Here are some links that usually managed to keep me amused online. They aren't necessarily Sas-related or even Sas-inspired. These are just my personal choices for places that I like to go. Enjoy :)


RENT related

Lauren's Tribute to Jenifer Aubry - a very in depth look of the life and times of the original Canadian Maureen.

Natalie's RENT page- a kick ass page with lots of sounds, reviews and pictures.

Lisa_Cowgirl's Page - reviews of shows, many many pics, a quote section that cannot be overlooked :)

Two Hands - Dev's kick ass OFFICIAL (you go girl) Char Richardon page.

The Un-Official Jai Rodriguez Homepage - a very cool tribute to Jai who played Angel.

Anna's Temple of Luther Creek - a shrine from a Creek Freak about the Creek Meister.

Anna and Allison's RENT page- a very kick ass page devoted to RENT!

RENT at the New York Theatre Workshop 1994- Lara's kick ass page all about the NYTW.

cJessica's Chad page - another very good Chad page with lots of pics and articles.

Jessica's RENT Cyber-scrapbooker - a fun site with lots of kick ass pics.

Hilary the Beatlebum's RENT Homepage - a very non-pervy look at RENT with a section on Luther.

A Stephen and Anjilly Webb-Page - this is THE site. It has the best collection of soundclips anywhere.

RENT Boards

Rent Canada Discussion Board - the home of the little RENT Canada "family." Sure we technically don't have a tour anymore but we are still there :)

New York Boards - a fun fun place to be espcially now that there are Canadians on Broadway doing their thang.

Angel Tour Boards - get all the info on what's happening in the lovely world of the Angel Tour.

Benny Tour Boards - a good place to track the swiftly moving Benny Tour.

London Boards- the SLOWEST boards ever. It used to be a fun place back when the OBC-ers and Krysten were around, but now there isn't much happening.


Welcome To Crackville - anyone who knows me knows that Crackville is my bible :) It's all about the crazy world of Cybermelli :)

GlitterGrrrl - its all about the crazy world of Dev and her romps through Suburbia :) - or rja as she is referred to. Its all about her and the craziness in her life at Vassar.

Mike's Corner- not updated THAT often, but when it is it tends to be very amusing.

Slavi'e Journal - another fun fun fun journal.

joegillis [tm]- Sick & Shameless - one more fun fun fun journal.


NightMan - this is the site for that show that Sas is on.

CelebritY- Lauren's kick ass page that is in development.

Martha Stewart Online - its all about the goddess oh home beautifying.

The Gap - yes yes my favourite store... plan your seasonal wardrobe :) - EVERYONE knows that EVERYTHING is about Oprah.

Yahoo - the funnest search engine and place to get fake e-mail accounts ;)

PEOPLE Online - a fun fun in the sun place.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY ONLINE - i used to subscribe to this but then i stopped having money... but the site is free so enjoy!