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I Am a Virgo

I Live in Toronto

I have a 26-year-old sister

I have a mother (who rocks)

I was born on September 13, 1982

I Adore NYC

I Will LIVE in NYC when I'm older

I will be a journalist in the States

I am happy

I Like the smell of newspapers

I used to have a Martha Stewart thing

I can't watch the Olympics without wanting to take gymnastics or figure skating lessons

I Hate people who lie

I Eat ice cream all year round

I don't obsess over weight

I will not drink coffee because it stunts your growth

I don't date

I think that if Dawson's Creek is an accurate portrayal of my generation than the world is


I love the colour purple

I have a notebook that is purple where I plan everything

I have a purple pen that I always write with

I don't smoke, drink or do drugs

I pretend that broccoli makes me throw up

I spend too much time on my computer

I always look for quiche, pizza or chicken fingers on a menu

I drink lots of Coke

I love making lists

I used to watch too much television then I got my computer

I think that it's wrong to lie to yourself

I have seen RENT
I have loved RENT


I have a thing about not sitting beside the window on a streetcar if I'm beside a stranger

I don't go to church

I am cold to people that I dislike

I am way too organised

I am smiling on the inside even if you can't tell on the outside

I like my pizza greasy

I don't cry (usually)

I am always sick

I had mono when I was 7

I do well in school

I care about what happens to too many people

I baby-sit

I think my doctor is on crack

I don't like swallowing pills

I laugh at all the wrong times

I hate not having a reason for disliking someone that I dislike

I will put a billion times more passion and energy into something that I care about

I used to play Monopoly and Clue

I like walking through hospitals

I hate not knowing

I should probably be nicer

I screw with people's minds

I don't lie

I have high standards

I have a checking account

I love French crullers

I sleep with my bear Princess and my Elmo

I generally don't like animals

I don't like being in the great outdoors

I think that Marché is one of the most fun places

I have decided that writing about myself is a lot of fun

I have a very strong dislike for Suburbia

I use so many words way too often: random, skank. Passionate, bizarre, crazyass shit,


I know that Lauryn Hill is da bomb

I have sewed my finger to a bear

I never USED to hug people

I wish I could sing

I will take dances at Randolph very soon

I really believe that Sas Kicks Ass

I can be bizarrely happy at the weirdest moments

I cannot help eating airplane food eventhough I know its gross

I love the way my voice sounds when I'm sick

I wish I were a Bond babe

I believe in people who believe

I thin little kids are hilarious

I have a tendency to spit out my food

I believe in getting even

I believe in mind over matter

I know this list is going to keep on growing