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September 11, 1999

man i still love me some Bills, Bills, Bills. i surprised i'm not *totally* sick of it just yet. its a miracle. HELLLLOOOO HILARY. miss hildaperv e-mailed me from school the other day which was quite thrilling let me just say. and how much am i missing perv and her random movie quoting? so very damn much. i think today's random quote will be in honor of tha perv.

my journal yesterday sucked ass i must admit and i didn't talk about lets pretend that yesterday's entry was nothing and i'll carry on from thursday. sounds good? good.

oy remember how i put myself through all that grief about going to or not going to dance. well i get there and siona isn't even there. oy i was SO pissed...well not pissed i was more like fuck my luck. we had this chick named sarah who doesn't normally teach at randolph and she was *very* cool. she was very non-threatning which is always good. i decided that she would be a good person to work in an old folks home OR teach aquafit. lea could work in an old folks home very easily i think BUT she'd be better in a day care. siona on the other hand is very punky and wouldn't fit in very well with the old folks scene. so those were my totally random thoughts during dance. this sarah person had KICK ASS music it was sooooo good. and her warm up rocked. so after class i was telling her how much fun i had and then i discovered that she didn't have a class at randolph. so i told her that that wasn't right because she rocks and i told her that she needs to teach now i have to tell Abbas to give her a class. so dance was fun.

on a sidenote: Julian in dance class has been providing me with endless amusement for the past few weeks. having julian in class is such an adventure he keeps me very amused. like today neither one of us could do Pas de Bourre and Julian was being hilarious.

so after class max and i are sitting around and i'm like Jenifer Aubry is playing on Queen St. so we decided to giddy on up there. so we walked all the way down and i kept on seeing people from my school it was so weird. we'd be walking and i'd just yell OMAR or ROSEMARY it was so fun. then max bought me flowers for my birthday which was very sweet. so the whole walk down i'm just like jenifer where are yoooooooouuuuu OR jenmobile appear. then we're on queen and we see...THE JENMOBILE rounding a corner. it really is a funny little thing. seeing the jen mobile for the first time is such an odd experience. and jen was driving the jen mobile which was even cuter. so then we see norm in the bus and max yells NORM and norm;s like hey .. then norm sees me and is like HEEEEYYY how ya doing (just cause im that special). so did i mention that all this was at about 9:45...i guess jen wasn't playing at 9 after all :-) so we see them and its all good but max wants ice cream and we head over to McDonalds.

actually before that story there is another one. max inquired about my excessive use of the word *sketchy*. so oi gave him a lesson in sketchyness where i had to pointout various things o' sketch. so we get to mcdonald's where every third thing is majorly sketchy. the funniest was this guy who was doing a narrative of me eating my ice cream cone. he was like *look at black girl eating her vanilla cone. ohhh look at her bite she's licking it. i met black girl's enjoying her cone*. it was hilarious. then as i'm leaving this random black teenager is like *are those flowers for me?* so of course i'm like NO its my birthday. then he's like well i have a present for you. and i'm like what? so then he hold out his two hands about a foot apart and says its this long and i'll wrap it in... and at that point i yell ummmm gotta go have a good evening. my life is full of sketchiness isn't it?

so whatever. we watch jen play. AMAZING. she is so talented. she needs to be making *real* money doing what she is doing. its so cool how random people just stop and listen to her play and buy her cd and throw money into her guitar case (i know its weird former lead in a smash musical singing on the streets). but street tour isn't just jen singing on the street...she has a whole set up. she has amps and mics and lights and her own little platform. its a real neat concept and its kind of breathtaking to witness. i had SERIOUS doubts abbout the whole thing..i mean street tour sounds very sketchy if you don't witness it. but it was very cool. then i came home and witnessed various displays of sketchiness on the way and spoke to (BIG) laura for too long and then went to bed.

oy i just got off the phone with jan (mother of little laura and christine). she was telling me how Christine's class doesnt' have a teacher's assistant and they have 26 kids in the that not THE most ridiculous thing you have ever heard? it makes me soooo mad. i HATE HATE HATE mike harris. christine is in grade 1..they are actually having to learn and develop skills and expnad their minds..its hard for teacher to do that with 26 kids at a time with no extra help. i wonder what goes thru that prick's mind. jan is thinking of taking christine out of public school at some time and maybe doing private school. isn't that terrible that to get a good education people have to get their kids out of the public school system. oy. i need to stop before i start looking up websites on how to build a bomb..i'm joking..but still mike harris is an asshole.

wow this is turning into a long entry. i think i'll take a break and run to the drugstore to refill my anaprox prescription. i hate that pharmaplus is so far. i have to take a bus and a streetcar. jennifer lopez is on kiss92 right now. and jan says that little laura has been asking for me :-) let me play solitaire first.

i typed that 20 minutes ago i'm still playing solitaire...damn this game. wanna know what song i love? where my girls at by 702 its so fun to sing. oy i ned to get more round of solitaire then i'm off. okay now i'm back and still typing and i don't remember what i had to say...damn me.

oh yeah i hung out with my BFF (yeah right) Rachael on thursday for dinner and stuff. it was fun. we sat and talked and caught up and i helped her put outfits together for school. i tried riding her dog but that didn't work out too well :-( then i asked her if i could get her dog drunk and she said no. is there anyone out there who wants to get their dog drunk. at this point it doesn't even have to be a dog, cats could work or hannah how about your hedgehog? i'm obsessed with drunken animals. OMG today in media Paul Taylor (school V.P.) said i'm one of the kinkiest people he knows. what happened was that all of a sudden i had the cleverest idea... i thought it would be very cool to find a normal straight guy and pump him up with estrogen shots and turn him into a girly man. i'm really curious to see what would happen. so that is that story.

i should best be on my way. jen's performing once again tonight...same bat time same bat channel.



Time: 12:57pm

Stuck in my head:Bills Bills Bills

In the cd player: Mary J. Blige

On KISS92: Heartbreaker by Mariah Carey (i'm feelin this vibe so much)

Strewn on the couch: The Shipping News

On the tube: nothing :-( and damn me for missing Chicago on Today

Random Quote:

Anxiously Anticipating:
in cabaret au cabaret to cabareeeeet


Random Discovery: its never too early in the school year to suck up

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September 10, 1999

oy the tenth already. how have there already been 10 days in september. time has been zooming by ALL year its sick sick sick. i mean i fully remember things that i was thinking in like january...even all of last year is still etched in my head. its muy messed up.

to all you jews out there HAPPY ROSH HASHANNAH.

i'm not sure if i'm feeling the new jennifer lopez vibe. it has a techno/dance thang happening with it. its really typical sounding... but it doesn't sound too jennifer. i dunno. its not BAD its just not *if you had my love*. i would like to hear her whole cd and see what its all like. i mean after hearing her first cut i totally didn't think that a song like *waiting for tonight* would be on it. same with ricky martin and his god awful ballad...don't get me started on his inability to sing well.

solitaire will be my demise. i swear i spend so much valuable time playing solitaire. its way too addictive...or maybe i'm too keen on winning. i will not stop playing solitaire until i win a game. sometimes that takes no time at all and sometimes its like an hour later and i'm JUST winnning. and i don't always even stop when i win. sometimes i try to go for records and see how long i can do this or see how many times in a row i can win. i should have finshed this entry 2 hours ago but damn that solitaire.

squeeze toy is quite possibly THE most retarded song. do i need to analyze it or something? is she *really* just singing about her goddamn squeeze toy? maybe I'm the dumb one here.

i'm going dancing tonight. not sure if i feel like dancing. i need motivation. i could skip it. i would really like to get in my pyjamas and just schlep. OMG i think i'm rebelling...i'm skipping my dance class to literally do nothing. wow now that is a shocker. its official. i just took off all my clothes and i'm in my nighttime clothes. hmmmm or i could skip my retardo class instead on sunday and go tonight instead. that makes sense doesn't it...let me talk to my mom. okay i'm going tonight and skipping on sunday so i can spend time with the franmeister.

i'm off to get ready.

tata for now.


Time: 5:30pm

Stuck in my head: all i have to say by Mary J. Blige

In the cd player: TLC

On KISS92: Mambo Number 5

Strewn on the couch: Little Altars Everywhere (4 more pages to go)

On the tube: Full House

Random Quote: "mama thinks i'm living in a convent/ a secluded little convent in the southern part of france/ mama doesn't even have an inkling that i left them all in answorth and i'm touring on my own" (don't tell mama from cabaret)

Anxiously Anticipating:
in cabaret au cabaret to cabareeeeet... dance class just because i'm feeling the new siona combo, and my sister coming home this weekend (can we spell birthday present?)

Craving:more ritz crackers with the cheese in the middle and SUSHI

Random Discovery: its never too early in the school year to suck up

Link Me Baby One More Time:i' just mad about saffron...

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September 08, 1999

hehe i believe that Cabaret starring JOELY FISHER and Norbert Leo Butz starts tonight over at the Princess. i'm shitting in my pants of finally seeing this bloody show already. it has great music but i know nothing about the storyline. well i know a bit but not enough to ever tell anyone what the show is about. and hopefully i get to meet Joely Fisher, daughter or Connie Stevens and Eddie Fisher and formerly Paige on Ellen. i even have my "woohoo i'm meeting joely fisher" dance in action. Paige was THE best person on ellen. but now joely looks soooo different. chopped off the curly reddish hair and its short and blackish and in a bob...very stylin. if i dont' get to meet joely on opening i will go back and get me a picture :-) i'm listening to cabaret now hence the cabaret references. maybe i'll have a musical interlude a la lorilee relating to cabaret. i hope joely fisher is good as sally bowles..well at least better than Natasha Richardson...poor girl just sounds god awful. i still can't believe that Dame Judi Dench (or jame dudi dench as rosie once said) was sally bowles. oh yeah in this months Performance there is a whole thing on the Dame. yeah for opening night cabaret... that means a thinner blonder carla collins...some citytv cameras (maybe even psycho traci melchor in some god awful neon number)..ohhhh and maybe even linehan... yoda will definitely be there so its all good.

school school school. its all good. HOLY F***ING G*D i was ATTACKED by a squirrel today it was absolutely frightening. so i'm sitting with Elvira, Kristin and Johanna have lunch on the track and i see a squirrel. so i'm watching and i'm like wow that is one fucked squirrel. so kristing concludes that its dragging its leg behind it. so i'm starring at this squirrel because it keeps on coming closer and closer. i must have been giving it some wild squirrel mating look because it was staring at ME and kept on coming cloer to me. so finally i'm like fuck this and get up and walk around to the other side of our circle. and then the stupid squirrel comes closer...and now elvira is freaking out and gets up too and johanna is calling the squirrel over. finally some throws something at it (not a pear) and it goes away. let me just say it was terrifying. it had this crazy look in its eye and it was dragging that poor leg behind it and it had a white patch of was one crazy ass squirrel. other than that school was good. since it was wednesday and our new schedule we had 4 classes instead of 5. on wednesday mornings grades ten thru OAC had a spare which means only 4 classes. i liked that a lot. i had drama, biology, economics (all oac) and geographie. geo and drama are whatever because i'm guaranteed the same teachers every year. biology i didn't get the teacher that i wanted (ms stark) instead i ended up with mr. whitney who looks like a scary janitor but who is a good teacher. economics i took only because of the teacher and my little interest in the class. ms gotsis is a teacher on CRACk i love her. but school was good. tomorrow will be better because i have better classes and with better people. its all good.

rent is going to montreal in february so says the grape vine. i'm not going nor am i going to buffalo. and this isn't in the same way that i said that i'm not going to boston either. the other day i realized that i don't want to spend (large amounts) of money on it anymore. i guess its gotten old... not in that bitter *ohhh i'm over rent way* more like in a... i have other things to think about but i still love the whole shibang..kind of way :) i still think the whole thing is fun and the peopler are *interesting* and i can still understand gonig off to see it..but as for a personal choice its not for me. i've decided i'm working my ass off to do kickass in my classes for the next two years to get a nice little scholarship and get into my choice of schools. so no one ask me if i'm going or not. don't get me wrong when it comes to toronto i will see it... i won't say how many times or anything because no matter what someone will bring up this journal entry and be like ohhhh you said this or ahhhh you said that. so that is that.

my big revelation in dance yesterday taht i forgot to write about was that Lea looks sooooooooo much like Suzanne Somers. i think in the future it will be very distracting. during warmup i was thinking of the show and how in the mood i was for a rerun (god forbid i focus on the warmup) and i almost died when i realized that lea IS suzanne somers back in her Chrissy days. i can see this being potentially distracting because from now on i will be hearing *come and knock on our... we'll be waiting for you...where the kisses are hers and hers and his..threes company too* this is not a good thing. oy. next lea day will be hard..i wonder if people tells her that she looks like suzanne somers....maybe i'll tell her and get it off my chest so that i can focus in class.

dev has jus tinfromed me of a play called naked boys singing. i'm in the process of finding out if you get to see penises...OMG she has just informed me that not only one do you get to see ...but EIGHT of them. that's enough to last a looooong time. wow and its off b'way. but shit you have to be 18.. we will work around this :-) imagine that 8 penises sitting off b'way for the world to see.

wow dev distracted me... i had something else important (well as important as things get) to talk about. damn dev and her penises.

oy today at school i was called a porn star about ten times. because of my cold my voice is doing that raspy thing...and i have to talk a bit lower so that i don't squeak. so in drama we had to do the name game and i had about 20 names to say in a row it was HILARIOUS. my name was Luscious Bambi the pornstar. its not fun having a messed up voice for the first day of school because then teachers think you are sketchy and tht you smoke or someting...but eh what can you do? i wonder if siona smokes? OMG the mission of septemer was to find out lea's age wasn't it? well that is easy its my b-day and i can tell her then ask her how old she is..its all good. i should get brownie points for my detective work.

i should start answering e-mails..they are piling up. and i have all these catching up ones to do to people that i have lost contact with within the last couples weeks. oy i hate e-mail sometimes.

okay i'm off off and away

tonya aka luscious bambi

Time: 6:27pm

Stuck in my head: the oscar meyer weiner song

In the cd player: Cabaret

On KISS92: its not right by whitney houston (aww dance class)

Strewn on the couch: Little Altars Everywhere (think pre-yayas)

On the tube: its off at the moment

Random Quote: "mama thinks i'm living in a convent/ a secluded little convent in the southern part of france/ mama doesn't even have an inkling that i left them all in answorth and i'm touring on my own" (don't tell mama from cabaret)

Anxiously Anticipating:
in cabaret au cabaret to cabareeeeet... dance class just because i'm feeling the new siona combo and tomorrow's school day (blasphemous i know isn't it?)

Craving:more ritz crackers with the cheese in the middle and SUSHI

Random Discovery:a.) OMG Lea looks EXACTLY like suzanne somers

b.) who said love between a human and a squirrel can' happen?

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September 7, 1999

first let me just say HEY and give journal props to the ever stylin Lorilee and say that the musical interlude idea is of course hers since you all read her page you all already know that. Lorilee ROCKS i think i'll give her a link. well its been a while since i've last updated and so much too tell. well not really. i lie. but i will start now.

so on sunday was that thang at cow's house which ended up being crazy. i FINALLY met Amanda2 who is very cool and very sweet. so yay amanda2. so i hauled my ass over to cow's and i swear it took almost 1.5 hours for me to get there. when i got there, there were people in lisa's pool and i got to be the entertainer/ball retriever. hmmm my memory fails as to the order of the evening. i remember eating pizza, talking to dani cohen on the phone, being forced to talk to jen on the phone, sitting around talking...lindsay turtle being on the crackiest crack i've seen in a very loooooong time. she was psychotic. at some point laura and press came and laura had to say bye to Shawna so i cam along because laura said it would be 10 pr 15 minutes at the most...yeahh so 40 minutes later laura leaves shawna's and we go to laura's house to check the boards and all that. but we made it back to cow's about an hour and a half later. we then decided to play the i've never game. you basically say something you've never done and then whoever has done the thing has to take the cards. lorilee is the queen of this game and ended up with the name Penis Hands. hmm its only 10 letters i think it should be her new IM name :-) i'm sure i'm forgetting so much but eh so its life. i'm sucking at telling details of the sleepover just cause i suck like that. on my way to cow's i felt a cold coming on now i'm dying of a cold.

la la la monday i didn't do anything but sleep. i was so sick i slept from 1 until 6 and then from about 9 until 7. thats a lot of sleep. everywhere hurt me bad. my joints were all achy. i took many a tylenol and two packs of theraflu..i was quite the druggy baby last night. but it was all good because i woke up feeling not as icky at all.

first day of school. oh joy. for us its just get your schedule day. i got my schedule and was happy because i ended up with good teachers and all my classes where i want them to be. plue ihave math and media with elvira so that will rock. my homeform is beyond kick ass. its oac drama and its all the crazy drama people. then elvira went on a holy quest for a hair straightener for her hair. she got it cut and highlighted and it looks AMAZING. she looked like quite the model today (damn her)./ then i met my mom to go to GAP queen st. i bought this nice v-neck ribbed sweater in this light blue colour. its very lovely. and damn cap didn't have the basebal shirt that i wanted. i've given up hope. you know you shop at GAP too much when you walk in wearing a full gap outfit and you know the sales persons name and they say to you "i guess you've been here before" because i charged right over to waht i wanted. dam that gap. then it was off to business depot to get me some binders because i had to wait until i had my schedule to get that done. so now i'm all set and i need to pack my stupid bad :-(

this entry isnt' going to be nearly as long as i thought it would be.

OMG lindsay turtle is a voodoo priestess

so after the shoppin escapades i went to dance class. the thrill of the day was taking the elevator up with siona. love me some siona so damn sweet and cute. so we get on the elevator and are just talking and stuff..then she's like "omg you sound like me... are you in the mood to teach my class today?" you have got to understand that siona i think has lost her voice permanently she always sounds hoarse which is amusing. then we were talking about school and all that stuff then by gosh we were up to the 4th and had to get off. dance class had about 18 people in it today. studio C cannot comfortably fit 18 people it was terrible. daniel pancer and nancy were there today. max wasn't. during stretches lea comes over to massage me and is like "where is max? i'm going to kick his butt" weirdo psycho lea? turns out max was late and did hip hop instead and got whipped by chris tucker and his towel..oy so now max has Kat AND Chris *hot boy* tucker after him :-)

i think i'm cutting this short i have a life to lead and must get off the net or else i will never get to resume my every interesting life.

i'm off off and away



Time: 8:31pm

Stuck in my head:all that i can say by mary j

In the cd player: Mary by Mary J. Blige

On KISS92: 702 "where my girls at?"

Strewn on the couch: Little Altars Everywhere (think pre-yayas)

On the tube: nothing :(

Random Quote: a.) "tonya's being crative with her sausage" (elizabeth (?) commenting on my artistic talents with sausage pieces)

b.) "LOUTAH LOUTAH LOUTAH" (dominatrix maureen in Das Rent)

c.) "OMG you sound like me" (siona commenting on my lack of voice)

Anxiously Anticipating:
in cabaret au cabaret to cabareeeeet

Craving:more ritz crackers

Random Discovery:i had a good one today but damn me i can't remember

Link Me Baby One More Time:finally meg's page

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September 5, 1999

well what a day what a day. its now 8:42am and i'm exhausted. how am i going to function once school starts and ihave to be at school for 9. sure i can wake up at 7 or whatever but its a matter of me getting that tired feeling shaken out of my body. but that is another story for another day.

so as usual i did some babysitting. i'm such a babysitting whore...its terrible. i only babysit because i need the money. if i wasn't broke i sure as hell wouldn't have babysat yesterday. but i did and i made like 40$ or something like that. i was there from 10 until 6 and you all KNOW how much i hate those long days. and what makes it even worse is that her parents were there which always means that you can't lock them up in the basement :-) note: i do not lock children in the basement while babysitting. her parents had two friends over and they were playing duhgeons and dragons (oy vey). but it wasn't too too bad. i just divide the day up in my head to make everything less painful. so i did that and i moseyed on home.

"at first we started out real cool. taken me places i ain't never been. but now you're getting comfortable ain't dong those things you did before. you're slowly making me pay for things your money should be handling. and now you ask to use my car. drive it all day and don't fill up the tank. and you have the audacity to even come and step to me. ask to hold some money from me until you get your check next week."

okay lets talk about fate and coincidence. so originally i was going to see either Bowfinger or Thomas Crown at Yorkdale with el momio and el sistio at around 7:30pm. BUT when i got home the sis was sleeping and we decided to see a 10:20 movie instead. during this time we discovered that a certain miss aubry was performing at 9ish on Queen. i opted out of the aubry thing to see a movie. so whatever my plans kept on changing. then on the bus my mom and i were talking about RENt and about how i should ask tricia about where people are and stuff. even in the movie theatre my sister was tellilng me about the benny tour playing at wolftrap. then when we were at the movies my sister and i went to the bathroom for a pee break and decided to get popcorn. silly me forgot my ticket stub in the theatre so i had to go back. but on my way back i see this chic. flowing black hair. small build. lazy swagger (dont ask me what that one means). so in my head i'm like TRICIA YONG. don't worry it was not a repeat of KAREN HOLNESS. i was just like tri-cia. and there was a whole lot of shakin' going on. well not really. it was weird. not weird weird but just unexpected. nice to see her again...but she's mystery that one..the code will never be cracked. but it was amusing so it was ALL good. i hate running into people like that. i always have thigns to say but running into people just makes every thought disappear. its so augh-y.

gap is getting a new collection in. yeah gap.

thomas crown. good movie. not my favourite. still a good movie. sixth sense was a lot better. thomas crown took too long to get to the end which pissed me off. if you like women's breasts i say go see it. me, not being too fond of women's breasts wasn't to happy. i swear rene russo took of her top about 6 times. she was sunbathing, having sex, just walking around topless. yeah not the happiest camper. it was a pretty sexy movie. there is this one scene where pierce brosnan and rene russo are dancing at this party...whoa sexiness overload. its a great sequence and its shot really well. i say go see the movie just for that sequence. the ending is good...enjoyable and satisfiable. overall i recommend it mainly because there isn't much else to see. don't see the astronaut's wife..trish said it sucked ass. well she didn't actually SAY it sucked ass but she said it was BAD which translats to suck ass in tonya-speak.

"my loneliness is killing me. and iiiiiiiii. i must confess i still believe (still believe). when i'm not with you i lose my mind give me a siiiiiiiiiiiiiggggggggnnn. HIT ME BABY ONE MORE TIME."

i think i'm enjoying my random musical interludes.

i believe that jen is playing in the beaches as well today. who knows what will happen with that :-) i'm sure everyone will find out like 10 minutes before she starts or something crazy like that. ohhh cow is supposed to call me in 54 minutes. if she doesn't call me i'll be sad and then she'll read my journal and feel bad. so she better call :-)

damn me have to pack my bag for dance. i also need to eat. my teethe are brushed and my face is washed. i'm still making tapes for lisa cow and those tapes will be the death of me i tell you. 5 shows. but i'm a good girl because they are her b-day present :-) today is the sleepover at cow's. damn me i think i will actually have to get some sleeping seeing as how tired i am. ohhhh i hope julian is at dance he amuses me to no end these days.

um i think i'm going now. hope all is well.


Time: 8:42am

Stuck in my head:hit me baby one more time by that spears girl (i hope she isn't invading the world again)

In the cd player: nothing

On KISS92: Misery by the moffats (?)

Strewn on the couch: Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (less than a hundred pages to go)

On the tube: Today Show

Random Quote: let's pretend that this section doesn't exist

Anxiously Anticipating:
in cabaret au cabaret to cabareeeeet um and dance class today

Craving: pizza pizza pizza

Random Discovery: you never who you'll run into at silvercity yorkdale

Link Me Baby One More Time: Meg send me a link to your site i can't seem to find it

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September 4, 1999

its so weird updating two days in a row because now it feels like i have SO much less to talk about. oh well c'est la vie isnt' it.

so of course i babysat yesterday. went there for 12 in the afternoon and boy was it fun let me tell you. i'm so happy summer is over because that means that its the end of endless babysitting. but its also the end of endless cash flow :-( but this is the year to be rich because there is no vancouver or grand rapids or boston/new york (well maybe NYC) to suck up all my money (eventho it was FUN). so yes this is the year to save and me rich and look DAMN good. i put little laura down for her nap at 1pm and she woke up at 3:45p. i kept on going into her room to check on her and wake her up because i was soooooo bored but she kept on yelling at me to go away (no ta-na nooooo ta-na). but in that time i did manage to read 138 pages of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. its quite the enjoyable book. kind of a bunch of short stories but are all related. its coolio.

then after babysitting it was home to have dinner (steak and potatoes) before heading off to dance. but before dance ihad to find my way to a GAP to return my vest. so i decided to go to GAP hazleton because its the one closest to the GAP. so of course i get there and its closed. did I know that hazleton lanes closes at 6pm on a freaking friday... of course not. tonya was not a happy camper. so then i moseyed on to dance class. ohhh remember how tonya had nothing to say to siona...well the problem was solved. at one point we ended up alone in the studio she came over and was like "sweetie what have you been up to these days". so then we got a talking about babysitting and stuff. it was all good... no penis talk had to be used :) so la la la dance dance dance it was a really good class for some reason. i'm REALLy feeling this new combo which is such a good thing because when we first learned it it was SO not in my blood. oh wait this section of the entry deserves a new paragraph.

so i was supposed to meet laura at ... well BIG laura that is at randolph at 9. so 9 comes and goes and class ends around 9:15 and still no laura. then i'm looking out the window and i hear a faint ring ring and its BIG LAURA on my cell. turns out she was looked downstairs cause Soon Yi shut off the elevator and the stairs were locked. so i ran downstairs to rescue her and fuck damn she had her camera. then we get upstairs and laura starts harassing poor Soon Yi (the friendly receptionist chic) about taking her picture and all this stuff. then we are waiting to talk to siona and laura decides to take a picture of max and guess who is behind him... SIONA. so ofcourse laura points the camera at siona instead of at max. big laura is psychotic. so then soon yi took a picture of the three of us and said that we should take a picture with siona but thank god laura didn't hear that. so then siona came out and i was like my friend wants to meet you and introduced her. and siona asked what we were doing and we told her just hanging out and she asked where (she wasn't hinting about coming was she?) then she asked us where we live and that led to laura asking where she lived. hehe so now we know and its VERY close to my school :-)

then it was off to king west to maybe shopsey-size and go to FAME cause laura wanted to see dirty dirty cat and maybe britney spears (loooooong story). cat never did come out and we waited until like 11:15. i was falling asleep practically everywhere. i was EXHAUSTED. i don't think i've ever been that tired. then max drove me home and laura to finch and that was my evening.

this was the abridged version of yesterday because i have to go babysitting very very soon. my sister is home. she came bearing my red vest in medium...that's a good thing. augh i'm tired i don't want to babysit but i'll make like 35$ or something so its a good thing. bring me out of my debt :-) ya know i still owe my sister 100$ from boston/new york. oy. i'm obsessed with siona's new combo i just thought i should mention. i would also like to mention that dixie chicks fucking rock. jen aubry in toronto tonight? what up with that?

okay i'm off.


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Strewn on the couch: Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (how am i almost finished?)

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Random Quote: hehe i'm using this again JUST to piss laura off :-) "there was one and it was really insert your own random quote here"

Anxiously Anticipating:
in cabaret au cabaret to cabareeeeet

Craving: meatloaf :-)

Random Discovery: we know where the siona meister lives

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September 3, 1999

wow this month is just cruising on. the 3rd already. my birthday is only 10 days away and i haven't started getting the cards that you are all mailing to me via snail mail yet. :-) i'm just joking of course...the cards wouldn't be here THIS early.

my life...what is up... eh. so my last update would have been on tuesday. OMG OMG i saw the Sixth Sense. i want to tell each and everyone of you what happened but i can't because i'm sure not all of you have seen it yet. it is an amazing movie. who ever the director was ROCKED. he or she chose a lot of really interesting shots that really enhanced the movie. I didn't hate bruce willis at all in this movie. i'm NOT a bruce willis fan AT ALL but i enjoyed him. i think my faith in bruce willis has been restored. the kid in the movie was also very good. okay... sixth sense is the story of this boy who can see dead people walking among normal people. really eerie premise and its explored well. the ending blows your mind. you totally don't see it coming at all but when you sit down and think about it it makes COMPLETE sense. the sixth sense is an extremely clever movie so i think you all should go and see it.

oy i'm such a stalker its not even funny. here is the story. the people who live across from the family i babysit for are SO cool. they remind me of mad about you. they all dress in GAP and Banana Republic. they have a son who is probably a year and a half or something and they dress HIM in Gap. yesterday he was wearing little baby khakis, a little baby white t-shirt, and a little baby fleecy vest from baby Gap. augh too cute. so i have a tendency to *observe* them. i mean i'm babysitting all day i need SOME amusement. its not even stalking really...just observing. my goal is to get little laura to play with the little boy. there have been some monumental occurences tho. on monday we were both leaving the house at the same time and the lady said that she might see us at the park. but she came as we were leaving so we didn't get to play :-( yesterday the lady was talking on the phone outside and saw us and waved and said hello...eventho she was on the phone :-) and i figured out SUCH a good way to observe them. last night as i was putting little laura to bed i notcied that they were all outside. SO i had the brilliant idea for me and christine to go outside and read a book on her front lawn and pretend that we were camping. how clever am i? so its educational for christing and amusing for me. i'll let you all know what develops out of the situation.

yesterday i had to go to school from 11 until 3 because we had a stupid Girls' Athletic Council meetin. we got NOTHING accomplished. it was so frustrating. i So didnt' want to be there at all. but i found out that we are having a rummage sale and we are selling old uniforms. i'm SO stocking up because i love old jerseys and stuff. and they are going to be for like 2$ a piece. then elvira and i went to Green Mango for noodles and to the Nike store. the Nike store is so damn fancy. but its good good good. then it was off to babysitting which of course wasn't that exciting but whatever.

eh turns out that miss aubry will be in town from saturday until tuesday or something like that. i'm curious about where she's playing. the idea of congregating in some random parking lot does not sound overly appealing.

today i'm babysitting of course. then i'm dancing my little ole heart out. since the friday class (unlike the sunday class) isn't retardo we'll get to do the combo. eh watch today be the day that she decides that she wants to teach the friday people how to spot. if she does i swear i may just have to leave. i can't deal with learning how to spot anymore. i believe spotting was a grade 1 ballet concept. i really need to get out of this pre-jazz :-( i should stop bitching and just go. hmmm maybe i could do friday jazz 1 with siona and still do pre-jazz with lea (just cause lea is crazy) and who knows what else. was i doing 3 classes during the school year last year or was it just two? i can't remember at all.

ohhhhh iwonder if the mail ishere yet. i think i will go check. ugh no mail for me :-( i like getting mail. damn it i should just start sending myself mail. i used to order every single catalogue out there just so that i could get mail. then i discovered mail order and did the columbia/BMG/doubleday thang. oh well i'll get my BMG cds soon so its all good. i'm making mini pizzas and i don't know if they are ready yet. i don't want to burn my self on the oven. i'm very paranoid about that. oh well lets all pray that i don't :)

good news. my sister found the red vest in medium in the GAP in the states. so now i have to return my large one. augh i have to find time to do that. maybe i'll go before dance. i also have to go to the post office to mail tapes and i have to go to the dollar store to buy more tapes. i hate bootlegs they are the root of all evil. there are no bootlegs i want anymore except a video of chita doing chicago and of course the non-existant canadian cast video. but i'm not retiring from the biz :-)

okay i'm off now and have a goooood day.



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eh nothing

Craving: pizza from Frank's

Random Discovery: if you ignore the crazy man he just talks more

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September 1, 1999

helloooooooo everyone and welcome to my life :-) i think i've had a pretty interesting day yesterday and *gasp* its worth talking about and involves NO babysitting... go me :-)

well as school is approaching way too fast i had to go and get some more stuff. well i didn't *need* to but my mom said she'd buy me more clothes. so it was off to Eaton Centre to go and play. went to Athletes World (who is kissin' cousins with Bata according to Laura) and bought me some lovely Nikes. I love me some Nike... they are honestly the only running shoe i'll wear. i don't even consider other brands when i'm looking for shoes. i'm not even sure why that is. other brands do have nice shoes but i'm just so damn loyal to Nikes. but the shoes were cheap.. 89$ plus a 15% discount so they ended up being only 87$...yeah athletes world. then i of course had to go to GAP and play there as i frequently do :-) got me a new pair of Gap flared jeans. i'm so happy that GAP has those jeans now. back in grade 10 they didn't have them so i bought a pair of boot cut ones and they don't fit over shoes too well, but luckily i discovered Levis 511 i *think* and they made me happy. but thank dieu that in grade 11 around september Gap came up with the flares because now i'm a happy chica...and they are only 58$ (are you all enjoying the Gap history lesson?). so this was in Gap eaton centre that i was and i tried on a whole bunch of stuff including the fleecy vest, a short sleeved sweatshirt, and the color block shirt. they didn't have the freaking gray shirt in medium so i didn't get that. and i couldn't justify getting a short sleeved sweatshirt to myself considering that it will be kind of cold soon (eventho i did like it) and i had to think about the vest. so we bought the jeans and left to go to the Gap at Dundas and Yonge. they didn't have my gray shirt either BUT i found this nice red shirt and the salesperson had to go on a special hunt to find it in medium for me. then i decided that eventhough i JUST got a vest i'd buy another one (i mean this one IS hooded and made out of fleece so it is different). so i will be one stylin' chica for back to school... and when you feel good you look good right max? or it when you look good you feel good? augh who knows. so those were my clothes shopping adventures. then it was off to Indigo because i was in need of some reading materials. i bought Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by someone... and i bought Little Altars Everywhere which is the book before the Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya sisterhood.

LOL just read Ari's journal and she is such a little spaz. her entire entry is her just spazzing. i'm not sure what happened but let me guess. she went to RENT on Jim (yuck yuck) Poulos's birthday. i *think* he gave her a hug. its very cute. everyone go to ari's page.

OY random funniness. i got an answer to my plea for siona conversation topics. so TallGuy aka Danny wrote: *mention that you've never seen a penis... that always starts a lively conversation.* when i read that i was ROTFLMAO actually i lie i was just SICL (sitting in chair laughing). very clever but i think that could possibly frighten her... maybe i could tell her that i'm bringing a friend to class one day who took stalker pictures of her. laura you still make me rotflmao when i think of you taking those stalker pictures.

OH WAIT i have something to clear up. apparently there has been some confusion about the whole potty training laura business and just which laura it is. i'm NOT potty training Laura Borshay...she is very well potty trained (i mean she pees every 5 minutes so she has to be) i'm training Laura the baby. so we will call Laura Borshay BIG laura and laura the baby will be Little laura. does everyone have that straight now? BIG laura poos and pees in the toilet just fine. little laura is still learning how to. i just reread what i wrote yesterday about little laura pooing and i'm laughing hysterically when i replace little laura with big laura.

jennpease, lorilee IS alive and well. just thought you'd like to know :-) eventho she hasn't been updating her journal AT ALL...not that i'm bitter or anything or disappointed :-( speaking of updates.. DEVON WEBER GIVE US A GOOD UPDATE ALREADY. ugh just had to get that out. Hannah has been good at the update thang for the past while so props to Hannah. Ari needs a real update she has been cheating us out of them. i'm still obsessed with journals man its sick stuff.

oh yeah my day. went dancing. Geri was there and she hasn't been in AGES i think she was on vacation because she looked all tanned. other than that no regulars. Lea was wearing siona's shirt OR once siona wore lea's shirt. Laura oops BIG laura has the same shirt...its short sleeved and pink and has a hood...its very lovely. lea has a lot of hair its so scary..thought i'd share. she played Deborah Cox today which thrilled the shit out of me. new combo is to Missy Elliot. we did our across the floor to Missy elliot. i listened to Missy ALL DAY yesterday. missy is invading my life just like Britney Spears was doing last week. lea is too funny. hehe and she kept on saying Press :-)

ohhhhh linda as in linda and phi was at randolph. i haven't seen linda in forever and a half. she's well. she's been lifeguarding all summer. she's good. after class it was off to see Mystery Men with el max-o. it was funny movie. one of those movies where you just sit back and watch and not think too much. it was actually pretty hilaroius at some parts. very enjoyable if i do say so myself.

ohhhhh i ordered A LOT of cds yesterday. its my ghetto shipment. my last columbia house shipment was country shipment (dixie chicks and wynona judd). i ordered Slim Shady, Jay-z (the one with hard knock life and can get a...), Faith Evans (the new one my sister has), Destiny's Child (the first one with no no no), Des'ree (my mom wanted it), Natalie Merchant (ophelia) and something else that escapes me at the moment OH YEAH the newest Deborah Cox. so those are me and my ghetto vibes ...well minus Natalie Merchant she isn't ghetto.

jen aubry should be in town now or soon. its funny last time i *really* wanted to see her play and couldn't go..but for some reason this time i really don't care. i keep on thinking that i *should* care but i really don't. in saying that, that doesn't mean i won't go to one of her shows... but its just not a priority. but it would be neat-o to hear her sing.

why you all in my grill? can you pay my bills? let me know if you will. cause chick gotta live.

okay i'm outtie.

tonya :-)

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Anxiously Anticipating:
Seeing the Sixth Sense, learning more of Siona's new heavy combo

Craving: a chicken souvlaki combo

Random Discovery: sometimes the movie theatre just smells like meatballs and fish

Link Me Baby One More Time: i'm loving GAP so much these days

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August 30, 1999

its friday night and the mood is right. wanna have some fun show you how its done TGIF. hehe remember that from back in the day when ABC used to have the kickass friday night lineup. i dont know why its in my isn't even friday night. wow i'm one silly chica aren't i? no i'm not. what the fuck did i write about yesterday? i should check that out. i always have all these things i mean to write about but i always forget what they are...and sometimes they are just so damn clever and then POOF its all gone. damn me and a half.

can you pay my bills? can you pay my telephone bills? can you pay my automobills? if you did then maybe we could chill.

so happy to be going shopping tomorrow most likely. i'm getting some new Nikes, jeans, maybe the fleecy vest from GAP and those short sleeved sweatshirt t-shirt deals, a white shirt with gray sleeves, and possibly all this stuff from South Pacific. but we shall see. i HATE buying running shoes. they get more and more expensive every year. thank god i never have to pay for them myself. damn that mr. nike. HEY did you know that there really are a mr. and mrs. bata...and LAURA met them. lucky girl. im'joking. well she did meet them but she isn't all that lucky.

i'm being harassed endlessly on IM at the moment. damn the internet. bad bad cow. bad bad laura. now i've been invited to a sketchy chatroom. oy vey.

ohhhh summer is almost over. there is a thing at cow's. come one and come all. it will be fun fun fun. and if an orgy arises its not my fault ;-)

ummm this is quite the random entry and i pity the fool who is suffering thru it.

hehe laura had another poo with me today. that is 3 for me and 0 for her parents. she only uses the toilet with me. she must pick up on my *there is no way in hell i'm changing any more shitty diapers* vibes. she is too cute sometimes tho. she's my homie. i need to scan a picture fo her and christine for the journal reading public to see. how does that sounds to you crazy cats?

no one has e-mailed me about things to talk to siona about and frankly that is saddening me. ohhhh tomorrow lea is going to have some new music in her class. this excites me. i bet she won'thave BILLS BILLS BILLS..but that is alright i can live without it because i'm strong enough to live without out you. strong enough la la la long enough..i dont know the words.

yeah i'm not being harassed anymore. laura is now being harassed..woohoo. ohhhh no diggity is on the radio..random old song. augh now they are back to harassing me.

oh fuck this entry.



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Ariba Ariba

Strewn on the couch: i need a new book already :-(

On the tube: CNN and soon to be Ally McBeal

Random Quote:
Laura eat...pee...have e-mail...have typing problems.... NEVER. (tonya in mock shock last night on the phone with laura... she is always eating, peeing, receiving e-mail and having typing problems)

Anxiously Anticipating:
new music in lea's class, SHOPPING (clothes, shoes, CLOTHES), movie on tuesday most likely, and movie on wednesday with mommy :-)

Craving: This new candy called Milkfuls

Random Discovery: if you get the cat's tail stuck behind the dishwasher it tries to run away

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August 29, 1999

augh i can't believe that summer is practically over. its flown by, but at the same time it feels like it has been going on forever. i think we all need to get together one last time before the summer officially dies out. i don't think i'm ready for summer to be over. i did a lot of stuff this summer but it feels like so much more could have and should have happened. eh but what can ya do about it?

so lets see... yesterday i went to the Ex. i hate the Ex. i went with Kristin and Elvira because Elvira and i had promised her that we would take her for her b-day and pay for all her stuff. so we set off at 4pm to spend the remainder of the evening and part of the night at the Ex. so we went on rides and felt very dizzy. so then we sat beside this ride for like 45 minutes just sitting and talking. it was really good. we were being *such* girls it was cute. we went into every cheesy ass fun house. did you know that the ex doesn't have any *real* rollercoasters? well i learned that yesterday...which was good for me because i'm a wuss. actually i do well on rollercoasters, i just don't like those spinny things where you go up in the air and things like that. but we had fun and ran into so many people from our school and people we used to go to school with. OMG randomness of the day. we came out this food building and this chic was staring at me. then she was like do you go to BSS? and i'm ummm no. then she apologized and she was like you look sooo familiar. so we are staring at eachother for about 2 minutes and all of a sudden i'm like OMG you're denise you used to be my councellor for leadership camp at JJP. it was so weird...she was my favourite counsellor EVER. she was so beyond cool. its so weird i'm now the age that she was when she was my counsellor and she seemed so OLD. well it was nice to see her again..and she was with her boyfriend that she was going out with back when she was at JJP which i guess was 5 or 6 years ago.

the ferris wheel is such a good ride to sit and talk on. we all learned some interesting things about eachother. like i found out that Kristin doesn't want to get married but she does want to have kids. and elvira is just like me... terribly hopeless romantics. i swear we spent soo long talking about our weddings (white tents set up on a nice open greeen space and us dressed in Vera Wang gowns) it was interesting. the funniest thing... so when kristing was telling us about how she isn't getting married the first thing i say of course is "who are you going to sleep with for the rest of your life?" she replied with "random fucks forever". i thought i was going to fall out of the ferris wheels. then i was like but i don't want random fucks...too bad we were at the bottom of the ferris wheel and the guys working totally gave us the biggest what the fuck look. it wouldnt' have been that bad if i hadn't said before "its not my fault i've never seen a penis" while we were on our way down. that leads to another interesting conversation... we are walking by the stand that sells pogo sticks and kristin BURSTS out laughing. so of course elvira and i are like what the fuck is up with her. turns out kristin thought that one of the pogo sticks had a head (think penises)...which caused me to say "oh i wouldn't get it..i mean i've never seen a penis". kristin refused to walk beside me for the rest of the evening. and i suppose that sums up the ex adventures.

i thought there was more. i think i'm missing a really funny story...oh well. so whatever i came home and called laura because i hadn't spoken to her in ages. now she is one person who would have an interesting journal. always has all these funny stories. and her life is just so much more interesting than mine. yes laura needs a journal in my opinion. then it was off to bed because of dance the next morning.

had dance this morning. saw george randolph (kind of weird cause laura and i had a conversation about him the night before). we were in the shitty studio again. the entire place was cold. we didn't do a combo because for some reason siona decided that she wanted to teach retardo sunday class about spotting..quite possibly THE most boring class i've been to. yes and the random discovery is that siona wears thongs. she was wearing these weird dance pants today so that when she reached forward her pants would sit funny and you tell that she was wearing a thong. no clue why i'm sharing this with the journal reading public...but eh what can ya do? i haven't *really* spoken to siona in AGES. i guess i have no reason to talk to her and i've been darting out of class. hmmm need a reason to talk to her..if anyone has any reasons e-mail me

augh there is so much stuff i feel like buying. today i was in South Pacific and i saw soooo much stuff that i wanted to buy. but they are having a good 2 pieces of clothes and get another one free. then at GAP they have these shirts on sale finally...the white ones with the gray sleeves. and i want a fleecy vest from them with the hoods...but i'm wonder if i should go to MEC and get a hoodless one which is better quality and cheaper. and oy then there are the cds that i want. backstreetboys (all of you shut up), the new Mary J. Blige, Austin Powers 2... who knows what else. i need to see a movie..its been a long time. eh maybe tuesday night or something. i have no clue what to see tho...i'll see Sixth Sense with my mom i guess... i heard thomas crowne is goood and damn me i should see blair fucking witch already. this is me living in my bubble.

ohhhhh i know what i was supposed to talk about. okay here is the question of the day... to become a psychiatrist, psychologist or therapist do you have to do all those sciency courses. i was thinking those could be interesting...but don't a lot of people go to school for those jobs? i couldn't do just any kind of therapy i don't think...probably child or sex. children are just so damn cute so that could be interesting... and sex just cause that would be interesting in a different way. and that is the thought of the day.

wow i have nothing interesting to talk about anymore. i'm going to be moseying on along my way.



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eh nothing

Craving: This new candy called Milkfuls

Random Discovery: siona wears thongs (ew)

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August 27, 1999

what a day oh what a day. i guess i should talk about yesterday first and then mosey my way on to today. its a plan stan :-)

sooo yesterday i don't think i have too much of a memory of. lets see....i think i spent most of the day lounging about and waiting to go babysitting. yeah that is what happened. then i went to McDonald's to have me some McChicken and fries. then i babysat and i'm sure you all care SO much. nothing at all interesting happened except that Christine got her yellow belt in karate. came home and discovered that on the NBC site they have these trivia games related to varoius shows. i spent an hour doing a bunch of them. i sweeped in the Mad About You ones. so that was yesterday nothing to interesting happened. oh wait... my mom's sister died..i suppose that is worth mentioning huh?

okay so today i had to babysit at 8am because they went golfing. it was one of those epic days. from 8 until 6. so laura had her first poo in the toilet with me. so i rewarded her by giving her a freeezy and letting her watch Barney. both her and christine had their first poos in the toilet with me. maybe its because i think diaper changing is the root of all evil. honestly i don't even care if they are potty trained... if they could jsut change their own diapers man. then we went to the park and the kid got stung by a pee under her eye. poor baby :-( so that was my babysitting fun. then i RUSHED home to have dinner before dance. i WOLFED down a steak and mashed potatoes and then was out the door to experience the greatness that is siona.

so la la la crack ass dance night. i will spare all the details and just do the highlights. first of all i hate laura :-) in the beginning of class i couldn't stop thinking of laura and her stalker pictures of lea and siona. siona's image of the day for plies was that we are in a vat of peanut butter. of course i burst out laughing and then had to contain myself. just picture me in a vat of peanut butter doing plies and tell me that that isn't funny. okay now the highlight of the class.. actually wait eerie thing number one. siona came back to class after going to the bathroom for like 5 minutes adn was like sorry i had to PEE LIKE A RACEHORSE. now WHO says taht ALL the time?? ME ME ME. hehe siona is me. she wasn't really peeing i don'tthink...she either got her period or was doing drugs i think. because this lady went to the washroom then siona went and they both went to the class and the lady got her purse and her and siona went back to the washroom for like 5 minutes...eerie..i think so. THEN we were doing this exercise where we had to bend over..but siona thought we weren't bending over enough. so she starts yelling bend over over and over again..then she realizes that she sounds all dirty and she adopts this manlike voice and is like BEND OVER and starts smacking her ass in a total *who's your daddy* moment. it was siona the dominatrix. and that was my dance adventure. the new combo is psycho. its all about feeling and being emotional. its totally beautiful but one of the most draining combos i've done. i'm in love with it.

so after dance i was to meet up with elivra, mike and dan (i don't know the boys). so i did and max came along and we all went to second cup. it was A LOT of fun. we were just sitting talking about EVERYTHING. it was very cool. mike and dan were awesome. dan shares my business depot obsession. everyone got a long really well which was good considering there was no one that knew everyone. we talked about Britney Spears ( i tell you she is invading my life). FAME, lilith fair, porn, gay sex... it was fucking hilarious. elvira talks about mike and dan ALL the time so it was cool to FINALLY meet them. icould be friends with them easily. its really sad that Elvira and i have been so busy all summer...ew could have had sooo much fun. ohhhh a certain person coughmaxcough has a little thing for my little elvira awwwww :-) i love when people like other people it amuses me so much.

ohhhhh augh. dirty old man on the subway kept on staring down my tank top today. but no worries max said you can;t see down my tank top (hmmmmm come to think of it how would *you* know max..). but i was thinking... i'm not at that stage in my life where i *mind* being looked at weirdly. for a while i was ofended but not anymore... like if dirty old man wants to look down my shirt i'm not inviting it..but he's probably lonely and horny (hehe sounds like a lot of guys i know) and if looking down some random girls top makes him that much happier then so be it. but no touching..well unless its for money (okay everyone i'm SOOOOO joking about that one). but i suppose its flattering in some sick way if you don't htink about it for too long...but ya know this is starting to sound weird... and this is not an invitation to look down my shirt... but... oy lets end this now.

i miss my entries about penises :-( remember those. oy is this not the horniest journal ever written by me yet :-) i never did get to see a penis. i almost did in jamaica but my head was turned and i just missed it. but the quest is not over yet. hehe my birthday is soon..if you know what i mean ;-) how funny would that be..penises in the mail... OMG mail order penises..fuck those are dildos aren't they? this journal is totally just following the train that is my thought. dont' you worry? i think press is currently trying to market me as some sort of commercial hooker...i'm laughign really hard.

i should sleep i'm totally delirious. i don't know what it is.. the weather? me drinking coffee? or mayeb its the story about the loud gay guys having sex to Jennifer Lopez on elvira's street. ya know press and i are discussing..if my head could be on someone's body for my porn pics it would be jennifer lopez's body. she is built really well. OMG i need to rent that jennifer lopez/ george clooney movie. i saw it before but i need to see it again...i miss my george. lisa cow and i are discussing our breasts. hehe i'm getting everybody in the *mood* tonight. is it a full moon or something?

i'm off to go flash old men :-) (JOKING)



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Random Quote: Elvira: its not a good idea to watch Elizabeth at 12am

Max: yeah the only thing you should be watching at 12 is porn

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eh nothing

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August 26, 1999

well hello hello. i fully intended to update last night but i came home from babysitting and had a tummyache and watched Mad About You and then it was off to bed for me at 11am...sad much?

so yesterday was FAME day. because of all of you out there i walked in with ZERO expectations for this musical. so here are my thoughts. talent wise the cast was good. the singers could sing and dance the dancers could dance and for acting no one was particularly all that. so i *enjoyed* the cast..but it was the actual SHOW that bothered me. the songs were weak as was the dialogue. it just felt like there was nothing to the show. i didnt fall in love with any songs and there wasn't a particular moment when i was captivated and couldnt move out of my seat. i just sat and watched and waited for it to end. even the opening number doesn't get you engaged. with RENT there is the song RENT; in Footloose there is that song *been workin' so hard..*; in Chicago there is All That Jazz...but FAME has nothing its kind of sad. oy don't even get me started on the stereotypes in fame. the hispanic guy is horny; the black guy can't read; the fat black girl wants to be eating 24/7; the super white actor boy is under suspicion of being gay; the latina is a crack whore... oy vey. its one of those shows that was crafted to carefully not destroy the misconceptions that non racially diverse places have about the world. i was just oy vey-ing thru the whole thing. another thing..i didn't really feel any attachment to any characters nor did i walk out wanting to be anyone in the show (damn). hey i liked the dancing alot... i *think* that it was well choreographed. so those are my thoughts and feelings on fame. i wonder how long they will last on Broadway :-)

soooo throughout the show Laura and I were looking for Megs who said that she was sitting in the Dress Circle. ya know half the world looks like Megs. but we found her after the show in front of the theatre and then it was off to backstage. found out that Megs is a HUGE wonderland show obsessor. her and laura bonding over was HILARIOUS. i think you guys are freaks (hehe j.k). then Cat came out. all the Cat stories aside...something about him really really disturbs me. i'm trying to figure out what it is. he's really ugly..but thats not it. i dunno. but he and laura were talking for like 20 minutes AND it was gross and rainy. ohhhhhh i know what it is... he spent the WHOLE time talking about was kind of funny actually.

then we had to be on our way but we saw Phil in the window of Shopsey's PLUS i was hungry again so it was to Shopsey's we went. but first i went to take out to get me some more Latkes (yummmm). when i went over to the bar it turned out that laura had been talking to Phil and Eddie (the manager-guy) about salsa dancing. she said that they had said that they were looking for us the previoius night because it was tuesday. they *must* have been joking. this whole salsa thing is too funny. laura you are way too nice you have to stop being so damn nice is my theory :-)

ugh then i went babysitting...nothing exciting as usual. i put the kids to bed early because *I* was tired and they don't really understand the concept of time. plus i had a stomach ache. sidenote: don't eat 4 latkes from shopsey's in one day. so i was laying on the couch watching my new favourite show: SO YOU WANT TO BE A MILLIONAIRE...well i think that that is what its called. anyhoo..i.ts a game show hosted by Regis Philbin. and you go on and you sit and he asks you 15 questions. if you get the 15 questions right then you get a million dollars. every question is another dollar amount. its kind of tricky to explain its better to watch. its on at 8:30pm on ABC (14 if you are in Toronto). i'm obsessed with it...i'm so good at it do. i want to be a millionaire dammit. then after that i watched Golden Girls which i'm equally obsessed with. i used to be THE biggest Golden Girls fan when i was little...well i used to watch like everything on TV but still. then i came home with my tummyache and interneted for 5 minutes and then watched me some Mad About You.

had a fucked up dream last night. britney spears was in town (hehe) and i ran into her at Eatons because i was buying my Tommy overalls because of the whole bankruptcy thang. so i'm shopping and there is Britney and we are trying on the same overalls and the same shirt. so we start talking and i'm like SHIT i have to run i have a dance class to get to. so then we start talking about dance and stuff. and she decides that SHE wants to come to Randolph with me. so she my friday night class with siona. for some reason max isn't there (damn you boy you missed having Britney Spears in your dance class). so like no one recognizes Brit (hehe we are homies so i can call her that) in dance class and we do our combo la la la and Lea comes in because her and siona are hanging out after class. so as we are leaving we stop and talk to siona and lea. and lea recognizes britney and is like OMG i'm choreographing my next combo to your music and i of course yell bullshit because lea would never do i britney combo. anyhoo to make a long story shorter class ends we go have ice cream at movenpick. oy i swear Britney Spears is invading the world dammit.

i've had this cd for about 3 months and i've NEVER listened to it. its easy listening. its a pretty cd...i'm not listening to the words at all though. its a groove cd. i'm sitting here just chillin' to it. go britney. i really want that new Backstreet Boys cd. i'm enjoying their new single...larger than life. yeah backstreet. i'm in a weirdass music faze right now... i'm like teenybooper meets homie meets mellow earth girl. hehe that is amusing me Shirley.

oh i had a revelation the other day and i can't remember it and it was a damn good one too. damn it. okay here is my question of the being a housewife a career option? i was just thinking back in the day women HAD to be housewifes now everyone is so big on going to university and having a *gasp* whatever happened to being a housewife. i mean what if i just want to raise kids do i still have to go to school? just a thought. and have a mentioned before how SICK i am of being little. like not little in stature (wow i love that word i hope i spelt it right...stature) but little in age. sure i'm almost 17 but thats not better than 16 only that you are closer to being free. i'm so excited about being able to be out of school and doing what i want to do (work-wise) and getting married and having kids and all that fun stuff. i've decided that Mad About You is a bad influence. watch i'll get married and get depressed because life is Mad About You. i'm joking :-) i want to be 28. i know it sounds old but think about all the freedom. augh. damn me for not being a gymnast then i could run away with the circus.

i think i'm getting bored with dance. i started out in pre-jazz just because i wanted to get a feel for Randolph now i'm stuck in it. i don't want to leave. but i *so* should be doing another level now. i mean i've taken dance on and off (more on than off) since i was about 4 or 5ish so its not like i don't have a clue of whats going on. i'm just so comfortable in pre-jazz. i go in and know what to expect. see the same people, hear the same lessons from siona and lea. but i don't work as hard as i should...espcially during the combos. i'm so half-assed about them. i *love* the combos don't get me wrong but i just don't put a lot of effort into learning them. they aren't particularly challenging...and i need challenge or i get distracted (hehe maybe thats whay randolph has turned into a social event). maybe i'll talk to siona on friday about that...not that i'm bored...but about the difference in levels and stuff. so that is my analytical thang for the day.

oh i need me some Cher right about now. i don't need your sympathy. there's nothing you can say or do for la la la la sorry i don't know the rest of the words.

i'm outtie

OH WAIT. forgot to mention that Cow is a Katie Couric fan too. this is so thrilling for me. i have to show her all my katie stuff. yeah cow.

tonya :-)

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Random Quote: Tonya: OMG OMG i just figured out why people call him CAT

Laura: umm Carl Anthony Tramon

Tonya: OMG you knew?? why the heck didn't you tell me????

(me having a revelation during FAME)

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eh nothing

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August 24, 1999

so tired oh so tired, but i will update anyway just because i'm that nice and the world deserves an update. boy i'm not conceited at all am i? well poo on you if you think i am because i don't care. ugh ... i have a headache its making me delirious i apologize for any incoherency present in this journal. alright? alright.

so as on any tuesday i went to randolph to have my weekly dose of Lea. but today was a special day because i brought along Laura (bitchhead) and Press (lisa). oy fucking vey. it was one of the funniest dance experiences in my life i swear. first of all laura was *so* worried that Randolph would be scary that she had doubts aboout going. but she did come so ti was all good. then we were talking to the receptionist, SoonYi (or sushi not too sure) and laura was asking her if it was scary because it was her first class. la la la we go off to the washrooms so laura can pee (big surprise) then we went to the changerooms where laura and lisa made friends with this girl taking hiphop and whose b-day it happened to be. laura and lisa had the words NEW written across their forheads so lea knew right away and gave a *speech* at the beginning about being new and la la la you'll be fine la la la follow people that know whats going on. class starts whatever nothing too interesting. during the stretching lea kept on saying Press (not in reference to *our* press) and i could not stop laughing i thought it was the funniest thing of the day. i'm obsessed with press doing stretches. i should have videotaped. everythign would be fine then lea would do something very flexible of herself and we would have to do the same thing according to our ability. but press would see lea being all flexible and get this look of SHOCK on her face and total look like *how the fuck does she expect me to do that*. oy it was amusing. so la la la we stretch (and according to press i got special treatment during stretches..ohhh yeah baby). we dance. lea is way too cute/funny. now we move on to the after class and where my real story begins. so after class we were watching siona's jazz 3. then as class ends lea is behind us and she's talking to us and begging press and laura to come back and stuff. but somehow the conversation turns sour. somehow laura ends up saying that she has heard a lot about randolph from me..thru my ONLINE JOURNAL. oy vey. so of course i'm in SHOCK and giving laura the worst look i'm sure. so then i retaliate with *OMG laura did you tell her about your dream abotu her and siona*. laura then preceeds to give me the worst look back..then she pulls lea aside to talk to her. then she tells lea that my journal used to be all about rent now its about randolph aka my new obsession. it was hilarious but bad. la la la we get changed talk to lea some more and she randomly mentioned the present tht max and i gave her back in the day (ummm april or may?). lea was being too cute. they didn't get to meet siona but they are coming back to dance class to have a siona class. then it was off to Mr. Sub where laura took stalker pictures of Siona and Lea as they were leaving. now you must be wondering how laura took pictures...well she brought her CAMERA. oy vey...but no zoom :-( oh yeah max was at dance as well...didn't mention him at all. max was max. OMG landmark day... lea asked us what music we wanted in class. how cool is that. i said bills bills bills and i tink max said something as well that i

so that was the adventure that was dance. what else was up today? went to the hairdressser.... boring as hell as usual. went to GAP to exchange a shirt a bought because it had a hole in the sleeve. so i got that made friends with the GAP lady and bought a tote bag to tote my dance stuff around because frankly my MEC bag just isn't cutting it anymore. then i went and played in chapters for a while then it was off to HMV to kill some more time before meeting press and laura. i was so early for meeting them that i was in the subway for like 20 minutes waiting because i ran out of ways to kill time :-(

i have nothing to talk about all. this is sad.

i'm off to bed.

tonya :-0

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On the tube: Mad About You :-)

Random Quote:"speak speak speak speak speak rocky woof come on rocky" -- Laura's family trying to coax their dog into woofing for me over the phone

Anxiously Anticipating:
FAME, laura and press coming to randolph to have a siona class, and of course seeing laura tomorrow

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August 22, 1999

i almost had a heartattack today and it was really scary. i went to lilith fair yesterday and it rocked beyond belief. i'll start with my heart attack story and work my way back to the great day that was lilith fair.

so as on every sunday i decide to go to my retardo dance class that reminds me of the Full Monty. but because of Lilith i was soooo freaking tired and didn't really want to go but i dragged my ass out of bed and went anyways. so i get there and Abbas tells me we are in studio C instead of B. studio C is the sucky one with the weird floors. anyhooo i get changed and walk into the sucky studio on a day when i *really* dont' feel like dancing. then i get in the room and there is this chick standing in front of the stereo getting her music ready. i was so pissed first its the sucky studio plus i'm tired now we have some supply teacher person instead of siona. i mean this person had short bleached hair and siona has a mane of blond/black hair. then i'm looking at this person and thinking that wow she is built like siona and she has siona's music. then whoever the person was left so i leaned over to this girl that i always see at dance and i'm like is *that* siona. and she's like yeah. so of course i'm spazzing because siona didn't look like siona anymore. and that was my heartattack. it was so weird her with her new hair it changed the whole look of her face and made her more elf-like or something. she is now obsessed with her hair and kept on telling us all these hair stories..very odd. then after class i yanked max out of his hiphop class to show him her hair...i believe he was pretty damned surprised.

so moving on to the joy that was lilith fair. epic day. woke up waited and waited and waited for lisa to call. finally i called her and got the message machine. then she called back and it was decided i would go to her uncle's house to get my ticket and they would pick me up from there. *they* consisted of Lisa Cow, her mom, Alison (Gidget), Kate and Alison's mom. so we all trooped on over to the Ex and spent an hour choosing food in the food builiding. i had a roti and spilled down the front of my shirt and on my pants. then i kept on dumping water on my spillage to try and get it to come out...i think it did eventually but who knows. then we went to go play in Ontario Place for a while and had a rousing game of mini-golf and went on the wilderness adventure ride two times and got very wet and i may have broken lisa's wrists. then it was off to el lilith fair-o. actually before that i swear we spent a half hour trying to get lisa a cheap coke but she ended up with an expensive pepsi ($4). THEN it was off to Lilith Fair. now i'll start a new paragraph.

First up was Deborah Cox. i have nothing against Deborah Cox just have never really listened to her music. but i enjoyed her very much. great voice, fun music and cool dancers. so Deborah Cox was amusing and now i'm thinking i very well might have to go and get me a Deborah Cox cd. so after her little thang i decided to call Renee and Laura on the Kaiman family cell phone (they were at LF as well). so i call and Renee is like look i looked up and lo and behold there were laura and renee. then we all preceeded to cruise the Lilith Village. but first we saw Lorilee and her friend who is a boy but not her boyfriend Marcin. so as a pack we cruised the village. lorilee almost bought a tanktop that said luscious across her boobs and lisa wanted one that said yummy. they didn't buy them :-) i on the other hand almsot bought one that said either spirit or dharma...but summer is over and they were on size fits all so i opted out of it. we got lots of free samples...enough biore to last a year and some Tom's of Maine toothpaste which i love to bits. then it was time for the Dixie Chicks. didn't know anything about them AT ALL. oh wait before that we saw Lara who was also there. i do think i saw Dixie Chicks on Rosie once tho. they were extremely cute..very country ish but country with an edge. enjoyable...i thinki want me a dixie chicks cd as well. then at some poing during their set i *think* sarah came out and shook her groove thang (well not really i just had an urge to type that). so yes Dixie Chicks are very enjoyable. next up was Indigo Girls. we spent most of their performance in the washroom or in line for over priced pizza and fries. but we got to our seats JUST as an Indigo Girl announced that Sarah McLachlan would be joining them to shake her groove thang (hehe i did it again). come to think of it i don't think that sarah came out and shook her groove thang during Dixie Chicks. anyhoo blah blah blah Indigo Girls. i'm not a big fan AT ALL. they are too hickie and grass roots for me. then we spent the break between indigo and sheryl by eating. new paragraph because now the real fun starts.

how do i love sheryl let me count the ways. okay i have to admit she wasn't that great in lilith fair. she wasn't *bad* but she sounded alot better when i saw her at HMV in november (?). but she was fun. she got her hair again and i didn't like it at all she looked really scraggly. she opened with her song Change from her middle album. she did a really good job of covering the major songs from all three of her albums and that made me mucho happy because i love *all* her work. she also sang *if it makes you happy*, *everyday is a winding road*, *leaving las vegas*, *favourite mistake*, *strong enough*(one of the most brilliant songs of all time), *maybe angels*, *the difficult kind* and *anything but down*. there may have been more but you get the idea of what was going on. oh during her set everyone from the fair (well a lot of people) came out and shook their groove thangs along with sheryl and sarah. during that break i went in search of laura and renee and i reallly don't remember what we did at all...i remembered i showed laura the usher that looked a lot like maggie...maybe we just stood around who knows? then it was time for (duh nuh nuh) SARAH MCLACHLAN.

sarah is so special she gets her own paragraph. so she comes out and i think the song last dance or something is playing (ya know the last song from surfacing that is all instrumental). she comes out and sings *Possession* i think and it of course rocked. sarah is really good at the bantering thang. she was very sweet and very cute and kept on talking about canada and how much she loves it. at one point someone in the front said something to her and she was like *thank you* and then started giggling and TOTALLY lost it and had to turn around and compose herself...too cute this chic. so of course she sang the shit out of EVERYTHING she sang. she's so talented, so well spoken, so...great. okay she sang *building a mystery*, *hold on*, *I will remember you*, *adia*, *possession*, *sweet surrender*, *ice cream*, *fumbling towards ecstacy* and *angel* (to name a few). it was honestly the MOST beautiful rendition of Angel i've ever heard. it was a duet with her and Deborah Cox and it was just incredible. angel is my moms favourite sarah song so i called her up on my cell and had her listen to the whole ting. damn me for not bootlegging the show it was *that* good. ice cream i always love because she gets the entire audience to sing it and its just so overwhelming because its a stadium of people just singing in unison and sounding kick ass. so yeah lilith fair for rocking so much.

after it i was so incredibly tired i could have fallen asleep walking i'm sure. the show ended at like 11pm and i got home at 1am. well we stopped to go pee and my hotdogs then i had to go the bank. plus traffic was slow so it was an adventure getting home. but i finally got home and was so tired that i didn't even check my e-mail. but i crashed as soon as i hit my bed which was good because i needed my beauty rest.

wow this is a long entry isn't it? and there is more too. :-)

then after dance i met with my mom who was late so i rean into her on Yonge St. instead of at Randolph. on our way to Wellesly station we ran into siona walking up yonge and she was in her own little world just bopping away. so i of course grab (well not really grab but just reached out) her arm and she was in a total daze and apologized a billion times for not seeing me. then it was off to Queen for some good shopping. we went to the GAP and my mom bought me flared cords in khaki, this white knit shirt with 3/4 black sleeves AND one of those channel quilted vests in red. the last red one in the store..and it was in large eventho i wear medium. nowhere in the city has it in medium believe it or not. so i got the large because i REALLY wanted red. my mom didn't mind spending all the money because she thought i looked *so* good. then it was off to heaven aka Business Depot to get school supplies. so we did that and came back home and decided to go to Yorkdale and see if they had my vest in medium (we got queen to call eaton centre and dundas/yonge and check). of course yorkdale had only one red in x-large. we would have gotten Yorkdale to call around but they were sooooo busy. so we went to Hazleton lanes to check and the lady was very cool and called yonge and eglinton and even fairview..but of course no luck. i'm going to try First Canadian Place on the phone tomorrow just in case.

so now i'm home. very tired but home. i need food. and my feet hurt. i need sleep and lots of it. i'm babysitting tomorrow. and i want to write more but i will save it for tomorrow. i have to remember to write about sarah and her music and me being bored in dance. there was something else as well but i don't remember what it was.

i'm off

tonya -- queen of all things :-)


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Stuck in my head: If You Had My Love by the flyest flygirl aka Jennifer Lopez. and saying that people"shook their groove thang"

In the cd player: Mirrorball by Sarah McLachlan

On KISS92: Wild Wild West by Will Smith feat. Dru Hill

Strewn on the couch: Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden (only 70 pages to go)

On the tube: its off :-(

Random Quote: a.) "i was so confused, this person had the same music as you but didn't look like you at all" -- me to siona after her asking if i recognized her.

b.)FELICITY Austin Powers, I presume? AUSTIN Powers by name, Powers by reputation. FELICITY Felicity Shagwell, CIA. Shagwell by name, Shag-very-Well by reputation. AUSTIN (turning to camera) Crazy, baby! (from the second austin powers movie)

Anxiously Anticipating: oddly enough nothing really...i guess tuesday night dance class and FAME and Cabaret

Craving: meatloaf and mashed potatoes (my mom is *just* making it)

Link Me Baby: Lilith Fair (had to link it cause it rocked so much)

Days until my birthday (september 13): 22

August 21, 1999

another day another journal n'est pas. so here i am i am here updating this blasted journal...but i'm not complaining i enjoy updating very berry much. i like playing around with the right side of this table. i think i'll add a picture today. a wee little picture nothing too big because then that would make the file a bitch to open since i take forever to archive, and we don't want the masses pissed off now do we? we need the masses. i love the masses. and frankly if i had enough arms iw ould marry the fucking masses. oy somebody take away the keyboard from me cause i'm fucking delirious :-) screw the picture i hate html.

so i of course has another funfilled and exciting day, unfortunately it didn't involve Full House OR Mad About You which of course saddens me greatly. hehe half o that sentence was sarcastic and the other half wasn't...can you crack the code? well what *did* i do? woke up watched el television and ick washed my hair. i like never wash my hair myself but i was just that bored so now my hair is a wreck but clean. yummmm it smells like Infusium. then it was off to babysitting at 2pm. the usual funfilled ruckuses occured...we playdohed...puzzled and schelpped. then since Jan doesn't want to take care of her children i had to watch Laura while Christine was at karate BUT then i had to drop laura off just as class was ending because ihad to haul ass over to Randolph. i have to come to terms with the fact that i can't 'make it to Randolph from babysitting in 17 minutes. HEY Neve Campbell goes to Randolph. well not all the time or anything...but she has been known to go to level 4 ballet.

so i arrive at Randolph soaked and almost late. i could have been on time but i REALLY REALLY had to go pee so i peed and i became late. i love peeing. you know when you hold it for sooooo long because you can't get to a toilet. but when you finally do get to a toilet it feels sooooooo good to finally be peeing and then you wonder why you don't spend the whole day peeing. well that was me yesterday in Randoplh. it made me so happy to pee. anyhoo. i put on my dance shirt realized that i forgot to put on my dance pants (gee whiz) so i did that. then i'm scurrying down the hall trying my bestest not to lose my metropass and my bra. but it all worked out. dance was dance. a loooooonnnnnnnggggggg class...siona obviously didn't have an Friday night plans because she kept us until 9:30 (its supposed to end at 9). ugh siona said something or did somthing that i thought was very journal worthy. shit now what was it...ugh no clue. she played TLC and max and i were thrilled beyond belief. anyhoo after class max and i went to talk to the old chica and she was dancing. she looked so fucking amazing. she was walking, running, jumping, leaping, spinning..all this stuff. she is so amazing to watch. then after she made us listen to this song and i was *really* bored but we couldn't very well just walk out. so we stayed and listened to this song. then max offered to drive me home.

max drives? max drives.

well i remember he drove himself home from Lisa's one night...but still. i find it so weird that i know people who drive. we drove and decided to stop off in Mr. Sub so max could have his regulation tuna sub. we had the *oddest* discussion about siona, lea, boys, girls and boys and girls. it was actually disturbing. it all started when max mentioned him not being able to picture lea with a boyfriend...i will spare you all the details and just ended off saying that i will not be able to look at lea and siona the same again :-)

what else is up in my oh so colourful life you all may ask? well i'm not babysitting today. today is lilith fair. elvira is back from the cottage and we have a rendez-vous (nothing kinky you dirty bastards its just so much more colourful than saying we are going to amovie) to go see Blair Witch and probably eat and all that good stuff. i haven't seen el chica since early early july. we are just way to busy for eachother.

i want the new Mary J. Blige cd. its supposed to be off the hook (as my sister would say). i enjoy Mary J. not *the* biggest fan but she does please me. so yeah for mary j. i want my frigging checks to come already that way i can pay BMG and then order my other cds. the new cds i'm ordering are very much on the ghetto side. i have been having a lot of ghetto tendencies these days and its amusing me. anyhoo i'm getting Eninem or Enimen whatever it is, Faith Evans, Jay Z and Natalie Merchant. actually i can get one more...maybe if they have Freedom Sessions i'll get tht because its the only sarah cd i don't have.

random date check shows that this time last year i was in line in ottawa getting ready to see maggie as maureen. isn't that interesting..i'm sure it is.

i want to shop till i drop. here is what i want: GAP cords, one of those quilted GAP vests in red, and that shirt at the GAP that has a white body and black sleeves. then there are cds i want but we can skip those for now. i'm babbling aren't i? but babbling is good. babbling is revealing. babble babble babble. i love me some Lauryn Hill so freaking talented. i was thinking...i don't think i listen to too many guy singers... i guess i listen to backstreet boys (all of you shut up now) i reallly don't listent o guy singers...i wonder whats up with that. girls are just more talented :-) hehe girl power.

okay i'm putting this entry out of its misery.

tonya :-)

Time: 9:13am

Stuck in my head: Bills Bills Bills by Destiny's Child (as usual) and FAME i want to live forever i want to learn how to fly...

In the cd player: The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill (best cd ever)

On KISS92: that song that mentions abercrombie and fitch and chinese food makes me sick

Strewn on the couch: Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden (i'm SO almost done tho give me a a day)

On the tube: Weekend Today with Jodi and Jack

Random Quote:
"siona can't be a lesbian she has *way* too much sexual energy, she HAS to be using it on a guy" -- Me to Max in mr. sub

Anxiously Anticipating: Lisa calling me about today, Lilith Fair, Cabaret, Fame ( i want to live forever), getting braids in DC

Craving: my Mad About You and amazing ice cream

Link Me Baby: The Today Show with Katie, Matt, Ann and AL

Days until my birthday (september 13): 23

August 19, 1999

boy i've been having fun mucking around with this whole business of tables. grace a dieu for FrontPage express. it makes all these little tricky things so much easier because you just click a button and voila a table. let's hope that this looks okay on Tripod tho. i hate Tripod its the root of all evil i think. ya know my journal almost has 4000 hits, and i didn't even start counting my stats for it until a while after i started i think. ahhh a hitwhore at work :-) heeeeeeeeeey guess what .... this site is in YAHOO. how fun is that. i've been waiting for so long to break into it and now i'm there. so everyone go to yahoo and type "saskia garel" and then click and you will be here. nice isn't it.

so yesterday what did i do? oh yes i went shopping with Nadeen on Queen St. she had to buy character shoes for her camp next week. so it was off to Malabar to get dance stuff and also save 10% in the process because she has a Randolph card (she's been once). i need to get me some fun dance pants. i saw a really nice pair that were only 39$ but i saw a nicer pair that were like 89$ how psycho is that? love me some Raandolph but i'm not paying 89$ for dance pants. going to Malabar is always such an adventure. it just takes forever to get stuff done because there is soooooo much selection and you try on about a million sizes because you need a perfect fit or else you might injure yourself. then we went to Storm because she wanted to look at watches. i managed to convince her to buy a watch that cost 165$ is that skill or is that skill? i really do hate shopping. actually thats not true..i only hate shopping with people who can't make up their minds. drives me nertz. then it was off to Eaton Centre to get her tights for dancing and to get me a Fido phonecard. my cell phone dillemmas are solved but i'm broke so they aren't fully solved. my mom said i could just put the phone in her name. but to get on the network you have to pay a 48$ PCS licensing fee (which i don't have right now). but that is very gooooood. then it was off to the Princess to get tickets for el-Fameo.

hey i'm changing my look :-) i'm getting braids a la Brandy. everyone stop and picture for a moment. when i do i'll scan it so you all can witness me in all my braided glory. my sister said that when she gets back from Japan she'll take me to Washington, D.C. to get them done. now you all may be sitting there saying now why the heck is she going to D.C. to get her hair done...well let me tell you. there are a lot of places that does braids here in Toronto, but my sister hasn't found a reallly good one yet. and you need a really good braider or else you might end up looking muy ghetto and we don't want that happening now do we? so there is this kickass place in D.C. that does them. braids are pretty fun tho, i had them in Grade 8. i need to scan that picture on and show you all. i want braids a.) because i want some change and b.) puttnig on braids gives your hair a break so that in can do some really good growing. i all of a sudden have this desire for my hair to be really long. well not really long..maybe just past shoulders. ack i have to make a hair appointment for next tuesday. i hate going to the salon its so beyond boring.

i have had THE biggest cravings to watch Mad About You and Full House for the past couple of days. MAd About You is one of the shows that i can watch ALL THE TIME. i swear i watch MAY about 3 or 4 times a day. i've most likely seen every episode. its my sick little television addiction. its just such a cute show. i want Paul and Jamie to be my naighbours. and my Full House thing don't even get me started on that. yesterday it was the episode where Stephanie is afraid of earthquakes and she is all clingy to Danny. i sat there and honestly laughed for half an hour straight. that show is just too hilarious. i think everyone with the superstations should watch it.

today i'm off to the Bay because i really need a new sports bra and the Bay has them on sale. my Calvin one is kind of dying on me and a girl needs support :) aaaaannnnnndd i'm babysitting of course. at 5:30 i believe until about 9ish. fun stuff as usual i'm sure. now she asked if i can take care of laura while christine is at karate. she always does that. honestly if she can't handle dealing with having to watch one kid while the other is in a lesson maybe she shouldn't put her kids in lessons or something. isn't that terrible. but i'm saying no because i'm going to dance dance dance.

i love ari have i ever said that. in her journal yesterday she said "tonya's back and ready to depants chad". i was honestly rolling on the floor laughing my ass off. ari is on pure crack. and not the good expensive stuff. the kind of stuff that they line the crackerjack box with. ari gets a link because she is just THAT cool :-)

did i mention that i read the entire screenplay for Jerry Maguire last night. augh the end of that movie is just so sweet "you complete me" and he does the little hand thing...does your heart not melt? i need me my man robot to program him with the ultimate movie lines to use in appropriate situations...but we won't get into that now will we?

i'm outtie

tonya :-)


Time: 9:30am

Stuck in my head: Bills Bills Bills by Destiny's Child and that GAP commercial

In the cd player: Annie Get Your Gun w/ Bernadette Peters (eternally cute)

On KISS92: Genie in a Bottle by Christina Aguiliera

Strewn on the couch: Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden

On the tube: not paying attention but People's Court

Random Quote:
Got no diamond, got no pearl/ still i think i'm a lucky girl/ i've got the sun in the morning and the moon at night

Anxiously Anticipating: Lilith Fair, Friday night dance class and Cabaret

Craving: my Mad About You and Full House reruns

Link Me Baby: ( i want to be dressed up in their love all over my body)

Days until my birthday (september 13): 25

August 18, 1999

wow look a new layout groovy ain't it? hehe i know i'm biting people's styles with this whole random info stuff, but i absolutely *love* the idea so suck it up and deal :-) i was originally going to make it into a table but i have no clue how to make the column width fixed so we are fucking that idea.

my existance (sp??) has been not to exciting the past few days. hey...

SHE KNOWS MY NAME (gazillion exclamation marks)

yes yes after um MONTHS of my plotting and scheming to implant my name into Siona's (sho-na's not see-oh-na's) brain i didn't have to use a single plot or scheme. so this is according to max. he was talking to Siona after class one monday and telling her about his summer. then siona was like yeah didn't you go to New York with TONYA?? well first what the fuck up with that AND she said TONYA :-) so now no more plotting and scheming :-( that's so funny that she thought we went to NYC together...even Lea (Lee not Le-ah) thought that because i remember her telling Nancy that. oy those crazy randolphers. anyhoo went to Lea's class today and as usual it was filled with much merriment and merth.

after class i met up with Nadeen because we haven't seen eachother in about forever and a half (she's a school chum). so went to Delisly court and had yummy sushi. we had SUCH a bad waitress. she waited 20 minutes to take our order. we asked for water and got NONE. and she never checked up on us while we ate. we gave her a *bad* tip..a dollar, how evil is that :-) so we ate and she told me about her adventures in Quebec which were quite interesting. then we went back to her place and ate some kick ass Benny and Jerry's and just hung. it was nice. today i'm meeting her and going to Malabar on Queen because she needs dance stuff for camp and i'm in the mood to look at dance would be nice to get fun pants.

i've spent way too much time on Queen it feels like. i was there with Laura on sunday (the day she tried to seduce mr. shopsey's). i was there yesterday cause i ran down to chapters to drop off an application. and i'm going today with nadeen to malabar. and i might go TWICE today if things work out. now wasn't that a big important piece of info that you HAD to hear?

wow i really wish that i had something exciting to talk about but i REALLY don't. i need to find me some Growing Pains reruns. i miss that show so much. and why are there NO cosby show reruns? that is blasphemous. but at least Full House is on like 4 times a day. now that is what we call thrilling. they are plaing Robyn on Kiss...that is very weird.

oh e-mail addy use it. abuse it. i love me some e-mail. and i'm actually getting around to answering it all today. go me.

interesting thought all of a sudden. if siona knows my name why am i baby, darling, sweetie and my personal favourite hellooooooo my darling? i'm amused. i guess its just a siona-ism :)

i'm off.


Time: 8:48am

Stuck in my head: my love is your love by whitney houston

In the cd player: da real world by Missy Elliot

On KISS92: Ariba Ariba (sp?)

Strewn on the couch: Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden

On the tube: the TODAY show with my Katie Couric and Matt Lauer

Random Quote: "this dance thing is donig great things for your body your ass is looking so tight" (nadeen)

Anxiously Anticipating: Lilith Fair, Friday night dance class, Cabaret, and maybe seeing Hannah Banana already :-)

Days until my birthday (september 13): 26