History of N.S.K.A Day

N.S.K.A. (National Sas Kicks Ass) Day was the product of a very loooooooong economics class. As I was flipping through Jaime's agenda I saw that we had our first Politics test of the year on October 7th. As I normally do I began fooling around with her agenda and drawing and writing. Somehow by the end of the period it was decided that October 7th would randomly be declared N.S.K.A. Day!

When I got home it was posted on the boards for the entire Rent Canada Board "family" to see. The response was overwhelming! People started posting ways of celebrating and were making statements about how much they were anticipating this day. In honor of N.S.K.A Day version 1.0 of this site was built.

On the actual day there was a sort of party on the boards with cake and balloons and the address to this site. People all across Canada (who read the boards) were celebrating NSKA day in there neck of the woods. Some people (coughcoughcoughhilarycoughcoughcough) lit candles, cooked Sas-inspired meals, and celebrated the act of being perfect.

All in all NSKA day was a success. And the official candies are Tingles... which are imitation Rockets :)