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Episode Title

Official Summary

March 1 Double, Double- #2012

NightMan (Matt McColm) soars over Bay City and notices two teens (Travis Woloshyn, Jared Van Snellenberg) sitting on the floor of an internet cafe surrounded by glowing computer screens. He enters the cafe and one of the teens flips a Tarot card and tells him he has no future. Both teens digitize into a computer and the Keyzar Millenium logo flashes on all of the computer screens. NightMan realizes he must face Kieran Keyes (Kim Coates) again.

Raleigh soon figures out that Keyes has found a way to combine reality with virtual reality. He examines one of the cards and finds microcircuits sandwiched between the cardboard layers and realizes that each card functions as a network to Keyes' computers.

Johnny transforms into NightMan and goes to Keyes' headquarters. While he's there, Raleigh and and Briony are sucked into their computers and Nightman is suddenly swept into the screen of Keyes' computer.


Feb. 22 SpellBound - #2016

Johnny and Raleigh visit the St. Audrey's School for Girls to teach students about jazz when they meet 16-year-old Lilly White. When Johnny notices the unusual silver medallion around Lilly's neck, he recognizes her as the same young woman he rescued a year earlier from a gas explosion which killed her last foster parents.

Johnny learns from the schoolís Father Michael (Garwin Sanford) that Lilly was abandoned as a baby in a forest in southern Ireland and was adopted by the Whites, who brought her to America.

Raleigh and NightMan later learn that Father Michael is really an evil impostor. This becomes clear to Lilly when she finds the priest dressed as a warlock, with her medallion around his neck. As he ties her to the altar, Michael confesses that heís been the cause of her life tragedies. NightMan is able to rescue Lilly with the help of her father, Dahgdha, the great horned god from Celtic lore.


Feb. 15 Dust - #2015

While trying to foil a robbery in an Egyptian museum, NightMan (Matt McColm) inadvertently resurrects the evil mummified Queen Neftalah (Saskia Garel) when the laser beam from his eyepiece strikes her sarcophagus.

Seeking eternal life and supreme power, Neftalah goes on a killing spree, incinerating her victims and stealing their essence in order to restore her former youth and beauty. She soon finds Raleigh (Derwin Jordan) and, through hypnosis, enlists him as a faithful servant and puts him in charge of constructing a machine that will open the portal of eternity and ensure her immortality.


Feb. 8 Scent of a Woman - #2014

When NightMan is alerted that someone has broken into his loft, he and Raleigh rush back to find their old friend Zentare (Monika Schnarre) with another alien, the princess Lar (Fiona Loewi).

Johnny learns that Lar is the future heir to the planet Aliastra and is about to marry the high emperor of the planet, Thwarrta. The two planets, however, have been at war for more than a millenium and powerful warlords from both worlds are dead set against the union. Determined to protect Lar, Zentare has fled to Earth with the princess, but they are now being pursued by one of the assassins, a monstrous extraterrestrial life-form evolved from plants.


Feb. 1 Burning Love - #2013

Johnny, Raleigh and Briony head to an after-hours club after a night at the House of Soul. At a busy intersection, Johnny barely avoids hitting Aurora (Sarah Wynter), a beautiful, yet terrified, young woman who runs out into the street. Johnny makes an immediate psychic connection with Aurora, but itís broken when several black SUVs tear around the corner in pursuit of the young woman.

They follw Aurora on foot and find her cornered in an alley by the occupants of the vehicles. Suddenly Aurora creates a tremendous explosion that sends Briony to the hospital. When Johnny and Raleigh return to the scene and discover bright thermal afterimages on the wall, they realize that Aurora not only survived the blast, but walked away.

Nightman later learns that Aurora is a `fire elemental,í with the amazing power to cause spontaneous combustion. She has been cycling through the generations since the days of Christopher Columbus and is now living her eighth and final life.


Jan. 18 Blader - #2011

While driving to meet Johnny (Matt McColm) at the House of Soul, Raleigh's (Derwin Jordan) jeep is attacked by a group of roller bladers wearing blue spandex and high speed, motorized in-line skates. The "bladers" make off with the jeep as Raleigh is thrown from his car and knocked unconscious.

Later at the hospital, Lt. Briony Branca (Jayne Heitmeyer) tells Johnny that this crew has been operating for months, but Raleigh is the first victim to be hurt. When Raleigh comes to, he grabs his laptop and starts to research on his laptop who has the funds and know-how to create such skates. He finds that Tom Guillespie (William MacDonald), a former coworker, is totally broke and used the last of his money to organize an in-line skating competition.

Johnny signs up for the contest and Raleigh rigs the anti-gravity belt from the NightMan suit to allow Johnny to win the competition easily.


Jan. 11 Sixty Minute Man - #2010

Pentacost (Christopher Shyer), an evil space traveler with the ability to control time, leaves Lt. Briony Branca with an intriguing mystery when he stops time to rob a bank.

As she tries to understand the mystery, Pentacost discovers Johnny Domino's abilities and secret identity. He frames NightMan for the bank robbery, granting him freedom only if he becomes Pentacost's partner on the dark side.

NightMan discovers that Pentacost's strength is also his weakness and figures out how to use time against him. While time is stopped, NightMan knocks Pentacost unconscious and grabs hold of the special wristwatch. In the last ticking minutes Pentacost has left, NightMan makes a deal that he can only return home if he undoes the evil he has inflicted. Pentacost agrees and Bay City returns to normal as a ball of light returns to the heavens.

Jan. 4 Ring of Fire - #2009

All over Bay City's China Town, gang members are being mysteriously burned to death. Even though Johnny has been unable to tap into this evil before it strikes, he realizes that his new aquaintance, Detective Leslie Yee's face momentarily transforms into a fox at the time of these crimes.

A paranoia has swept over the city to such an extent that everyone is buying gold to bring to the temple for an offering to the angry gods. When Branca realizes who stands to gain from this profit she is captured by Detective Leslie Yee and the temple priest, Wen Shao.  Raleigh discovers that Detective Yee is an imposter, so he and NightMan manage to save Briony, but Detective Yee and Wen Shao flee the scene. Yee makes the full transformation back into a fox, preventing her return to human form.

Just as Nightman is about to capture the other culprit, the winged dragon blasts a ring of fire at Wen Shao, killing him instantly.