i wasn't will to pat 25$ for a stinking program. esp in US funds. not that important. my mom says if we win the lottery she will take me to Las Vegas to see Chita in Chicago. hopefully she will win the lotter before marcia leaves in i think june :) augh! i want to go to NYC. i'm randomly in the mood for a vacation. i haven't been away since january. cleveland is too far away!

okay time to go. was this not the dryest entry>


tonya :)


april 14, 1999

well there is so much i forgot to say the other day! first of all i had a dream that Dev killed Laura and Laura's mother on my street. how bizarre is that. i honestly woke up scared out of my mind and it took me forever to fall asleep!

last night i was just asleep, you know when you just doize of and its that deep part of sleep. so my mom comes into my room and is like i think the carbon monoxide detector is going off. so i'm just like umph gumph. and sbe keeps harassing me. so its the two of us at like 12:30 trying to figure out what the hell was wrong. but it turned out it was just giving a warning signal to show that the battery had died or something.

we have no hot water. on sunday we had NO water period. i feel like i'm living in freaking cambodia or something (okay i don't really know what cambodia is like i was just saying). so right now we are heating cold water to do our activities. i'm not very amused.

went dancing last night. lea did THE cutest dance. it was easy tho and kind of cheesy. i felt like i was 7 in a jazz class. i'm thinking her jazz class really is pre-jazz but siona lies and pretends hers is pre and does some higher level stuff. if you compare what we do in siona's and lea's classes you'd be surprised. i'm probably going tonight to siona's class. oy vey i need to record her class. she is SOO loud. she just screams the whole time. nice screaming tho. she like woooooooo! and go girls! and work it! its too too funny.

yesterday was my friend's b-day. shit i forgot to call. i wil leave a voice message this morning if i remember.

cleveland is rapidly approaching. who out of you all are still thinking of going? my mom thought i should get a new outfit for cleveland. i told her i'm not getting dressed up to go see a show in trash central America. ohio makes me think of trailer parks and jerry springer. i dont' have respect for Ohio.

okay i think that is all. oh wait! i wrote my biology teacher a not about us having open note quizzes in her class and she is seriously considering it! go me :)

tonya :)


april 12,1999

yeah so i figured i should update this. so taht is what i'm doing right now. i fogot to mention that on friday i was sent to the vice-principals office with jaime. we asked our economics teacher who was a supply if we could go look for tax forms. she asked where and i was like they are in a big box. so she was like yeah whatever go. so 35 mins later... we get back to school. she was like you took to long and i didn't know you were leaving the school. HELLO where else do you get tax forms! so the secretary was just like yeah whatever don't do it again. and that is my story!

life is fine. nothign too interesting. cow is back from NYC. tomorrow is dancing day with max. lea's class. fun stuff. OY VEY! yesterday's class was SO hard. max if you go to siona's class on friday you will have your ass kicked to mars! she had us on the ground and rolling. and the music was SOOOOOO fast. pre-jazz that was not. i sweat! that is how crazy it was. but siona was cool about it. she knew that we all would have to work our asses off to do it so she was making jokes about it and stuff.

school is school. boring as hell. whatever only 49 more days left i think. the year flew by.

on the 24th of april is my best friends b-day party. i SO don't want to go. i think i'll tell her i'm sick. i hate going to her parties cause its all these people i went to junior high with that i have NEVER liked and she goes to school with all of them. and i spend the whole evening plotting ways to leave her house. its a pain int he ass. so i think i'll be skipping that. we aren't even really best friends. its totally just in name. we've been best friends since kindergarten. we hardly ever talk. i think she is a bitch and she thinks i'm a freak. but we are totally cool when we see each other. whatever... it does not matter :)

so what else... nothing really. cleveland is rapidly approaching. that is a good diversion from school. i wee little break in between. i wish i were going to NYC. i'm now in an NYC mood. i want to go before x-mas. but that probably won't happen. unless for my b-day i go. but i'm not in the mood for saving money!

okay gotta go. ciao bellas!

tonya :)


april 10, 1999

it feels like there is so much to say. but not really. last night i met dani and laura. went to shopsey's and i had my regulation potato pancakes. we also watched the Long Kiss Goodnight there. we were so trapped watching it that we couldnt' leave until it was over. we found out that Dixie Carter isn't in Master Class. so there goes all my motivatoin for seeing that show. i love me some Dixie Carter. i used to be a Designing Women addict. but Annie Potts was my favourite person on it. we lost laura. she went to the bathroom at coffeetime and dani left to go see if i was in the subway. and then we went to coffeetime and no laura! but then she was at the subway... but first she got lost.

so that was last night's adventure. i babysat as well nothing to interesting. i'm babysitting this afternoon at the kid's b-day party. it will be fun fun fun i'm sure. more money. more cleveland money :) my mom is randomly giving me money for cleveland. that is good. money makes the world go round the world go round. random cabaret.

hmmm midterms are coming up in school. i'm happy with them for the most part i think. i went up in what i wanted to go up in. except geographie but that was because i got 58% on a test because it was while i was working on the play or something. and he forgot to add stuff. so my geographie mark is wonky but it isn't really wonky. but went up in math, english and biology. that are the only ones i know for sure. and i stayed exactly the same in drama :(

hmmmm what else to tell you. tomorrow is Siona's class. always fun. and you say her name as Shona not Seeona (got that laura). i think everyone should come! this girl from my school has started coming with me.

okay i'm going i have so much e-mail to answer its not even close to being funny! i also put up some stuff on e=bay rent programs and a lion king one.


tonya :)


april 8, 1999

so yesterday after school as i was leaving Biology i looked at my agenda and saw that i had no homework. so i decided that it would be the perfect day to go dancing. so tis what i did. Siona's 7:30 class. so i'm sitting in the hall waiting for class to start and Siona walks by and says hi,.. then she got this puzzled look on her face and did a double take and came back to me. so she bends down and is like "ya know i keep on forgetting your name, what is it?" so lets stop this right here. ask me if i ever told Siona my name... well the answer is NEVER! so of course in my head i'm laughing to myself thinking " i never told you my name bitch(bitch ina nice way)" but of course i just said Tonya... cause the other woudl be kind of rude. so that is my dancing story for the day. oh yeah! i have a dancing friend. i don't know her name but we take the subway together. she goees to Ryerson.

well we've been getting term marks back. i went up nicely in english and math. i went up 1% in biology, but for some reason u drooped 5% in geographi. i think i will have to do some investigation into that one! i love midterms. just a letter grade :)

i'm bidding on a Chicago program from 1975 on e-bay. i want it. i hope no one outbids be! e-bay is a drug. i check it like 4 times a day to see if anything new that i want is up. but i sure do love me some e-bay!

so here is what i've been thinking about. honestly don't be excited it isn't that interesting at all. it disturbs how people tell everyone everything. so let's say you are talking to one and they tell you a secret and tell you not to say anything. then you do. see that is wrong. secret means between the secreter (the perosn who ells) and the secretee. and if the secretee tells someone else that is just wrong. it hasn't happened to me or anything... but i've heard so many times that something is a secret and don't tell anyone cause the person who told them told them not to tell. so yes this all disturbs but what can you do everyone is sooooo guilty of doing that. don't worry if you fall into that catergory doesn't mean i like you any less.. but i'm just thinking!

sooo what else. did i already tell y'akll that i might be going to europe this summer. i was supposed to go to LA but my sister had to work so now it looks like europe may be the plan. do i care.. not really. not excited that much. but we shall see

okay time to go!

ciao bellas :)

tonya :)


april 7, 1999

props to me for getting a mention in dev's journal. i would link you all but i'm so bad at dong that. if you want to know who or where dev is e-mail me. so i went dancing today. max, renee, nadeen and renee's friend who's name i can say but can't spell. it was crazy. note to self: DON'T GO DANCING WITH RENEE!!!! she is tTHE silliest girl. i was laughing so much. its cute she stops and waits for something that she can do during the class. and she's always laughing :) Nadeen is from school. interesting girl. max brought kosher brownies for passover and they made my day. i was very berry happy with them. i think i hate a quarter of the whole pan. yes i am a pig. dancing was fun as usual. after i watched some of Siona's Jazz 3. wowee zowee! how much do I want to be in Jazz 3. Fosse-ness. it rocks.

soooooo today i'm running really late. its 7:58 and i'm not dressed at all. i am brushed and shit (and shit being washed face.. but if you really want to know i did the other thing too ;) ) i should get dressed. i didn't do any homework last night becausei was so so so tired! i went to bed at 9:30. how crack assed is that? miss lauren and nat leave for italy very berry soon. how crazy is that? very if you ask me. lauren signed off with a wannabe shakerspere thing she said stress'ed. that is SO not shakesperian. if shakespeare were to say stressed he would write it stress'd no E. silly lauren.

shit i really need to get dressed! last night was the Saskia/Cary thing. i wondered if the people who said they were going are actually going> i will have to track them down later. OY VEY. in drama class the teacher whips out her drama book and RENT was on the cover. you can't escape taht goddam show can you> i think not. just like there is or was a picture of Rhett at Randolph. very berry odd. rhett makes me giggle andi don't know why.

okay what else. tomorrow i will give myself mor time to write so that i can say waht i've been meaning to say. that isn't necessarily directed at anyone in particualr but just to people in general. and its something that most people in the world can fit into (myself incl.) so no one get offended :)


tonya ;)


april 6, 1999

i never walk when i can run don't believe i ever couuuulllld. people try to slow be down sayin' boy you really should kick back and chill... i can't stand still. sorry taht was random footloose for my amusement and to get cow to sing along :) i'm trying to ween myself off footloose cause it gets stuck in myhead. but that ain't happening.. my Emery Bemery is sent me a boot of it last week. so it means more footloose crack for all :)

augh another school week. that is all about that.

today is that fashion show thingy. i'm randomly wanting to go. never thought about it until last night (thanks max). but what can ya do. on a brighter note tonight is dancing night. i'm going to be a dancing queen.. young and sweet only seventeeeennnn (not really i'm 16 but whatever). its a Lea class. fun fun fun. i'll get to see if she really was on crack last time.

i have all this bitching to do. not really bitching but just commenting and observations on you people. you people being the people i know :) nothing bad just amusing. but i shall save it for another day. i'm dressed for school. i'm wearing my new GAP carpenter jeans and a striped shirt from the GAP. i think i'll excuse myself early from school so i can get home in time to get ready for dance. dancing is NOT a crime! see there is some more random footloose.

AUGH its so freaking hard to find 1 tax form in this stupid city. its not a very berrry fun thing. i need one for economics <> that class is so dull. oh yeah i'm not mentioning school. SHIT i made a cup of tea and i forgot to drink! its in my lving room! brb! back. its still warm! and when i went to get it i found out some scientists found 3 inca mummies in a mountain. that interested me. that is why i took a little longer than y'all thought i would.

augh i think i need to surrender and listen to Footloose. i can't hold back any longer. been working so hard. i'm punching my card. eight hours for what. oh tell me what i've goooooottttt that was footloose playing in the background. cow is seeing footloose very berry soon. i don't know if i could sit thru it again. i would need some crack incentive to see it again.

hmmmmm what else to talk about. i'm still missing crackville. i'm mailing Melli and getting some sort of substitue crackville. i'm in withdrawl. i should go to school.


tonya :)


april 5, 1999

allo allo! well well well. let us see what is up. hmmm. this is me stalling cause i don't know where to start. press is in New Jersey. who knew? well i know i didn't. but that is fairly interesting. lauren saw tamara in T.O. that is just bizarre.

babysat yesterday. nothing too interesting. those children drive me crazy sometimes. but they are fun too. its christine's b-day on thursday. she keeps on inviting me to her goddam b-day party. do i want to go to a 5 year olds party. no. not unless they have a kick ass loot bag. that could be my motivation. i got the kid an art set. i'm turning that kid into an artist even if it hurts. i'm joking. i don't like art. i think its bullshit. not *all* art. just the bullshitty stuff of circles and squares.

i was rudely awakened this morning. my sister wasn't sure if the ringer for the phone was on so she came by myhead and decided to test it. bitch. so now i'm awake. do i want to be awake? no. not at all actually. oh well. at least i'll get my shit done before Rosie. and i need to find out if banks are open today or what. i need to updatae my bankbook. its so weird. i was about to say i haven't seen alice online in ages. but she is on now. weird stuff. i don't think i've spoken to that chica since january maybe even december. but probably not december. HEY! remember Les Miz. now that was amusing. fun with Tim. don't know why i'm randomly thinking aboout that.

Touched by an Angel is such a good show. i swear i'm obsesed with it. yesteday's was SO good. monetll was in it and he was a cult leader. it was crazyness. i love that show but i make fun of it. i always go around saying "I'm an angel sent by god". every show monica does that in the big revelation scene. it amuses me. tonight is ally night. i hope she will be on. i need my ally fix. i also need my Po5 fix. i missed it 2 weeks in a row cause of Randolph.

time to go!


tonya :)


april 4, 1999

finally saw Life is Beautiful! wow! that is all :) wow! i'm walking around my house yelling Bonjourno Principessa. i went into that movie knowing there was a alittle boy and it involved the holocaust. so for the first like 45mins .. no mention of a boy or holocaust. i was confused. but it was amazing. its about this guy, Guido. on his son's b-day they get sent to a concentration camp. but in not wanting to tell the boy where they were going and disappoint him he tells his son that it is a game and the goal is to get 1000. i'm so not explaining this right. but i'll just leave it by saying that it was one of the most amazing movies i have ever seen.

i spent the whole day on the street with my sister. from 11:30 - 10:00. thats a lot of time. we wandered. i got a pair of jeans. she got shoes and a shirt and probably something else. we went to Thai Magic for dinner. it was wonderful as usual.

i babysat the othe day for the first time in a bout a week. now i remember why i hate it sometimes. i think i may have to murder that child. christine that is... laura is a doll. i'm really hungry. i shouldn't be typing and wasting my food energy.

CRACKVILLE IS GONE!!!!! what up with that? i need my dose of cybermelli! now how am i supposed to get it.

i'm going now.



april 2, 1999

well yesterday i wrote SUCH a good journal. BUT stupid tripod is evil and didn't let me upload so it disappeared into the abyss (not hildaperv;s page... but i mean it is gone). so now you get a journal today fueled my by fire of pissyness towards the evil thing that is tripod!

lets see what is interesting in my life. i'm getting an audio of Chicago from 1975. wanna know what that means.. chita as velma and liza as roxie. very berry enjoyable! OMG funniest thing. my mom mentioned something about RENT... i don't remember what and i was like yuck! and she was like oh yeah... you don't do rent you like old people. and i wasl ike what?? and she was like you've graduated to Chita. i was ROTFLMAO-ing. that is my story.

went dancing on wednesday. very random move. it was fun. siona is obsessed with sexiness i've decided. in the middle fo the dance she yells DON"T BE AFRAID TO TOUCH YOURSELVES. i have no self control. i started laughing. and then at the beginning of the dance she had us feeling ourselves up. and at one point she told us to pretend wehad a big muscle man next to us. so conclusion is siona is a bit weird. but she rocks. she has a fosse obsession. its fun fun fun.

i went shopping with miss laura badaura at eaton centre. we had a wonderfully unproductive time. but it was fun. we walked thru the mall went on yonge street sat on a bench for an hour walked thru the mall ate and walked thru the mall. wanna know what we bought? laura got 2 videos after all that. but we DID *run into* rob the usher from the Alex. he amused us for a bit. he told us tht he heard brittany spears is 28. he siad he wasn't sure if it was an april fools thing.

its funny i doin't really have anything to say. i just feel obligated to write. i'm going babysitting now. there is a picnic i could have gone to but i decided not to. not for any reason either. i just said nope not going. but i will babysit make money and be happy. i have to go dancing tonight. its addictive. its physical RENT :)i like pleasure spiked with pain and music is my aeroplane!


tonya -- Queen of All Things

P.S. leesa i do want to do something with you one day but i forgot to put that in the e0mail i sent :)


march 31, 1999

hello jellos! well i went to Lea's class today. LEA IS ON CRACK. that is all:) when we were doing our jetés she had us singing and yelling everytime we jumped. and at one point she did this whole thing were she was talking in an italian accent. i was honestly thisclose to ROTFLMAO. i was just SOTFLMAO (standing on the floor laughing my ass off). the class is so cute because everyone in that class goes everyweek it seems so they all yell at each other and Lea yells at them. i met this girl nancy and we bothed bitched about max being worse than a girl :)

i think i'm going tonight and maybe on friday. i'm very berry bored. and i need to do at least one of siona's classes this week. so we shall see. siona's classes and lea's classes are soooooooo different. but that is a story for another day because i probably bore y'all with my dancing stories!

i had a dream that i auditioned for a play. and i had a dream taht i was doing my drama scene. then at one point i yelled one of my lines out in my sleep. it was very berry strange!

i failed a bio test i think. my teacher is a moron. she really is. but we dont need to talk about her! OMG she had the NASTIEST growth on her face today. i couldn't look at her without either cracking up or being repulsed.

its almost easter! no school! yeah man! fun fun fun. in the sun sun sun. and what is UP with this weather! its supposed to be 20 degrees today! we are getting SUCH n ice weathre. watch.. i'll bet we have a storm or something. we never have good weather for so long!

i miss IM i havent' REALLLY spoken to anyone in ages cause i'm always homeworking, babysitting or dancing :( i want to talk to you all.

i think that is all to talk about. dsam! i still haven't made my cookies :( oh yeah. the whole world needs to listen to the OBC Chicago cd. its amusing me on end.

my mom just informed me that lisa cow might have called last night. but she didn't leave a message. see people if you call and want to talk to me LEAVE A MESSAGE! i listen to my messages and i do call people back! (well only people i like. if i don't call back it usually means i'm avoiding you!) so everyone call me and leave a message so i can feel special! i think i'll put my phone number 416-658-4813. there ya go. call leave a message and i'll get back to you as soon as possible... imay jut e-mail you. oh yeah HAPPY PASSOVER to all my jewish friends ;) happy no eating bread! i think i'll go eat my breakfast.. cake, bread, danishes, croissants a bag full of flour and yeast... oh the possibilities are endless :)


tonya :)


march 29, 1999

howdy all! this won't be a particularly long entry because frankly my liife ain't that interesting (if you haven't noticed). well some sad news.. glittergrrl.com is going out of business for a but. that isn't fun! espcially now that she got that afunky old navy theme happening!! i *love* that theme. i wonder if emery got to see it before it disapperead into the abyss.

soooooo i went dancing yesterday. i had *so* much fun. not for any reason in particular. siona was cracking me up. she kept on saying the weirdest things. i swear she told this story about her falling asleep in a faculty meeting at randolph like 3 times. and in the middle of the stretching she's like wow! dont you all want to go outside and do this. there were many other weird things that probably wouldn't come off as funny if yu read them now so i won't waste my energy. the point of this is COME TO SIONA"S SUNDAY CLASS! its so much fun. that is all. oh yeah on tuesday i'm starting Lea's class as well. i don't remember how lea's class is. i just remember loving it. i'm also trying pre-ballet eventho i've done ballet for like 8 years maybe. but i did it when i was so little that i was learning pure shit stuff. but i'll probably end up going to Alina's wednesday class. we shall see. Alina taught at my old ballet school.

i watched Why Do Fools Fall in Love.. AGAIN! cause of my mom. Ben Vereen is in it. my mom got mad cause i kept on yelling I"VE SEEN YOU IN PERSON ON STAGE WITH CHITA... HELLLLLOOOOO... cAN YOU HEAR ME?? yeah so i pissed her off a wee bit. i'm renting another movie tonight. i have all these free rental at Blockbuster coupons and i dont want them to go to waste! don't want that stupid blockbuster to get the best of me!

i ordered 2 cd's from columbia house. they NEVER have ANYTHING i want. so i always end up picking this shit stuff that i don't *really* want. that is why i have Lil' Kim in my collection. this time i ordered Will Smith (oy vey) and Mya. i listened to too much 92.5 so i got all excited about them. i just order whatever is popular from them and hope its good. but i want to get Shania Twain's second cd and Tony Bennet (cause i think he rocks!).

SHIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTT (and all THAT jaaaaazzzzzz) sorry i couldn't help that. i didn't even mean to sing. i wanted to say that myt Katie Coouric is on vacation and i was really excited about watching her today. well i guess i'm just Shit out of luck. i love that phrase you are shit out of luck my dear. i just said it to my mom. she just asked what she did now. apparently she said something about Arnold Schwazenagger being married to Maria Shriver (who is filling in for katie) so now she thinks i said that she is shit out of luck cause she isn't married to Arnold.

i'm looking for some hot stuff baby this evening. looking for some hot stuff babbeee tonight. that song always reminds me of dani and nat and i have NO clue why. that scares me. i haven't cybermelli in foever and a half. i miss her. i will read tonight. i spent the ENTIRE weekend (almost) doing homework. i better get a kick ass mark for my biology activites cause i worked my ASS off.

hey this isn't as short as i thought i would be. that thrills me to bits and pieces!

time to go!

ciao for now!

Tonya -- Queen of All Things ( i think that is how you all should address me now)


march 28, 1999

silly me, i thought i had updated yesterday! and no one even told me that i didn't! you bad bad people. that is alright a forgive you :)

right now i'm listening to london version of chicago. fun stuff n'est pas. right now Ute is coming up from the stage and doing the diva walk. well i'm picturing it. wouldnt it be fun to *really* be able to sing. think about. and people will be like wow you can sing. hey nat, lauren just like the good singer chickie in your school who does co-op and ate lunch by herself! like that. oh well :)

OMG most fucked up dream last night! it was about maggie. and i so don't want to talk about because it was just that messed up. let's say that it was frightening. and spooky and just yuki. not like perv-y yuki. but bad yuki. its stemmed from something that almost happened to her last summer. if you really want to know ask me over IM. but i honestly woke up with my heart racing and like sweating. it was that frightening.

on a happier note... i did homework all day yesterday! it was painful let me tell you. and i listened to 92.5 all day too. so ihave all these weird ass songs in my head like Miami, and the one about the fly white guy and something else but i can't remember. not good!

Ruthie Henshall (original london roxie now in NYC doing velma) is on CRACK! she has this RAUNCHY southern US accent. and she is cracking me up. she has all these voices in her head that just come out. and its making me honestly pee my pants. i thought you all should know.

i'm in the mood for some fun. i get to bake cookies tonight. boy won't that be exciting. i passes up babysitting 3 times in the past 3 days. its tonya taking a stand :) except for taht 2 of the day si was sick. but still its a stand!

oh yeah so i'm not going to L.A. this month. instead i'm going to London and France in August. ask me if i'm excited. not really. its with my sister. she pisses me off 75% of the time. the remaining time i'm sleeping and don't dream about her :)

time to go!


tonya :)


march 26, 1999

augh i hate being busy. let me tell you. monday after school and tuesday i babysat. wednesday i went dancing. thursday i was sick and friday is today! so that is my adventure week!

so wednesday i go to randolph being fully excited about having a class with siona who i am obsessed with cause she rocks and has so much energy and is like popcorn. so anyway i got there a bit early and i'm watching some of this kick ass hip hop class that is normally run by a guy. but it was a girl so i was like hmmmm i wonder if siona did hip hop today. so once the class is over i get in and i don't see siona. whatever.so i'm waiting for her to appear. no siona! then this big girl in a football jersey and rolled up pants.. totally homie styles goes up to the front of the room and starts the class! she ROCKED but she was abit intimadating ( i think it was the jersey). it was a good class tho. i'm never going to the wednesday class. all the people think they are hot shit since most of them were in richard's class before. i like my sunday clas everyone is just so fun and normal. now i'm starting lea's tuesday class! and maybe alina's ballet as well. fun stuff n'est pas?

what else? nothing really. about a million and one biology things to do! and a geographie proejct. i don't feel like typing anymore. life is beautiful (hehe). i'm seeing that next weekend with the sis. should be fun!

ciao smellos!

tonya :)


march 24, 1999

i'm not feeling particularly journal-y today :( i have a cold. coutesy of christine. not fun my voice is disappearing. i don't feel like using HTML so i will avoid it. i cut my nails. they were long. well longer than i normall y keep them. now they are short. just the way i like them so they don't clack on everything.i just answered a bunch of e-mail. e-mail is the root of all evil. actually i lie.. the lottry is the root of all evil. i'm very happy. hannah banana updated her journal 2 times! it always thrills me when she does. she talked aout the oscars in one. i feel like talkinga bout them again but i won't. i *hate* the oscars. its pure bullshit. actually i hate hollywood... but ya know that is another story. actually maybe hollywood is the root of all evil. i will have to think that one over. school is school. what can ya say about that. its like we never went away. about a ton and a half of work. plus i'v ebeen busy. tonihgt i'm gong dancing eventhough i really shouldn't. i should really stay home and study for histroy. i hate history tests. i think my math and geographie marks arae going up. those are the 2 subjects i had B's in. high B's but stil B's. i've never had a B. did i care that i did .. NO! i think everything is on the up and up. mid-terms come out kind of sort of soon. i better have all A's or i will yell. actually i won't i'm just sayig that. i have an economics test today. i think i know my shit. i really do. i BETTER know my shit, i need to bring up my mark. 1st term i skated by with an 80 cause of the exam but before that i had 85. so if i can get my mark high then when i mess up on the exam it won't make a difference! i really want to dance tonight but i shouldn't. i probably will anyway. i haven't talked to anyone in sooooo long! how is everyone! hi laura :) (aren't you happy you got props in my journal). hmmmm what else. am i boring you> i hope not! Alia is gone from rent on B'way. i'm laughing really hard. now she thought she was ALL that. she would freaking RUN into the theatre with her ear muffs on. i guess she thoght people wanted to talk to her or somehting. it was THE funniest thing. she would just skate thru everyone. her joanne was lame. vocallly descent. nothing special.i think cleveland will be my last time seeing RENT. i mean i could see RENT again in NYC and stuff IF i'm there.. but no more rent centered trips. and why the fuck did my connection just cut of its so early NO one is on line right now. I HATE MYNA! maybe MYNA is the root of all evil! i took 2 taxis yesterday cause i decided i hate TTC. i know it was terrible of me. i spent just under $15. i will stop with my TTC hating. okay rickies and jimmies i got to go. its 7:46am and i need to wash my face and shit (not wash my shit but my face and other parts of me). so have a fun filled night y'all hopefully i can joing the party if i'm not buried in work! OMG i can stufy for history on the subway TO dance. its all worked out! can i jsut say i am in *love* with Siona! she rocks. oy vey not in a lesbian way okay. she just rocks she is such fun teacher!


tonya :)


march 22, 1999

well today is the first day back to hell (aka school) for me today in THREE WEEKS! augh! its going to be a blast. my first class back is economics. do you know how boring economics is? probably not! well let me tell you its pretty darn boring! enough about school :)

OSCAR OSCAR LA LA LA! gwyneth winning. what up with that! i *so* thought she wasn't going to win.. but she did! i *love* gwyneth. she bawled her way thru her acceptance speech it was very cute and very long! OMG can i just say that its all aout Roberto Begnini being *the* funniest guy on the planet. he was amusing me way too much. and they were putting the camera on him about every ten seconds!

went to Randolph yesterday. Siona taught us the hardest dance. oy vey. Siona got all Ann Reinking on us.. you know choreographing in the style of Fosse. i swear we were doing Fosse-esque movees. it was to en vogues Free YOur Mind.. whihc is a great song. but the dance was CRAZY! i think i wanted to murder her. and i sweated sooooomuch. it was a hard class yesterday for some reason. it was the same workout at the beginning but i was so much more worked up over it than normal. but i had fun so its all good. and now randolph is raising its prices! augh its not a goood thing!

i should go get dressed (no i'm not sitting here naked, get your minds out of hte gutter.. HILARY :) )

oh yeah welcome back to everyone that came back from their holidays! were you all enjoyable?


tonya ;)


march 21, 1999

okay i apologize in advance. shitty update.

i don't feel like doing this right now but i figure i should thrill allyour little souls with my words of wisdom. (i'm joking i'm not really RJA!!). lets see what's up.

i bought the London recording of chicago. its wonderfu. its chicago with an accent and the fabulous Ute Lemper. i'm amused by Ute's voice. her accent is cracy!

i watched Sweet Charity. it has Shirley McLaine, Ricardo Montalban and.... CHITA RIIVERA!!!! its from 1969 so chita was about 36. she looks the same in theface but younger. so now i'm starting to think that maybe she *didn't* have plastic surgery. oh well whatever. it was a fun movie. watch it. i dont want to bore y'all with details!

oh yes. i was inforemd that it IS Norbert LEO Butz. whoa! now that's a load off my shoulders!

about a million and a half people and their family pets are going to cleveland now apparently. its pure craziness! i believe the count at this moment is 12 people!

la la la.. what else. i'm about to eat breakfast now. potato pancakes!


tonya :)


march 19, 1999

so today there is good news. i didn't have to go to hell (babysitting) until 6 then i left at 8 cause i told her i ad to meet people, which was true. so it was all good. i went downtown to meet laura and dani. we went to shopsey's where we ran into Freak who tried to get me to open my mouth really wide but i didn't. i had latkes which dani payed for ever so graciously. they were ever so yummy.

hmmmm what else did i do., iwent to dufferin mall where i had Manchu Wok which is my current obsession. i always have rice, ribs, and chicken wings and a coke. and boy is it ever yummy in a fast food non-authentic chinese food way. but its enjoyable as always! so i did that.

i feel like playing on my page but i don't know what to do! any ideas anyone?

i talked to elvira on the phone for sooooo long yesterday. we kept on calling eachother over the break and we just kept on missing eachother. so yesterday we talked for a very berry long time which was rather enjoyable if you ask me.

i'm listening to cabaret and the god awful voice of natasha richardson. i love the song don't tell mama, but this chickie just can't sing. i *think* liza menelli did the role in the OBC, if she's on the cd i *need* it to replace the one i have now cause Natasha Richardson is killing it to a certain extent! i cant' wait to see it when it comes to Toronto. Norbert Leo Butz. hehe. i just like saying that name. HEY! is that EVEN his name. is there really a Leo in there? now i'm confusing myself. no come is there really a Leo in there? augh its going to drive me crazy. i'll stop.

i need to go back to Randolph and dance dance! soon tho. sunday bébé!! good stuff n'est pas? siona's class. fun stuff. i'm wearing knee pads so i don't get bruises!

so please sir if you run into my mama don't reveal my indiscretion give a working girl a chance

random cabaret :)

i made macaroni and cheese yesterday. NOT kraft dinner because i hate that stuff sooooo much. but from SCRATCH! it was SOOOOOO freaking yummmy! i was so proud of myself! go me :) i want to make the world macaroni and cheese. but the cheese i have is yuki so it wasn't as amazing as it could have been. oh well c'est la vie.

la la la... dont' you all notice that i never *really* have anything to say? so on that note i will leave :)




march 18, 1999

well happy belated St. PAtricks day! if i were feeling reallty snazzy i could have put that in green. so everyone close your eyes and imagine that that was in green in honor of st patricks day. what is st. patricks day anyway? doesit involve snakes? if anyone knows e-mail me!

sooo i got trapped in hell yesterday for 8 hours! augh. i babysat from 1 until 9! how bad is that. i was about ready to shoot my self between the eyes. the lady doesn't even say she's going to trap me. i just stay and stay till she's like i guess you want to go home. HELL YEAH i want to go home. you think i enjoy being trapped in your hose forever! at least i get paid that is the plus side! cleaveland/cell phone money. i think i'm being trapped in hell again today.i have SUCH a headache tho!

my headache is either from babysitting or because i was on the phone too late last night. i didn't go to bed until 2am. i havren't done that in forever and a half! i was talking to miss laura who finaly returned from NYC with many *interesting* stories ;)

OMG Party of FREAKING Five! that show is on crack. so bailey takes charlie to an arbitrator so that he can take away Owen. but hte judge lady has all this stuff against bailey about his alcohol and struff ... so the judge lets charlie keep owen. then charlie gives owen to bailey or something. i'm not sure for how long but for a bit. and in other news. ned/dean mcneill stalks julia. so he asks her if they could get together and see each other cause he isn't psycho anymore. julia says yes. so at this point picture my mom an dme YELLING at the tv. we are like julia you are so stupid. ned/dean mcneill should hit you! we are going CRAZY. but it turns out julia was setting him up because she had the psychiatrist in her room when he showed up and she told him babout the restraining order and stuff. maybe that is why i have a headache cause of Po5!

i need to go i can't do this anmore!


tonya :)


march 16, 1999

i was supposed to update A LOT earlier because nat was MAKING me. i told her that i had no zest and she insisted that i get some zest. i was going to update right then and there but i forgot i had to babysit so i had to run and go babysit! but i'm dong it now which is the important thing :)

sooooo iget home from babysitting and check the boards... and what do i see ? a post entitled attention RentHeads. so of course i go look. then its talking about a fashion show with cary shields and Saskia FUCKING Garel. so i skim down and it says $5. so i'm like i can handle $5. then i read on and its says +19. okay everyone am i over 19? fine.. well the answer is no. are we all seeing a problem? is this problem reminiscent of chad's 2 little concerts in december? of course! so i won't bother ranting and raving and telling y'all about my schemes for getting in... read my old journals and i basically feel the same way. i'm trying to convince my mom to go to the fashion show :)

so in other news.. i babysat from 4:30-9:00. i don't like babysitting. it gets tedious. there are only so many times that you can play hide and go seek with a 1.5 year old and a 4 year old. i've reached my limit. on the plus side i had KFC for dinner which i was craving!.

yesterday i went to Randolph with Phat Nat the cat. that was fun. i'm not sure how muh fun she had but i was having a gay ole time. i love Siona's class. eventho i saw no one i wanted to ...n o phi, no max, no isabelle. but i had fun fun fun! we did the samw dance we did the past few sundays so i knew what i was doing while evryone else was learning. the same dance that gives me bruises. i told Siona that i was getting bruises from her class and she laughed at me and asked if i was wearing kneepads. i said no and she laughed again. so i wore kneepads. all is good now :)

augh! i want laura to come bacccccckkkkkkk! she is in NYC right now having a ball. probably watching Chad as Mark. right now they should be at the part where collins walks in with the money. lucky devils :) but its all good :) dev is giving chad her furby dressed as mark. i'm laughing really hard at this. i NEED to see a pic of that! i could see it being so freaking cuuuuuuuute!

la la la internet is bad. internet cuts me off. no IM. can't talk to anyone. in withdrawl like a crack baby. i convulse slowly. where is my crack? could it be in the crack drawer or was that all a dream?

am i asleep. am i awake. how much more of this can i take? OMG OMG OMG wanna knwo waht that is.. i'm pretty sure its from *chad's* cd. i have an itch to listen to it eventho i think its sucky and i'm currently using it as a coaster! but i think i really want to listen to that right now. nothing is as hard as a heartattack victim!

okay i should go. my freaking e-bay auction didn't sell:( no one bid. that isn't fun! oh well what can you do? nothing at all! right :) its all good maybe i still do want my OBC chicago cd signed by miss chita!

i'm in a chicago mood. i've been running around doing me and my baby. i've decided that stephanie pope rocks my world. i didn't use to think that but now i do. what if i find that i'm caught in a storm? i don't care my baby's there and baby's there to keep me warm!

i hate being in a foul mood! but guess what i'm not. i enjoy shrieking. i this fashion show thing SOOOOOOOOO isn't affecting me thank god! yeah for being at a different stage with RENT than i was in december. not better or worse just different got that charlie? right!

i completely blacked out! i can't remember a thing! it wasn't until later when i was washing the blood off my hands i even knew they were dead! right at this very moment i wish i were in a musical. not even a lead or anything ensemble is good for me. i want to be a chicago skank ho :) i just want to run around stage and sing and dance. what i would really like to do is sit in one of those black chairs and watch chita do ROXIE about a million and one times. that is all. i wonder if people video chicago in vegas. i wonder what boots of other shows besides rent are like. i'm craving marcy. i think i need to watch marcy. i will watch marcy and pretend i'm in NYC. fuck the internet being broken! i'm bored!!!!! augh!

i bought the kid i babysit for's present today. her b-day is april 8th, but i wanted to buy somethign so i did. i got her an art kit. she's easy to please she will love it.

while IIIIIII on the other hand put my face into a pail of slop and i come out smelling like a pail of slop.


tonya -- who is honestly not foul or pissed just bored cause she misses the net!


march 15, 1999

yo yo yo! i spent the first part of my morning today updating this stupid site! augh i hate uploading and html-ing it gets sooooo tedious after a while! but it doesn't matter it was fun fun fun!

oy vey! rosie is soooooooo funny today! she has hampsters in her desk and one escaped. rosie is terrified of them. and there is this psycho lady who is a docotr only to hampsters! i'm sorry but what up with that? its very berry strange. and susan sarandon was on. she took her daughter and a group of friends to see RENT for her b-day. that amused me.

so la la la.. i was in dance class yesterday and this blond woman kept on looking at me. and in my head i'm like why is this chickie looking at me. so after class i'm leaving and she says bye.. and i'm thinking she looks familiar. so i'm walking down the hall and i realize that its ISABELLE! so i like ruuunnnn back and i'm like ISABELLE! so then we talked and walked out together and stuff. she is going dancing today. so am i so another isabelle adventure. i'm pretty sure nat is coming along for the ride and i'm trying to convince dani to come too (eventhough she doesn't dance!).

hmmmmm what else? march break is here. big deal i've been out of school for 2 weeks now! they are trying to think of ways for us to make up the schoolyear. bullshit they shouldn't even bother! i don't want to go to school in july or something. that would be pure evil. besides people have summer plans... that's evil is all i'm saying!

i think that is all now. yeah that's all!


ohhhhhh wait! i had a dream and i ran into karen holness! and she was like i know your name is Tonya but i've always wanted to call you Bezelbum! is that not bizarre. and then we were in No Frills a bunch of us with the cast (but not really the cast just the idea of the cast) and we were filming a commercial and doing a play. i think its because i talked to Emery on the phone for an hour last night. she is on crack. we had THE most random conversation! we talked about SBTB (saved by the bell) and full house. and how she thinks Niagara Falls isn't in Canadia. it was THE craziest conversation! ciao!

tonya :)


march 14, 1999

so i've received tremendous response about the new color scheme. okay not tremendous... nat and press... but still its response :) so i'm keeping it like this for a while :)

i'm erading the Street Lawyer by John Grisham. ITs about this big firm lawyer who decides that he wants to help homeless people. so he leaves his BIG firm where he would start making 1 million dollars to go to this little firm where he'll make 30 thousand if he's lucky. its enjoyable. its so sad tho to read all about the homeless shelters and stuff. i'm a John Grisham addict. i've always loved his books. they are entertaining.

soooooo laura and renee are in NYC. they saw cabaret but no rent .. that is today's adventure isn't it. they have come to the conclusion that jai is hot... he now has a goatee or something like that. i'm SO not picturnig Jai with a goatee! apparently chad is going to be on as Roger soon. how cracked is that? i would pay more than $20 to see that. not too much more, but more than 20! i need a holiday!

today i'm off to Randolph to do jazz with siona. then i think i'm gong shopping with the mom. we'll see. we have to buy my sister a b-day present. i think we are just going to HMV and buying her a gift certifcate. its not easy buying her gifts!

it feels like i've been doing so much trading recently and its driving me crazy. my least favourite thing i've decided is to copy tapes. its so annoying. i just sit and listen for that click for when the tape has stopped. but i think i'm gettng out of the business. there isn't really anything i wnat out there. maybe shayna steele as joanne but i could live without that. and of course chad as roger. and then there is a canadian video... but since that doesn't exist it doesn't matter! now why isnt' there a canadian video. the show was around for one year and NO ONE videoed? i mean sure theere was that person at the last who videoed but who the hell is that person and why do none of us know her! augh! frustrating :)

i baked cookies last night. chocolate chip ones.. extra chocolate :) they are very berry good and they actually LOOK good. they have the right cookie look to them so i am happy :) cookie backing is exciting stuff let me tell you :)

okay i'm going! oh yeah HAPPY BIRTHDAY JADE! little did i knw it was her b-day! i don't usually say happy b-day on the boards or in my journal. so jade should feel extra special :)

ciao bellas!

tonya :)


march 13, 1999

well nat is making me update right now so hi nat :) and dev said my background is really bright.. so that has changed too! its march break now. laura and renee are in NYC and Lauren is in Florida and right now i can't think of who else is away! so if you are away sorry! hey! i didn't even get to say buh-bye to miss lauren i just realized!

so lets see what is up... today i went to Randolph to discover that my class is permenantly cancelled :( that means no Lea for me except when i can fit in her tuesday class. siona took over for Richard's monday. wednesday, and friday classes. that is good Siona seems to be a really good teacher and i like her choreography. so that is that.

not doing anything really over the break. plus i need to save for cleaveland so i'm avoiding spending money on stuff. i get to babysit some i think so that willbe fun stuff. i've babysat so much these past few days!

i honestly don't really have anything to say right now. so i will go and stop boring you!


tonya ;)


march 11, 1999

wanna hear my story. well of course you do you are here aren't you! so anyway...i go to pick up the kid from school yesterday at 4:30 and i'm thinking i'll take the kid home and be able to leave because her mother is already there. so i get there and hte mom is like i have to pick up the car from the garage would you mind staying. so of course i'm like no cause that would be a half hour. so like one whole hour later she comes in and is like how about you start a bath for Laura (the 1.5 year old). so i'm thinking have the water running and go. but nooooooooo give the kid a bath! so the kid has a bath and jan takes her to get changed and she yells from the other room why doesn't christine have one too! augh so christine has a bath and then gets changed and we go downstairs. and i'm just sitting there waiting. FINALLY at like 8:00 or 8:15 she's like i guess you want to go home now! and in my head i'm like hellyeah bitch! augh! its not like i had anything to do but i didn't want to be there ya know. at least that was $20 more for Cleaveland n'est pas! now i'm past half way there for it so its all good. then whne i have money for that i can get my freaking cell phone that i've been meaning to get since november!

hnmmmmm lauren's journal is interesting she's talking about how she thinks everyone is bi-sexual but only choose to pursue one sex. its interesting. i'm thinking about that. i'm trying to decided if i agree or not. i'll get back to that one. you know when you are thinking something in your head and know what you mean n your head but just can't write or say cause you can't put the words together!

yesterday my mom bought me a book. the second newset John Grisham one. hopefully it will be cool. i didn't finish Stella yesterday i will do that now. and i also rented As Good As It Gets... only because i'm in a Helen Hunt mood. i've seen it before but i loved it. i think what i need is a Mad About You video library. its my favourite show that isn't. i never think about it being my favourite but i love it to bits!

oy vey! those dsam Salingers. i finally saw Po5 after a 2 week abscence! stupid Bailey is still trying to take Owen away. but now i'm thinking Bailey ain't so stupid. But why can't he just go over to Owen's house and tutor him there instead of taking him out of the house and disrupting his pattern. i mean yeah Charlie is busy yes... but he can still take care of him. sure he doesn't have the extra 3 hours to tutor Owen in reading and stuff but he still loves him! ugh look at me getting all emotional like they are my familly oy vey! and Griffin kidnapped Julia. but in a good way.. he wanted to talk to scary Ned/Dean McNeil. augh and scary Ned/Dean McNeil is really scary.. he was like going to beat Julia's friend Megan(?). But i missed the end of the show i think.. but i tink Julia finally left scary Ned/Dean McNeil.. so go her! Julia (neve) went to tha hood school! vaughan (hehe).

OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH I WENT TO THE HOOD SCHOOL! ahahha. i had to visit lauren and nat in their environment! it was interesting. vaughan is different from jarvis.. can't say why tho! its all new looking which distubs me... and you can't wear hats! so ihad to ctake of my hat when i sat in the Cafe. and my hair was horrible i was wearing clips! yuki and a half! then we went to the store where lauren wanted ONE sour lollipop and made the lay dump out the ENTIRE bucket for her! silly lau lau!

must go and be on my way hehe

ciao all around!

tonya ;)


march 10, 1999

yo yo yo! what up in da cool crib? so this is now day 8 of me being out of schoool + its almost march break. i need an adventure. something to keep me occupied. i rented How Stella Got Her Groove BAck for me to watch today. i need to see what is all about with this Taye guys. not the only reason i rented tho.. i love Angela Basset and Whooopi! so i wil attempt to amuse myself with that. today when my mom comes home she is taking me out to buy a book to amuse myself too! this is thrilling isn't it. i've also been getting names and phone numbers of different tv stations to see what i can hook up for the summer. its so tedious!

my comp has been a bitch recently. she always disconnects on me. its driving me crazy! and then sometimes my modem gives me a busy signal... i'm thinking Myna has a policy about that. i need to find out so i can call them and bitch about it! i don't like that. just the other night i kept on getting cut off and i was yelling at Laura for not talking to me. but it turned out she was talking to me and it was just my comp being bitchy. so those are my computer whoa's!

today i get to meet ms. phat the cat in tha hood to pick up some tapes she has for me. i need to trade with these people and she has them. so off to Vaughan i am to get them. Vaughan isn't far from me.. its like 7 or 8 blocks away. but i live in a completely different area. i'm down and completely over from there thank god! Vaughan is in such a ruffian area its so gross! i was banned from going to Vaughan by my mom :)

AHA! MYNA DOES GUARANTEE NO BUSY SIGNALS!!!!! does that mean i get a free month or something???? oy that would rock my world. i *need* to save money for CLEAVELAND :) hehe. i figured that Cleaveland will cost me about $230 CAN. which isn't that bad. right now i'm up to $115. and that was only withing the past two weeks. so i'm well on my way as long as i don't buy anything. once i have all the money then i can stop buying. oops i mean start! plus there is LA but i don't think i need too much money for that cuase my sis is taking me! but we shall see!

time to go silly willies!


tonya :)


march 9, 1999

augh! i had a whole train of thought now i lost it. that isn't very fun! i had stuff to write about but i can't remember :( maybe i won't write anything.. i think i wil just leave and write a better one tomorrow!




march 8, 1999

its so bizarre, i just *can't* talk with Laura on IM! everytime one of us gets on the other has to get off. its very berry frustrating! we almost talked last night but then it was dinner time :( but i think she is homw today so we will have to see :)

i went to Siona's dance class yesterday and let me just tell you this chickie is on crack! she's like popcorn, she is so little and she has so much energy so she just explodes. it was so much fun. she had us jumping up and down for like 5 minutes. she's a good teacher tho. eventhough there were so many of us she would stop the music and fix problems with our stretching and stuff. the dance we did was so much fun. it was kind of exoctic. she had us dropping to our kneees and rolling over... that would explaing the TWO BRUISES on my knees :( eh, its okay tho i had fun. now i'm deciding if i should do jazz AND hip=hop on sunday cause i really like her class! augh, dilemmas!

i talked to Phi last night. i haven't spoken to that chickie in forever. it was nice. she's still sweet (to me). she's going back to school which is SO good, so i'm happy for her. she asked how everyone was doing, i said fine cause i assume you all are! she's still doing the sprouts thing but she wants a new job.

OMG OMG OMG!!!! i had THE weirdest dream. i had a dream it was closing of RENT but it was at like Roy Thompson Hall or something. and in the middle the kid i babysit for Laura, comes in and sits in my lap. but then maggie and trish decide they are sick of being on stage so they come sit with us in the balcony. but Laura decides she wants to sit with Trish because she babysits for her too! but Laura also knows maggie because since she is backstage at RENT and stuff she has gotten used to her too! the kid REFUSED to sit with me! yeah so taht wasn't the weirdest part. okay y'all know Sister Act 2 right. wel that is what the show was like. they started with SOL and broke out into this FUNK! it was hilarious. and Divine was there and she was rocking the house! also i managed to make it to the front row with some people and saskia comes to the side of the stage wearing this UGLY thick kniited woolen skirt. and she's like isnt this ugly. and i was like hell yeah, cause it was. then she got MAD at me for calling it ugly!

so that was my bizarro dream. random rent. geez.

okay time to go and waste another day.they better not take a way march break or make me go to school on SATURDAY!


tonya -- Queen of All Things


march 7, 1999

man, yesterday was quite the adventure day! so i wake up and there is about ten billion feet of snow. but i was so motivated to go to the TEN O'CLOCK dance class that i managed to get off my ass and get dressed and go! so i get there and there ends up being 3 of us in the class! it was crazy... but soooo much fun. Its so good having so few people because that way the teacher, in this case Lea could go around and help everyone. it rocked! at one pointshe came over to me and was like you've danced before haven't you? apparently she could *tell* that i had. it was amusing.. cause i don't dance. i *used* to dance. i took ballet for maybe about 7 years or something. plus i did jazz, hip hop and latin dancing and stuff for a bit. but that was forever ago! i'm going to randolph this morning. OMG my sister gave $85 for Randolph which rocks my little world because i am SO broke! so now this is good cause now i have more money than i thought ;)

oy! saw the FUNNIEST movie last night: Analyze This. Oy i was freaking convulsing. it was HILARIOUS! Billy Crystal, Robert DeNiro and Lisa Kudrow were in it. Its about this mobster (and we all know i LOVE the mob. the mob and hookers. did y'all know there was a jewish mob in NYC!) sorry about that... and he decides to see this shrink. its HILARIOUS. i'm laughing *thinking* about it!

there are somethings that make me laugh forever. i can't even talk about these things cause i just laugh. for instance, the thought of Rosie O'Donnell with her really long chin. but not just a normal chin hair.. hers would be beaded. just picture rosie swaying her head with this beaded chin hair. augh it makes me laugh so hard. and there is this episode of Mad About You where Jamie and Paul pretend to be other people, and at one point Jamie tells everyone that Paul is crazy. and at one part they are dancing in their room. i can't even tell the stories properly.. you just have to trust me on this :)

went out to dinner last night. Thai Majic. i *love* that place! we had lobster, chili chicken, pad thai and spring rolls. i will be havin g left overs for breakfast :)

time to go!

tonya :)


march 6, 1999

first of all YEAH LAUREN!!!!!! woohoo :) you see Ms. Lauren (the poo wizard) got into that Interact program thingy she wanted to get into so its all good for her. she is rescued from the depths of IB land :)

i had such a bizarro night last night. i was babysitting and i watched Providence, Evita and Ghost. Someone died in everyone of those things i watched it was so bizarre. i LOVE ghost its for sure one of my favourite movies.. .right up there with the Sound of Music and Good Will Hunting. When i was youngre Jurassic Park was one of my favourite movies. isn't that odd.. oh the things you love when you are 11 :)

if the strike goes on they will be closing more schools. including Forest Hill and Vaughan! that means more people for me to play with :) i need to have online parties duriing the day man... i get lonely. they wont cancel our march break will they? i hope not.. that could eternally piss me off if they did!

hmmmm what else??? nothing really. i'm going to Randolph this morning bright and early. Pre-jazz with Lea :) i was going to do hip-hop tomorrow but i can't so i'm going to Siona's pre-jazz. it always sounds so energetic when i walk by. its going to be pure crack i'm sure :)

time to go poo's!

tonya ;)


march 5, 1999

so suckers how is SCHOOL going???? wanna know when the last time i was in school was.... A WEEK FROM TODAY! so i STILL laugh at you! i should stop tho.. watch my march break be cancelled or something! i need more people at home. everyday its just me and lindsay online. i think y'all should stay home for little ole me and keep me amused. okay :) i do wonder when this strike is going to be over tho!

its been tho.. i've been babysitting like everyday. so that is good cause i'm racking in the chips for Cleaveland and L.A. My sister wants to know what i want to do in L.A. its funny there isn't really anything i want to do *in* L.A.! i would love to go to San Fran and see RENT.. only 8 hours away :) or go to Las Vegas and see Chicago. but i'm not going to suggest it cause ya know she's probably spaz. i won't be able to deal with her! my sis is soooooooo annoying! so she comes home last night and the first thing she says is that we have to figure out what i'm doing over the summer that will be productive. i'm just like oy freaking vey! whatever.. i'm happy as always :)

the kid i babysit for.. Christine the 4 year old is schizophreinic. i'm not joking. some days we have these HUGE fights where she goes crazy the next day she is crying cause she doesn't want me to leave. what up with that? the baby Laura is cute tho. she's not really a baby she is turning 2.. but whatever she keeps me amused. yesterday i go over to their house and the kids are jumping all over me.. how i didn't shoot them i will never know.

i think my journals need direction don't you. i never have anything to *really* talk about.. that frustrates me :( maybe one of these days right :)

OY! so i'm watching ER last night.. it was the HALLOWEEN one. wanna know where i was for that episode when it originally aired... VANCOUVER! i dont know why that freaked me out so much. i was totally weirded out because it was from Vancouver days. itwas freea-kay :)

time to go and waste my day away:)

love ya buh-bye!

tonya :)


March 4, 1999

well day 4 of this whole strike thing for me.. and just ASK me how much i'm loving it! i've gotten so much done :) i've recorded more sounds.. done some homework and just chilled. i feel so relaxed!

honestly nohting really interesting have you missed. last night was the whole monica lewinsky thing on 20/20. i'm a sucker.. i watched.. and when iwas too tired at 10 to watch the last hour of it.. i taped it! sick much.. i was soooo curious to hear waht she had to say. that chickie is SO scary. shes a real stalker i think. this girl needs help. but whatever.. not my business :)

this random guy e-mailed me cause he saw saskia on nightman and wanted to know more about her! i LOVE that! this whole NightMan thing is giving her so much exposure.. and my site is educating the masses :)

i want to go oooooouuuuuuuutttt tooooonnnnniiiiiiiiiiiggggghhhttt! well not really i just felt likesaying that :) augh! because of monica i couldn't watch Po5 :( i haven't seen it in 2 weeks man.. i need my salinger dose! oooooh i'm hungry maybe i will eat pizza its sooo good!

i need an adventure :) i was joking with my mom about going to Las Vegas to see Chicago (i'm FULLY joking by the way). she got worried it was very amusing. Chita was on CNN with Ben Vereen talking about bringing theatre to Vegas. she was very inarticulate.. she kept on stumbling.. like Porky Pig. i wanted to slap her and tell her to speak :) it was kind of cute tho.

what else.. i really feel like baking cookies! no i REALLY feel like it.. you couldn't even BEGIN to understand how much i want to bake cookies!

my FOOTLOOSE cd is in the mail according to CDNow! i'm very berry excited. i need my Stacy and Jeremy fix. and my bootleg from emery STILL hasn't come :( i need my LIVE fix of Stacy and Jeremy! but soon. i got a RENT on yesterday... july 11... CB as Maureen.. she's not as terrible as i remember her :) i also got a benny tour one from january..featuring Smushy! aka Trish and Thom as Steve. all very good :) hey is RObert soloist or is he a swing?

okay time to go.. wish me a happy strike suckers ;)


tonya -- Queen of All Things :)


March 2, 1999

aren't y'all proud of me? i FINALLY archived so to read old stuff click here. it took awhile but it happened.. i told you it would :)

so i had no school yesterday i have no school today.. life is good. come on everyone say it wiht me LIFE IS GOOD! i laugh at all of you who are in school right now. yesterday on my wonderful day off i went to have breakfast with my friend and then i went shopping downtown where i bought butterfly clippy things. Le Chateau $8 (i shudder). i was so in a shopping mood! but i have to save so that when L.A. and Cleaveland come up i actually have money and don't have to borrow from anyone!

today i'm going to get my hair done and hopefully i can go to Randolph before babysitting but we shall see :) i don't really have anything to say right now so i'll leave!