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Sas on NightMan

Sunday march 7, 1999

Hmmm its really strange i barely remember this episode. i know that Keyes was the villian in it once again and that he and NightMan may or may not be brothers. i got distracted watching it for some reason... oh well i could always go back and watch the video. i think now i'm up to 5 episodes on that tape :)

okay... sas... she sang only HALF a song. so that wasn't all that fun. she sang the half a song *well* tho so its all good. augh! ijust found out that NightMan is in reruns for the at least the next 4 weeks, that isn't too fun! oh yeah sas... the song was the usual NightMan-ish kind of song. i think this one was tied into the theme of the show as well. oh yeah! i think i remember her being really cute in this song. i think she like went over and sang to Johnny/NightMan while he was singing :)

all for now i guess i'll be on a break since there willl be reruns! but check the sounds new one will be up soon :)

Sunday February 28, 1999

woohoo once again it was a Sas-filled episode of NightMan. she wasn't really in it all that much. she did a part of a song and that was it. The song was tied into the shows theme and was probably called SpellBound. it was about some girl who has special powers to trap a guy. of course sas sang the hell out of it as usual. that chickie can wail man! sound files will be up soon.

once again she was being suggestive with the mic ;) but it was all good. i think i liked her outfit but i cna't remember. oh yah i did! it was cool.. i mean *I* wouldn't wear it cause i swear you must have to be a size 0 to.. but it was nice. and sas looked AMAZING! maybe it was the hair.. cause while i was watching i remember thinking about her hair. it was all up but down at the same time. it was cool. and of course she was as gorgeous as she always is.

so that is all for now... i will have soundclips up very soon becuase since i go to Jarvis we have no school cause of the strike... so if y'all ever have problems with sound files or ANYTHING e-mail me !

caio, tonya :)

Sunday February 21, 1999

hahahaha!!!!!! guess what episode it was.... THE MUMMY ONE!!!!! the LONG-AWAITED mummy one :) soooo where to start. OY she looked amazing first of all. she was decked out in this funky egyptian stuff. and she was wearing a wig! so anyhoo... she was a bad girl. she wanted to like take over the human race or something. and she captured Raleigh and turned him into her love slave. that was amusing. she made him defend her and stuff!

the highlight was the fact that she could transport objects telepathically! she would send these knives across the room and make them try and stab NightMan! it was craziness. hmm what else...

oh yeah!!!! she was also in the episode as Singer.. how *messed* is that. so i'm watching and there is mummy sas and then in another scene there was singer sas dancing! apparently she is going out with Raleigh and she was trying to look for him while he ewas captured. she was in about 3 scenes as *singer* okay i'm thinking.. if she is raleigh's girl friend can't she at least have the priviledge of having a name! oy! its driving me nertz!

i can't think of anymore details right now that i should include... i'm just happy that my sas on nightman video library is up to 3 episdoes now! go me :)

OMG okay... listen to this. some guy from texas saw nightman and saw sas and was capitvated by her so he decided to do an internet search on her.. and came up wtih my site! he signed the guestbook :) how cool is that.. i guess that is how people start to get famous huh?

okay see you al next week!

Sunday February 14, 1999

Well once again saskia as on NightMan.. which is always good :) she still has no name.. she is just singer.. which i think is the funniest thing in just about the world. so anyway. raleigh is in his office kissing this alien (oy don't ask) and in comes Sas and she's all pissed. i assume they are going out or something now. and she's all like i thought... and then raleigh tries to explain and she's about to say something and then she is like NEVERMIND! okay.. if you've seen RENT then you know nevermind.. right before i gues it would be Without You or something. so i was honestly sitting there peeing cause i thought that was the funniest thing!

so a little bit later she goes and does her thing onstage.s he is wearing the funniest wig. its long and black with these crazy little bangs. she loooked so different with the wig on. still goood tho so no worries. today its her with two backup singers and nightman on the sax. they sing this song that's about a guy not being a rebel to her. i have it stuck in my head and it won't comeout! he's not a rebel no no no he's not a rebel no no no to meeeee eeeeee eeee! it was very entertaining!

next week i believe is the mummy episdoe we've all been waiting for so set your vcr's!

Sunday, January 24!

Well well today was Saskia's first day (so i think) on NightMan. And boy was it something. to find out more about the actual episode go to the section whose URL escapes me right now. Let's talk about Sas shall we? So here is what happened with her...she comes in and she says to NightMAn that its time to put on a show. she then proceeds to do just that!

this girl was whining her body everywhere! it was amusing. she sang this song about riding and driving.. a car.. a man i'm not sure i have to re-watch. i kept on thinking of lauren on her "horse" for some reason. oh yeah.. chickie can sing! you can forget how good someone is when you see them day after day. NightMan was a reminder that Sas can still kick a large amount of ass :) honestly she was really good. even if i didn't have a clue about her if i were watching nightman i would have been like who the hell is that gorgeous chickie with the kickass voice. OMG what if she's the next Vonda Sheppard (but better)! you know the singer from Ally! that would be amusing. so anyway back to the dancing. it was cute. she was all jiggy on stage... doing suggestive things with the mike, and just being all flirty i guess.

so then in her next seen she starts coming on to computer geek, Raleigh. they were both flirting with each other. he invited her out to dinner and she suggests going out twice or something like that. and she was like running her fingers down his shirt...oy! do i smell some kinkiness? could Raleigh and Singer (sas has no name.. she is just singer) be planning on getting jiggy in the future? we will have to see!