The Holy List of Pics

Saskia in a red t-shirt

Sas signing a program

Saskia back in March

Flowing hair Sas

I Don't Need Yo' Kiss Sas

A cool pic of Sas and Cary

Damian and Sas (too much prettiness for one picture)

Sas looking like she is about to kick some ass!(promo)

Cary and Sas (promo)

Chad, Sas, Karen and Jai (some Ottawa paper)

Rob, Tricia, Danny and Sas

Saskia from the Toronto Sun

Saskia and Jai (Ottawa paper)

Sas saying goodbye in Ottawa

Sas with the entire Ottawa line (except for ME i was in the STUPID BATHROOM)

Sas, Robert, Melanie and Tamara

Pics of Sas

As you may well know, Saskia is just absolutely gorgeous. So for all you net-surfers out there here is some eye-candy. Click on the links for some pics of the "Great One". As you may discover she is always posing. She has camera issues... if she sees a camera she poses, but you know its all good. Can I also mention that it is impossible to find a BAD picture of her... if you have one let me know, I'm curious to see if it is possible for her to take a bad picture :)

If you have any scanned pics of Saskia that you would like to see on this page e-mail me!