NightMan is the story of a Superhero named Johnny Domino. Johnny has this weird red laser thing in his eye that he can use to stop bad guys! Johnny became NightMan one days as he was playing his saxophone on the streetcar and this crazy lightening storm came and struck him. Next thing he knew he could tell when something bad was happening in the bay area. Hmm what else about NightMan.. he can fly. And he wheres a rubber suit. And the most interesting part about NightMan is that he plays the saxophone at this club called House of Soul. Read below to find out more about the characters.


  Johnny Domino- well what can i say about Johnny that i haven't already? so we know he is the famous magical NightMan. Superhero extraordinaire! He has a red laser in his eye and he only hears evil thoughts; which was a result of being hit by lightening. He plays the saxophone at the House of Soul. And that is all about him :)
  Raleigh Jordan- Raleigh is NightMan's little computer whiz side kick. He knows a lot about computers and high tech weapons an all that stuff. For some reason a lot of the villians on NightMan use computers and stuff... so Raleigh always comes in handy. Raleigh's normal job is working at the House of Soul with Johnny but he works in the sound booth or something like that. Raleigh is the only one who knows Johnny's true identity :)
  Briony Branca- BRIONY ROCKS!! okay Briony Branca (how terrible is that name) is the lovely cop chickie that Johnny calls on when he needs help. I think that there may just be something going on between those two, i wouldn't be surpirsed if they jumped each other one day or something. She's good at her job and she's pretty funny to sometimes.. but its all dry humour. There is one problem though, she has no clue that Johnny is NightMan. She actually thinks that NightMan is a bad-ass who needs to leave crime fighting to the police. That may get in the way of those two getting together :)